June 2001
 11 June 2001  7 P.M.
 Mares Meeting Room

 PROGRAM:  Tombstones of
 Germany and Denmark-by
 Lorene Thomsen

 BROWSE NITE:  25 June 2001 7 P.M.

The Midland College Computers were buzzing at the May Meeting and some would like to have another of these meetings. 

Nona and Claire returned home on May 19th from a great vacation in England, Scotland and Wales.  They learned so much about that country.  Claire, while she was not doing research on her family, found several places where
her family of Robinson made its appearance. 

We enjoyed the fresh fish dinners served to us, and while we did see beef out in the fields also lamb, it was not offered for food in any of the restaurants. The cattle burns did appear along the way and it was sad to see so many that were destroyed.  One farmer lost 1,000 head, however, the English government did compensate him in the amount of $1 million pounds, as he was supporting his family and 7 others. 

In the U.S. our highway sign reads:  YIELD.  In Britain it reads GIVE WAY.   Another often found sign:  TIREDNESS KILLS----TAKE A BREAK.

We extend our deepest sympathy to Renee Bunck and her family in the loss of her father, Jesse Elder            on May 20, 2001.  He resided at the Missouri Veteran’s Home in Warrensburg, Missouri.


Two Danes, the same number of Czecho-Slovaks, and one each of Swedish, German, English and Irish Nationality comprised the class of nine applicants who were admitted to United States citizenship in the district court before Judge Frederic W Button here last Saturday afternoon.  One Dodge county man was denied citizenship, due to the fact that he claimed exemption from military duty at the time of the late war, basing his claim on the fact that he was an alien.

The nine who received their papers were: Rev Andrew Hermansen, 311 West Third street, Fremont, Danish; Rudolph Fischer and Frank Hudec, Dodge, Czecho-Slovaks; Miss Minnie Martinsen, Hooper, Danish; Paul R Vasholz, Fremont, Danish; Ivaar Skoogard, 809 University avenue, Laramie, Wyo, Danish; Nels Joseph Holmberg, 1950 East First street, Fremont, Swedish; James Patrick Bryan, Dodge, Irish and Raymond Burdette Carey, 520 North Bell street, Fremont, English.

By virtue of the provision of a new law recently passed by congress, citizens who were naturalized prior to September 22, 1922, will have to go through a similar process of naturalization, also, and do not automatically become citizens with the naturalization of their husbands, as formerly.

The one English application is a native born American, but subsequent homesteading of land in Canada made a British subject of him.  Now, however, he wishes to change back to his native citizenship.

  Fremont Weekly Herald 20 April 1923  6:2

Two important dates in JUNE
   Flag Day on June 14th.
   Father’s Day on June 17th


About three carloads of immigrants who recently arrived in New York from Denmark on the steamship ICELAND, came up over the U.P. Thursday.  One coach load stopped off at this point, most of whom will settle in Dodge County, though some will go up the Elkhorn valley.  Among those stopping here was a brother of our townsman, C Christensen, with his family, who are not stopping with their relative.

 Fremont Weekly  Herald 31 May 1883  6:2

JUNE 1901 BOOK 9

W A Hasemann to Marie Von Seggern on 11 June,
    Date of minister signature.
Thatcher W Johnstone to Anna W Palmer on 4 June.
G W Stahl to Ida Hambright on 4 June
Eddie Riecken to Frieda Riecken on 4 June.
Thomas Albert Bell to Lula C Burnett on 10 June.
John A Zeman to Emma Kulas on 12 June.
Charles A Johnson to Olga Godel on 12 June.
Hermann Eric Oleson to Princess M Crowell on 12 June.
DeWitt Burgland to Vitura Brown  on 15 June.
Fred H Frahm to Mrs Jennie T North on 18 June.
Charley DePue to Hattie Fogelsong on 19 June.
James A Bell to Lizzie M Odell on 19 June.
John P Binder to Sophronia Crosby on 25 June.
Herman Noe to Maud M Haurigan on 25 June.
James Harvey to Nellie Ferguson on 26 June.
Louis E Davies to Henrietta Tookey on 26 June.
Herman Miller to Emily Harding on 26 June.
Henry H Wallingford to Jessie M Brown on 26 June.
James DeRaitt to Maud M Hall on 26 June.
John P Giller to Irma E McVicker on 26 June.
John L Shriver to Jennie Watson on 26 June.
Holger Pedersen to Matilda Christensen on 30 June.


This is a portion of the presentation address by Speaker Sam Blanchard.

In his memorial day address, Blanchard stated that “Memorial Day is more than a day to decorate the graves of our honored dead.  It is positive assertion of faith: faith in a creator who intended all people to be free; faith that those who fight for freedom will succeed over those who fight for tyranny and faith that our principals and values as a nation – freedom, justice and democracy – will remain preserved because free people will fight for them.”

He stressed that:  Just as those we honor had a mission, we, too, have a mission: to teach the young people of today to respect America’s values.  We do this by reminding them the price that was paid to preserve them.  In doing so, we perpetuate a collective faith that freedom, justice and democracy will ALWAYS prevail.”

In conclusion, Blanchard stated that “We must instill in young people the importance of Memorial Day.  We should also ask God – in our daily prayers – to continue to bless America.  If we continue to do these things, America’s faith in freedom, justice and democracy will remain intact.  And so will the blanket of freedom that our honored dead has give to us.”

(A photo of two cut peonies on a gravestone: “A touching tribute – peonies in Memory of a lost loved one.”)

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