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The June Meeting was very successful in the eyes of Claire.   We had a nice membership attendance and she was surprised to see so many wills or probates show up.  This shows  you are doing your research.  Our earliest Will was 1620, from England, shown by Marlene Heinsohn.  Our Queen Midas, with the Golden Touch is hard to beat.

The early Wills gave us a known knowledge of how the slaves were distributed among the family, or how measurements of property was taken(from this red oak tree 80 rods to the white oak etc).

There have been large researches done for members and non-members, and it certainly shows that our Web Site is being used by many persons, for Claire has been quite busy.  Renee handles the queries that come in from the Web site, and of course, also writes our Internet Connection. 


William FREEMAN/Ida SWEET   on 4 July
John JOSS/Paulina BOWERS  on 4 July
Henry F  BEEBE/Addie E WHELPLEY  on 5 July
Harold H HARTER/Cora L HENRY  on 13 July
Edward GRAHAM/Mazie WILLCOX  on 17 July
Wilbur HARRIS/Addie SMITH  on 19 July
Charlie RASMUSSEN/Bird SWERINGEN  on 23 July
Charles J BARTAK/Lizzie M VLASAK  on 24 July
William BUNN/Annie GREASER  on 31 July

Not many marriages for July of 1900.


From North Bend Eagle 8 Jul 1909
  The celebration in North Bend Monday was one of the best ever held……On account of the muddy condition of the streets it was impossible to give the burlesque advertised to take place on Main street at 9:30 in the morning and the afternoon was so well taken with other events that it had to be omitted altogether from the program.
  The parade which was over half a mile long was one of the best features of the day.  The North Bend Cement and Tile Mfg company was awarded the prize of $10 for the best float.  Chas McCluhan took the calithumpians prize with his Mephlatopheles make-up.  Miss May Griffis and Roy Malloy took the prize for the best lady and gentleman horseback riders. 
  There was a ball game between Dodge and North Bend and final score was Dodge 4, North Bend 5.
  Following the ball game other events were 100 yd men’s race, Guy Hoffman 1st, Andrew Robertson, 2d and John Gallagher 3rd.  50 yd boys race: Michael Gaughen 1st, Willis Gutch, 2d, Frank Butler, 3rd.  25 yd girls race: Lucy Gearon, 1st; Tillie Netwig, 2d; Ruby Sours.

There were Egg & Spoon races, Climbing ladder, Pie eating contest, Three-legged race, and a Greased Pole contest, in which noone won,  Dewey Fulton finally got the money by shaking it off the top of the pole. 
  A band concert in the evening  and rides for the children.

GET WELL WISHES are extended to Melva Murer who recently underwent surgery.  May each day find you stronger , and  a smile a day helps to bring a joyful day.

The sexes may be equal - but did you ever hear of a housewife retiring?
    By Unknown


The 1876 TAX LIST Booklet is now on our shelf.  It consists of three books located at the Dodge County Historical Society (May Museum). The original books cannot be copied, due to their fragile status, thus Claire opted to print them up in booklet form, so everyone could find the information.  As noted in the forward of the books, we were lucky to have access to Books 6, 8, and 10.  We have no idea where the remaining books are located.  It does give you information as to the legal of the property they were paying tax on, or if just a personal property entry, with no land recorded. All have been indexed, and it covers all areas of legal descriptions for the county.


From Hooper Sentinel 9 Jul 1903
  Independence Day was passed very quietly in Hooper, as all who had entertained a spirit for a demonstrative celebration of the nation’s birthday went elsewhere.  Some went with the band to Scribner; some went to Fremont see “Fred H” pace a half mile in 1.084, and others went to Oldenberg to enjoy themselves.  Those who went to Scribner found the eagle did not scream.  At Oldenberg everyone had a fine time.
  A family picnic at the grove of John Corless, northwest of Hooper, where about thirty of the Corless relatives and their friends gathered, was a most pleasant and enjoyable affair.  There were also picnics at the A J Loyd home south of town, and one at the grove of A J Taylor in the vicinity of Maple Creek.


  The big annual Kinderfest was held at Ridgeley Sunday when the usual crowd of both old and young, thronged the grounds and spent the most delightful day of the summer.  Hundreds of children participated in the contests and other festivities, later joining in the dancing.
  As always the children held place of honor thruout the day.  Everything possible was done to make the little folks happy.  Contests and games were the program for the afternoon, followed by dancing.  The boys most important contest was for good marksmanship.  Rifles were used and the contestants displayed clever training.  The five holding highest scores received prizes.  The girls contests were as interesting and the prizes were distributed the same as in the rifle exhibition.  The contest winners were as follows:  Girls: Caroll Wulf, first; Sophia Heywood, second; Ethel Diedrichsen, third; Lillian Westphalen, fourth and Earline Low, fifth.  Boys:  Walter Von Seggern, first; Rudolph Sievers, second; Alfred Sass, third; Ralph VonSeggern, fourth and Willis Heinssen, fifth.  Besides the contest prizes each boy and girl in attendance received gifts, the boys a pocket knife and the girls hair ribbons.
  A big dinner was served and late in the evening the older people enjoyed dancing.  There was also a ball game in the afternoon, between the Cake Eaters and Pleasant Valley.
Scribner Rustler   21 Jun 1923  Page 1.

Golden Wedding of Mr & Mrs John Otteman Celebrated at Hooper.

Hooper, June 26. - Mr & Mrs John Otteman celebrated their golden wedding at their home about seven miles north of Hooper, and over three hundred invited guests were present to assist them in properly commemorating the anniversary.
   Mr & Mrs Otteman were married in Oldenburg, Germany on June 24, 1851. Eleven children were born to them, nine of whom are still living and were present at the celebration on Monday.  Their three sons, John, Henry and George, are all prosperous farmers, the oldest son living near Pender Neb.  Their six daughters are Mrs Detrich Hilbers, Mrs Gerhard Heyne, Miss Rebeca Otteman, Mrs George F Heine, Mrs John Munderloh and Mrs Carl Schultz.  In addition to these children, there were present forty-two grandchildren. The family reunion was complete, everyone of the descendants being at the home.
   Mr Otteman is seventy-nine years of age, while his wife is sixty-eight.  They came to America in 1871, and located on the farm where their home now stands.
   Mrs Otteman enjoys perfect health, but her husband has not been so fortunate, having suffered a stroke of paralysis, a few years ago, which left his right side and limbs useless.
   The occasion was a very enjoyable one and the day, with the exception of the extreme heat was a perfect one.  An elaborate dinner was served in a large tent which had been erected just north of the house.

 Fremont Tribune 27 Jun 1901  3:3


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