JANUARY 10, 2000 7 P.M.
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 Presented by Dave Wells of Omaha NE
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 BROWSE NITE:  24 January 2000 at  7 P.M.

We wish everyone a Blessed New Year.  Hopefully, all of the computers will be working as they are supposed to.

The kids on the block, at Claire’s house, redecorated her tree everyday during the holiday season.  She just lets them play, when they fall asleep she hangs the ornaments back - so they can remove them once again.

Nona has made the following appointments for the Book Committee.  Nona Wiese, Renee Bunck and Claire Mares.
If you know of a special book we should place on our shelves, please let one of them know about it.  We have placed an order for three new books, and hopefully they will be here in January.  December isn’t always a good month to order, but we are giving it a try!

Effective 01 Nov 1999 the Nebraska State Historical Society revised their collection search prices:

Basic search fee(one name/subject in one record, includes up to two photocopies) Nebraska residents, NSHS members, and non-profit org $5.00; Non-residents $10.00; For-profit corporations $15.00.  Research (does not include photocopy charges) or special curatorial assistance NE residents, NSHS mbrs, and non-profit org $15.00/30 min-2 hrs max; Non-residents $25.00/30 min-2 hrs max; For-profit Corp $35.00/30 min-2 hours max.

Our sympathy is extended to Dana & Nancy Verbeek. Dana’s mother, Hazel Verbeek passed away on December 6, 1999.

We received word that Edna Bentz of Calif passed away on 9 Dec 1999.  Our sympathy is extended to her husband, John.  Edna & John held a German workshop some years ago for us. Edna has written several books on German research.

The latest AntiqueWeek had some interesting items.

   The floor was dirt.  Only the wealthy had something other than dirt, hence the saying “dirt poor.”  The wealthy had slate floors which would get slippery in the winter when wet.  So they spread thresh on the floor to help keep their footing.  As the winter wore on, they kept adding more thresh until when you opened the door it would start slipping outside.  A piece of wood was placed at the entry way, hence a “threshold.”

Ruby Coleman(our society member) who writes for AntiqueWeek has a new address: 420 N Wood St, Valentine NE  69201. Her new e-mail address is: rcoleman@inebraska.com.  She will also have a new web page address as soon as she gets settled in Nebraska.


Fred W Lallman - Augusta E Dierks on Jan 1
Andrew Nelsen - Katie A S Andersen on Jan 2
James J Funk - Mary Wickwire on Jan 4
John Bohlander - Catherine Klintworth on Jan 10
Louis N Mines - Mattie Herron on Jan 10
Elmore J Scott - Hannah Wilson on Jan 11
Ford C Zeller - Ida Lemmerman on Jan 16
Thomas A Seely - Alice Barker on Jan 17
Harry Stoecks - Emma Lhotak on Jan 17
Charles Boschult - Lulu Falconer on Jan 17
John Tomasek - Mrs Christina Tomasek on Jan 23
John W Henderson - Mary Williams on Jan 23
William M Scott - Marion L Adams on Jan 23
Leonidas Gotchett - Fanny Honeywell on Jan 24
Albert Belknap - Mrs Anna L Johnson on Jan 25
Jesse D Wurtsbaugh - S Adelade Sweet on Jan 31

Genealogist’s Address Book by Elizabeth Petty Bentley. This book is 832 pages in length and great for addresses.


DODGE CRITERION  5 Jan 1900  1:6

If rural mail service is secured for Fairview, Glencoe, Webster, Clyde and Pleasant Valley it will be a combination of wagon and farmers postoffice, the last being a nest of boxes at the excess roads for patrons of the direct line of travel.  This system will do away with most of the country postoffices and will bring daily mail right to the doors of farmers.
   We still stake our reputation on the fact that this not the beginning of a new century.  There are 100 years in a century and this is 1900, and by dividing, it is plain to see that it takes all of this year to complete the nineteenth century.

SRIBNER RUSTLER  4 Jan 1900  1:3 and 5:2

John Ries desires to call the attention of the people to the fact that he is prepared to cry sales at any time.

There will be a regular meeting of the Ladies G.A.R. Circle at the hall, on Saturday, January 6, at 1:30 p.m. sharp.  After the business meeting the installation of officers will take place.  Every member is urged to be present.  By order of the President.

HOOPER SENTINEL 4 Jan 1900  5:2 and 5:4

Mr and Mrs Carl Weber and Miss Schaer left here Tuesday afternoon for Colman Germany.  Mr Weber came here from Germany last spring for the purpose of marrying Miss Lizzie Schaer, with whom he had been engaged for some time.  The young couple were united in marriage about three months ago.  Mr and Mrs Weber have during the time they lived here made many friends, who sincerely regret their departure and whose well wishes following them to their distant home across the ocean.

Mr and Mrs Wm Moeller of the Nickerson neighborhood were the recipients of a fine girl as a New Year’s gift.  On the second day of January the home of Mr and Mrs Wm Hartung was gladdened by the arrival of a girl!

NORTH BEND EAGLE  4 Jan 1900 4:2

Fred Acom’s saddle horse was released from its moorings on the main street of the city Saturday evening.  Monday morning Fred got out some announcements and sent them out through the country but the horse was not far away.  It was found out in the country about three miles, and there is no doubt but that some one had rode the animal away as it is well trained and had it broken loose it would not have wandered off.  The incident put Fred and his folks to considerable worry but they feel greatly relieved to have the animal back again.

And 11 Jan 1900  4:3

Elmore J Scott and Miss Hannah J Wilson of Webster, were united in marriage today.  There is probably no young couple in the Webster neighborhood that has more friends and are more popular than are the contracting parties on this occasion.  In matters that pertain to the welfare and the pleasure of the young people of Webster they have ever taken an active and earnest interest.  And in the passing to the stage of married life they will no doubt continue to take the same interest as in the past.  We join with their hosts of friends in wishing them the best that this world affords, and may their star of happiness never become dimmed and their mead of prosperity be that which they so richly merit.


PETIT JURY -  The jury drawn for the next term of district court, beginning Feb 12th,  is as follows:  (the jury being summoned for the 13th)

  Jacob Longacre. Jr 
  Jacob Ries 
  C A Divine 
  Albert Westling 
  C  Feichtinger 
  J H Meyer 
  J W Sexton 
  A W Murphy 
  W W Tweedy 
  Christ Peterson 
  Henry Rumary 
  S Hager 
  J J Hawthorne
  Charles High
  Edward Roberts
  Charley Schaffer
  N Sampter
  W C Wilkey
  L M Keene
  L H Neff
  W D Holbrook
  C Brugh
  B D Curtis
  Theo Appel


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