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8 January 2007

Mares Meeting Room 7:00 p.m.

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22 January 2007


 It is time for Claire to get back in the routine of newsletters and Quarterlies - The Winter Issue will be out in January(covering Oct, Nov & Dec)

Did everyone make it over to see the May Museum in all of its Christmas Glory?  Twas a beautiful sight at nite with all twelve Christmas trees shining out of windows.  The big one in the front parlor appears like it extends into the second floor..what proper setting of the second floor tree to make it so.  The 7-9 p.m. showing on Dec 12th was perfect-even the weather cooperated and the refreshments topped it all, hot cider and coffee, and tidbits!

 We have a new item in our library - a new copy machine.  It is not as fast as our old one(which we kept), and Claire isn't sure what she is doing, and glad we still have the old one - it is digitized and copies are really clear.  Hard to teach an ole' dog new tricks!

We are in receipt of 4 new tapes by Dr Schweitzer for viewing at home, or we can use them for programs. Claire also purchased a special tape by Schweitzer that covers research in the State of New York.  The New York tape Claire has already viewed and found some new ideas on research within that State.



100 YEARS AGO - 1907

Vincent Paul Hart to Nellie Grothe 01 Jan
Charles A Reynolds to Maude C Smith 01 Jan
Charles Henry Hanson to Maude May Warner 05 Jan
Walter J Soennichsen to Emelie Lehmann 06 Jan
Frank Xavierus Fritz to Anna Sophia Freese 08 Jan
Charles E Griffith to Clara S Cann 09 Jan
Emery Clinton Walter to Johanna Helen Russ 09 Jan
Thomas S Myers to Gertrude H Williams 10 Jan
Robert Lee Barb to Zepha Helen Mendenhall 16 Jan
Harold Arthur Dunn to Mildred May Ferguson 14 Jan
Fredrick Louis Hankins to Amelia Mary Henkens 16 Jan
Arthur T Stewart to Prudence M Telfer 19 Jan
Vincent S Ramsey to Lora Kerkow 22 Jan
Ernest Carl Gericke to Edith Wiegand 23 Jan
 Albert Christensen to Anna Johnsen 26 Jan
William John Reisinger to Gertrude Reid 28 Jan
Robert A McWhorter to Theola I Black 29
Jan Thomas J Bromer to Emma R Wyatt 30 Jan
Merrill A Holbrook to Etta Grace Taylor 30 Jan
George W Calvert to Malinda A Hunter

Fremont Tri-Weekly Tribune 18 Jan 1907  3:5


 The home of Mr and Mrs R B Cann of the Garden City farm on East Military avenue was the scene of a very pretty wedding last Wednesday at high noon.  The interested couple were Chas E Griffith of Chadron, Nebr., and Miss Clara S Cann of Fremont.  The bride is a niece of R B Cann and a cousin of Mrs Jesse W Hibben.  Her home until recently was in Missouri Valley, IA.  The bride was daintily attired in white organdy and carried a bouquet of brides' roses.  She was attended by Miss Faye Chalfant of Missouri Valley, and Mr Morris of Chadron acted as best man.

  The ceremony was performed by Rev Mr Clark of Omaha, former pastor of the bride.  The ring service was used.

  At one o'clock the guests all sat down to a bountiful wedding dinner.  The happy couple went east at 8:40 for an extended trip, their friends accompanying them to the union depot, showing them every possible attention.




How the First Day of '87 Was Observed

in "The Prettiest."


  New Years Day is not usually as generally observed as a holiday as Christmas.  It was not in Fremont Saturday.  The business houses were all open a part of the day and the larger portion of them did not close at all, though they might as well have done so, for all the business there was to be transacted.  A great many business men devoted the day to pouring over their ledgers and figuring up "profits and loss" for the year 1886; likewise formulating plans for the new year. It may be remarked, incidentally, that our merchants and business men have enjoyed prosperity the past year and they are a set of pretty well contented men just now as they contemplate results of their endeavors.


The custom of keeping "open house" and "calling on New Years day has never been very extensively observed in Fremont, perhaps never more so than yesterday.

  Mr Henry Fuhrman received and was assisted by Mrs L M Keene, Mrs W H Munger, Mrs Chas Williams and Miss Stella Keene.  The ladies were all in full evening dress; the house was darkened and the gas burning, and everything was decidedly attractive and cheerful.  They had an elegant supply of tempting viands with which all callers were regaled and entertained all guests in a handsome manner.

  Mrs Gus Huette was assisted by Mrs John Grunkranz, Mrs C B Swan and Mrs W C Brady and friends met with a hospitable reception.

  Mrs E F Gray was assisted by Mrs J S Hoy.  These two ladies were kept busy  dispensing courtesies to welcome guests.

  The number of callers at each of these places was from twenty-five to thirty-five.  It will be seen therefore that the gentlemen who observed the day by making the rounds were quite numerous.

   Noted in Fremont Weekly Tribune 5 Jan 1887 page 5:3.



Ice Gives Way and Allows Animal to Fall Through

  The first ice was cut yesterday in Fremont - not for use but to save the life of "Old Jim."  A strip several feet wide and about 25 yards in length was removed by a large crew of men who worked diligently for an hour to save "Old Jim" from the cold waters of the sandpit lake.

  "Old Jim" is a faithful horse, owned by Harry More.  Yesterday several men were preparing to cut ice from the sandpit lake, and in order to move forward as soon as the lay is thick enough they were removing the snow from the surface. "Old Jim" veteran of much toil, was hitched to a snow plow and was doing his share, pulling the plow hour after hour never complaining of the cold nor failing to perform his duty faithfully.

  But in the course of duty the horse stepped on a thin place in the ice near the center of the lake.  The layer gave way and the animal plunged into the cold depths by the water.  Three men were near the scene at the time, and they tied

 ropes about the animal to prevent it from sinking.  It was impossible to remove him without sawing a channel to the banks, and the men were unwilling to part with the faithful animal.

  For an hour the horse was submerged in the chill depths of the lake, only his nose above the surface.  Only once did the animal complain and seek aid, and that was when his master, Harry Morse, arrived on the scene. The animal seeing his owner, lifted his head above the surface and uttered a long pitiful neigh, voicing in his own language his pain and asking to be relieved.  No one who heard that call will forget it in years to come. 

  After some time the channel to the shore had been cut and the animal was able to swim to the bank.  It immediately was taken to the barn, where a heating stove was installed, the animal was dried and blanketed, and the veterinary was called to render medical attendance,  Old Jim appeared to suffer no ill effects from the long cold bath.

  "Old Jim" is a plowhorse.  He has been in the service of the Fremont Ice & Sand Company for some time.

                                  from the Tribune 3 Jan 1924.


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