July   2005


We hope everyone had a  safe and great July 4th.

Our vacation time is here  and Claire is working on  the obituary index, so far  she has typed over 217 pages and has just finished  typing the H's.  The index    will cover obits mostly from  1976 - 2004, however, there  will be some prior to that time in the 40-60's.

If you are in need of something from our library, be sure to give her a call and she will make it a point to be at home.

 You wouldn't enjoy the basement at this writing, for Claire is involved in making the curtains for her sister's 1890 two story brick haus at Hebron.  There is over 61.5 yards of victorian lace for sewing and it is all in her basement.

Our June program on Trails went over very big, and it is our plan to do a re-run in Sep and follow up in Oct with the 2nd tape which is a continuation. One of our members borrowed the tape prior to her family reunion and learned something from it regarding religion changes in her family.

 Our library has been busy with researchers during June, it is such a pleasure to find something in our files that solved a mystery or something they had no idea about in the family. 

 A call was received this week from a lady who was from Alaska, and visiting here.  She thanks our society and those who have placed all of the information on our internet website.  It has been a blessing to her since she is not able to visit our library.


Our condolences are extended to Ruby Coleman in the loss of a brother and her father during the month of May. Ruby has been a member for a number of years and is a researcher in the Valentine area, and teaches classes in Genealogy.


Nadine Lindgren has donated copies of church books as follows:

 Book 2- not indexed for  St Paul's Luth CH-Hooper NE
  St Paul's Luth CH-Uehling NE
 St John's Luth CH-Cuming County Line

       We thank you, Nadine, for remembering our library.

From Carol Givens:

  Irish Settlers in the area of North Bend, NE.  It does not have a special title, but it is very large and much time has been spent on this book.  Thanks Carol for the copy.

Bernice Robertson of Morse Bluffs, NE submitted this poem for publication in our newsletter.

A Genealogy Poem by Grandpa Tucker

Author unknown.

I saw a duck the other day,
                It had the feet of my Aunt Faye.
Then it walked, was heading South
                It waddled like my Uncle Ralph.
And when it turned, I must propose,
                Its bill was formed like Aunt Jane's nose.
I thought, "oh, no! It's just my luck,
                Someday I'll look just like a duck!"
I sobbed to Mom about my fears,
                And she said, "honey, dry your tears.
You look like me, so walk with pride,
                Those folks are all from Daddy's side."

In a cemetery in England:

   Remember man, as you walk by,
   As your are now, so once was I.
   As I am now, you soon will be,
   Prepare yourself and follow me.

To which someone replied by writing on the tombstone:
   To follow you I'll not consent
   Until I know which way you went!

100 YEARS AGO -1905 - BOOK 11

Nels Peter Peterson to Sophronia Edith Kellogg on 1 July
Ambrose J Bilger to Frances H Simpson on 3 July
Walter H Henriksen to Emma R Suehlsen on 4 July
Jacob W Stanfield to Matilda J Clatterbuck on 4 July
John R Lane to Maud Bailey on 5 July
Dr P H McCarthy to Julia F Stafford on 12 July
Oscar Olson to Anna McCann on 13 July
James S Hanzel to Sophia Vnuk on 18 July
Henry H Imsicke to Edith M (Ida) Sturbaum on 19 July
John A Mohr to Catherine Hetrick on 20 July
Thomas E Petersen to Maggie Christensen on 22 July
Peter Sawyer to Nellie McKnight on 24 July
Hjalmer G Anderson to Gretchen Nye on 26 July
Fred J Tedy to Estella M Allan on 26 July
William Eggleston to Emma Detlefsen on 26 July
William D Taylor to Lena Leggins on 27 July
J Amos Reynolds to E Grace Farber on 31 July


SNYDER, July 25.  Wednesday at 8 o'clock a.m. the marriage ceremony was performed at St Leo Catholic church for Miss Edith Sturbaum and Henry Imsieke.  They were attended  by Miss Maggie Feichtinger, niece of the groom and Joe Sturbaum, brother of the groom.

   The bride was dressed in a white organdy and the bridesmaid in a thin white material.  The groom and groomsman were dressed in the conventional black.

   After the ceremony the guests, numbering about thirty, repaired to the home of the bride's mother, Mrs Frank Sturbaum, where a bountiful breakfast was served.  In the evening the Snyder cornet band serenaded them.

   Miss Sturbaum is a highly respected and popular young lady among society people at this place and for a number of years has been organist in the Catholic church here.  Mr Imsieke is also a highly respected young gentleman and one of the sturdy young men of the neighborhood.  They have a host of friends who join in wishing them happiness and prosperity.

          Fremont Tribune  26 Jul 1905  2:5


Hears Screams and Hurries to Shed to Find Interior Ablaze and Babe Seated in Car.

     That little Melvin Young, two year-old son of Mrs Margaret Young is alive today is due entirely to the heroism of Mrs Thomas Jens, who discovered and rescued the child from a burning garage at the home at Eighteenth and Main streets, shortly after noon Monday.

     Hearing the child scream, Mrs Jens hurried to the garage and threw open the door, to find the interior of the building aflame and little Melvin sitting in a car in the midst of the smoke and fire.  With difficulty the woman made her way to the babe and bore him from the burning structure, which was entirely destroyed.

     Aside from having suffered a severe fright, the child was uninjured, but Mrs Jens was burned somewhat about the left forearm in her heroic work of rescuing the babe.

      The fire department was called, though by the time the firemen arrived the burning garage was a wreck and its contents consumed.  How the building caught on fire is a mystery.  The family thought it unlikely that little Melvin had secured matches with which he might have started the blaze.

      The Jens automobile was insured.  The family had only recently purchased and moved into the home, hence it was not known whether or not the garage was covered by insurance.  Mrs Young and her little son make their home with the Jens family.

           Fremont Herald 9 July 1925 page 1

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