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   JULY   2004

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The library has not been quiet – we have had three members from out of state visit our library during the month of June. Numerous phone calls have been taken for research and e-mail continues to be received. Claire does not do the e-mail, but assists Renee Bunck who is in charge of the e-mail and also the web site for our Gen Society. All is a big task to keep up to date.  

We are now considering ideas for our next year’s programs. How about letting Claire, Renee or Jeff know what some of your ideas might be.  

The Stemmons Publishing Co CD’s that we received (ten discs in all) cover over 600 books that can be read from the computer. An explanation of the discs was given and then because the group was not large, Claire’s computer, in her computer room, was used to demonstrate what you will find among the ten discs. This did catch the eyes of members and when they all left, we had only two discs that had not been checked out. Remember, they are checked out for only one month at time. This is also true with all of our books. So please be aware of your time to be checked back into the library. If it is during the summer, please call Claire about returning your books, discs or if you are in need of some of our books. Her phone number is 1-402-721-9553.  

The month of July is a busy month for reunions, celebrations of July 4th, and vacations perhaps to where some of your ancestors lived at one time.    

A “Thank You” to Sandra and Allan Barton for the two Fremont City Directories for 1994 and 1997. We are always looking for those we are still in need of. We are missing the following directories: 1930, 1932, 1934; 1944 thru 1946, 1948-49; 1950, 1953-54, 1957, 1959; 1962, 1967; all of the 2000-2003. Some of the old books could be two years in one book, or during the war, they may not have printed a book. When you are garage saling or auctions, watch for those missing ones. It is amazing how you can track down someone, even in early years, by use of the Fremont directories. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of the small towns put one out too.


Bitterness in Cedar Bluffs High School As a Result of Several Conflicts

Cedar Bluffs, May 20 – This evening the commencement exercises of the Cedar Bluffs high school will be held and whether there will be further outbursts of class “spirit” to mar the proceedings remains to be seen. The Junior and Senior classes have been at outs ever since the class play was given and several class “scraps”  have enlivened the affairs which mark the closing of the term.   When the Seniors gave their play, the Juniors turned the trick of getting a placard on the curtain conveying an announcement that embarrassed the amateur play actors. Then when the Juniors gave the annual reception to the Seniors, not a single Senior came. They made it a case of “Mr Smarty gave a party and nobody came.” Feeling has grown so bitter that the parents have taken a hand.  

Fremont Tribune 20 May 1910 page 3. 


Sunday afternoon at 3:45 a railroad wreck occurred at Ames in which seventeen cars were derailed and nine of them were completely wrecked.  The wrecked train was an east bound through freight No 20 carrying eight cars of horses, and many other cars loaded with various kinds of merchandise.   In the smash up the cars loaded with the horses suffered the most.  Willard Menold, a horse jockey living in Princeton, Illinois, had his left leg broken below the knee, and D E Laughlin, another jockey, also received slight injuries.  One hobo was slightly injured.  Fourteen horses were either killed or so badly injured that they had to be shot.  The loss has not been estimated but will of course run up into the thousand of dollars.  The cause of the wreck is said to have been that a switch was left unlocked and was turned by an iron attachment of one of the box cars after the engine and eight of the cars had passed over in safety.  Seventeen cars following ran off the track and piled up in a promiscuous heap.                  

Fremont Tribune 4 July 1901  Page 1.

100 YEARS AGO  1904 -  BOOK 10  

J F Kuhl to Alice Creighton 31 Jun 1904      
   This is listed as 31 Jul 1904
Thos O Finson to Susan B Newlon on 2 July
Elmer Clure to Jennie Larson on 4 July
Geo W Armstead to LaVerne C Schnack on 5 July
Ira M Wilson to Minnie F Rumels on 5 July
Peter Lenneman to Minnie Hergenroder on 6 July
W E Van Ardall to Sadie M Leavitt on 6 July
Peter J Poff to Anna Harris on 9 July
Marx Matz to Emma Jensen on 13 July
Charley W Godel to Emma Arnie on 13 July
Frank Strayer to Mrs Della Horton on 14 July
Wm Peterson to Millie Christensen on 15 July
Christ Lass to Sophia Blumaster on 21 July
C Kingsley McCaslin to Maude M Sanders on 26 July
Frank Wagner to Carrie Waterman on 30 July

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The residence of Mr and Mrs Herman Waterman was the scene of a very pretty home wedding last Saturday evening when their daughter, Miss Carrie, was united in marriage to Mr Frank B Wagner.  Rev E Walter was the officiating clergyman.  The groom was attended by Herman Waterman jr, and Carl Wagner, while the bridesmaids for the occasion were Misses Amelia Waterman and Frieda Heine.  The ceremony was performed in the presence of a large gathering of relatives and friends, and the young couple were the recipients of many beautiful and costly gifts.  Mr and Mrs Wagner will go to housekeeping in the new brick residence just west of the city.    

Fremont Tribune-Hooper News-9 Aug 1904  2:3

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The program for the Fourth of July celebration in North Bend is as follows:   In the morning Grant G Martin of Fremont will deliver the oration of the day.  The invocation will be by Rev H Trezona.  The Junior Band will furnish music throughout the day.  The Declaration of Independence will be read by Chas. Ritchie.  

The program of sports in the afternoon will be as follows:     Old men’s foot race, $2.00, $1.00.    
Wheelbarrow race, $2.00, $1.00.    
Potatoe race, $2.00, $1.00.    
Sack race, $2.00, $1.00.    
Ladies hitching contest, $3.00, $2.00.    
Five mile bicycle race, $3.00, $2.00.  
Immediately following this will be the ball game between the North Bend team and the “Peacocks” of Omaha.  

After the ball game there will be horse racing at the track and the following events are scheduled to take place.    Roadster race, $12.00.   
Free for all race, $22.00.   
Running race, $5.00.   
4-minute trotting, $10.00.
The money in each event, will be divided in three purses, 60, 30, and 20 percent.  

The next feature will be the Callithumpian parade followed by a grand display of fireworks.   

All kinds of amusements will be offered on the grounds and no one will lack for entertainment.  Everybody should come to North Bend to celebrate July 4th.     

North Bend NE EAGLE  4 July 1901 Page 1

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