July  2008


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Our June meeting was a most informative one given by Russell Lang.  He brought along several of his new books entitled "A Craig Scrapbook" and it is a wonderful book regarding the Craig, Burt County NE area.  Considerable stories about the forming of the town and also the people who lived or are still living there.  We are pleased to add this book to our collection on Burt County.

We have received two of our CD's that were ordered by Renee

Bunck.  On browse night we made use of this new CD and it proved to be very informative.  It is a 13 disc set entitled Immigration: New York Passenger Lists, Arrival Years 1850-1891.  Renee and Jeff were very busy last night, seeking out information on the ancestors of Jeff, and he really did find some new information, plus added families going to Ohio (he had a 'hunch' they stopped there).  The discs are broken down to years of passenger lists.  This collection can be checked out by our members for home use, but only for ONE MONTH. 

The other CD is entitled Family Tree Maker's Passenger & Immigration Lists, Index of 1500s-1900s.


Margie's "BIG DAY"  will soon be arriving.  Claire will give a brief presentation at the Memorial Park in Clarkson NE on June 29 2 p.m.  Claire and Margie are still active and are charter members of the Society.   A reception followed the presentation at the Presbyterian Church and across the street from the park. The June issue of the Newsletter gave everyone the details of this event.


John Rahdatz, indicted for burglarizing Williams & Buhring's store at Dodge, was arraigned before Judge Post this morning.  He plead guilty and was sentenced to serve one year in the penitentiary.

A J Johnson, of Burt County, who has been languishing in jail for two or three weeks in consequence of having obtained money under false pretenses from I B Hickok, has plead not guilty and will be tried next week.

The case of the State vs Adams, the North Bend insurance agent, tried for obtaining money under false  pretenses was concluded Friday afternoon.  The jury brought in a verdict of acquital.

A young attorney from a neighboring town who came down to attend court is holding night session with his girl.  He was arguing a case before her an evening or two ago when the young lady's Fremont "mash" came in and by a gentle wave of the hand the young lady was sitting as judge, retired the attorney for the evening.  He went but he feels like fining the judge for contempt for his court.

The case of Mary Johnson vs the City of Fremont for damages from a defective sidewalk was on trial all day Saturday.  The attorneys argued the case after supper and the jury retired about 9:30 o'clock.  They returned a verdict at 4 o'clock Sunday morning awarding the plaintiff $400.  The amount claimed was $3,000.

Judge Marshall will occupy the bench this week, Judge Post having gone to Central City.

Same paper tidbits

Jas Booth, of Scribner, passed through Fremont on Thursday evening on a tour to his old home near Manchester, England.  He will be joined in New York by Mrs Allen Ross, who goes with them.  They go on the Alaska line and expect to arrive at their journey's end about the 15th.


100 Years Ago - Book 12  1908


James H McKinney to Mary A Clarke on 01 July
Harris J Willett to Ethel M Teele on 03 July
Benjamin C Dewell to Irene M Burr on 07 July
Lewis E Julian to Laura M Jones on 09 July
Chester D Bridgman to Nellie A Hooker on 15 July
Charles Ruhe to Louise M Mathies on 18 July
Dr Eugene H Hyland to Edith M Kloppel on 22 July
Charles M Skinner to Nettie M Freeman on 22 July
Ernest H Bergreen to Lydia Turnwall on 23 July
Robert L Gilchrist to Mrs Dora H Churchill on 29 July
Henry J Hofeldt to Lina Bassett on 29 July
Edward Kroehler to Seny E PEterson on 29 July 


Hooker-Bridgman Nuptials Solemnized Wednesday

Wedding Took Place at Home of Bride's Parents

Hooper, July 20. - The home of Mr & Mrs E W Hooker was the scene of a very pretty wedding on last Wednesday, when at high noon their daughter Miss Nellie was united in marriage to Mr Chester D Bridgman of Fairmont.  Rev J H Ford, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church was the officiating clergyman, and only the relatives and a few friends were present to witness the ceremony.

   The bride is a member of one of the prominent families of the county, and lived for many years with her parents in their beautiful country home south of Hooper, coming to this city last winter.  She was a young lady of many accomplishments, an earnest and faithful Christian and her many friends will be pleased to hear that she is to grace the home of a prominent and successful farmer of Fillmore county.

   The happy young couple left for their home on Thursday afternoon, where they will be at home to their friends after August 1.

          from Fremont Tribune 20 Jul 1908  4:4


A Craig Scrapbook by Russell Lang

 Family of Miracles by Joann Patras (this is about the Saispair family who lived in the Swaburg area of Dodge Co) and is part of Rosey Larsen's family.

  Donated by Arnell Snell the following books:

   Frugal Gourmet On Our Immigrant Immigrant Ancestors by Jeff Smith

    Negroes In The Early West by Olive W Burt

Written after the 29th of June

It was a perfect day for an outdoor event.  Margie was surrounded by friends and relatives.  Sharon Valasek presented her with the Czernin Palace Medal.  It was Bronze and made me think of the Olympics.  The Clarkson festival brought in a number of folks for the fest and they were in full force at the park.  There was a May pole dance of young boys and girls and they also danced to several Czech tunes, all very interesting. It was a delight to see the young folks in full Czech costume and the young girls in their festive dress made it a colorful scene. 

It was surprising the number of folks attended the ceremony and Claire got to see some of the members who at one time were a part of ENGS, so it became a special day for her also.

Again, Congratulations to you Margie!  The reception was a great place to meet with all of your family, relatives from even as far as Texas, Washington state. 

I might add while we were enjoying our noon meal at the St John's Neuman school, there was a band that played, and it consisted of 11 accordions, tuba and drums.  It was a delish dinner of roast pork, dumplings, sauerkraut, corn and strudel.


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