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Claire tells us we should bear with her.  Since the postage stamp had its increase it has certainly made some changes in her mailing habits.  It is hard to teach an old dog, new tricks!  BUT it will eventually make sense to her.  This summer will be a good time to get the little unwanted items out of the way.

Following are tidbits from the Immigrant Genealogical Society which are being passed on to you.  The newsletter is received each month and  full of great items. All of the items were noted in the May 2007 Newsletter.

 No 1


Most of us have heard of Ancestry.com, a website to which you can subscribe for an annual fee.  The Ancestry operators have now added a second site, Ancestry.de, which provides much of the same information to researchers in German.

 When Ancestry.com posts new items online, some are often designated as  "in the clear".  That means-non-subscribers can use them before they are posed in the "subscription only" part of the database.  Recently Clear Digital Media, Inc. created a new website that lists the new items free to public use on Ancestry.com.  This makes it much easier to find which items are currently "in the clear".

Simply go to FreeOnAncestry.com.  It will show what databases are currently available free.

         (blogs.ancestry.com/circle 9 Jan '07


NO 2

Library of Congress Brittle Books

The Sloan Foundation has donated $2,000,000 to the Library of Congress to enable it to digitize thousands of its "Brittle Books" that are in danger of being lost to physical disintegration.  These will include Regimental Histories and state and county histories.


The announcement of the Sloan Foundation Grant was publicized Jan 31, 2007.  This means that in future years many records will be available either online or by Inter-library Loan, that would otherwise become totally unavailable.  This should keep genealogists busy for many more years.



No 3


An announcement has been made at several recent genealogical events that the Ancestry.com website would NOT be available at local Family History Centers free of charge  after April 1, 2007.  Some U.S. censuses and other databases will still be available.  Inquire at your local FHC when going there to use databases.

                (Arlene Eakle, NEWS, Apr 2, 2007)

From the Fremont Tribune

11 Sep 1905  6:3

Rev A Leuthauser of the Orphan's Home this morning, left for Murdock, Cass County , to place two boys, James and Willie Stubbert, with a family there. The children have been at the Home for some time.  They formerly lived at North Bend.

Domesday Book Online

 The Domesday Book is one of the earliest British records still available.  It contains a detailed description of land held by the King of England and his chief tenants as early as 1066 A.D.  Its records are still used in court cases today.  Images of the Books are now posted online.  The U.K. Nat'l Archives will make a free online search, but a download requires a fee of about $6.50 U.S. per page copied.  Check  their website at www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/domesday


100 Years Ago June1907  Book 11


Henry Harrison Chase to Maude E Clark on 01 June
Harry Wilson to Celia Norris on 04 June
Chris Frederick Tank to Carrie L Knoell on June 5
Lambert Arthur Anderson to Mary Peterson on 04 June
Clyde Lesley Craig to Annie M Peterson on 06 June
Clyde W Smith to Amelia C Anderson on 07 June
Walter H C Schnoor to Elsie L O Zahn on 07 June
Henry LeRoy Havens to Elizabeth B Parker on 08 June
Bert Williams to Mrs Mary M Heine on 14 June
George Washington Myers to Selma C Lundstrom on 18 June
Horace Kincaid to Anna Holan on 18 Jun 1907
Lars Jorgensen to Matilda Louise Meyer on 19 June
John H Stubbert to Emily V Dodge on 19 June
William A Kinnison to Ora E Johnson on 19 June
Winfield S Uhler Jr to Iva Belle Hainer on 23 June
Carl A Lundstrom to Agnes C Nelson on 24 June
Herman Fred Meyer to Helen Young on 26 June
Henry Edward Kuehl to Agnes Pauline Macura on 26 June
Albert Marion Ackerman to Thekla C Nielsen on 26 June
George Ludge to Mrs Anna C Blohm on 26 June
Leo Hugelman Jr to Anna M Peterson on 26 June
John W Meadville to E Josephine Powers on 27 June
Morris Johnson to Mabel Pidgeon on 28 June
Harvey Sylvester Bauman to Pearl Clara Greening on 29 June



Last evening at 8 o'clock, Mr Henry Harrison Chase and Miss Maud Elton Clarke, both of South Omaha, were united in the bonds of holy wedlock, the ceremony being performed by the Rev Wm H Buss.  The wedding took place at the home of the groom's parents, Mr & Mrs George N Chase, No 75 South Logan Street.  The newly wedded pair will pass Sunday in this city and then go to South Omaha, where Mr Chase occupies a responsible position with the Union Stock Yards company.  Mr & Mrs Frank C Clarke, parents of the bride, came out from South Omaha to witness the ceremony.

     Fremont Herald  03 Jun 1907  6:1

Tidbit Files of ENGS

All from the Fremont Tribune and the dates of the newspaper

22 May 1896 4:3 - Sons have arrived at the homes of Mr & Mrs Homer Peters, Nickerson; Mr & Mrs J B Jansen, Hooper, and Mr & Mrs Peter Rasmussen, Arlington.

30 May 1896 4:2 - taken from  North Bend Republican: The following births are reported this week, To Mr & Mrs Joe Chuel, Friday May 22nd, a girl; Mr & Mrs Ira Black, Saturday, May 23rd, a girl; Mr & Mrs Frank Kavan, Tuesday, May 26th, a boy.

19 Jun 1896  4:2 - It is a daughter at the homes of Mr & Mrs August Struve, and Mrs Ludwig Schultz, and a son at the home of Mr & Mrs Andrew Golder, all of Scribner.

24 Jun 1896  1:6 - Two young sound-money McKinleyites arrived in Ames Wednesday, one at the home of Mr & Mrs H Scilley and one at the home of Mr & Mrs J Edwards.  All the parties concerned are doing well.

10 Jul 1896  4:2 - The following births are reported from the country:  Mr & Mrs Theo Starbaum, son; Mr & Mrs Chris Schellenburgh, twins, son and daughter; Mr & Mrs Chris Boll, a son.

another card found is listed from the Fremont Tribune with births of Dodge County.

07 Feb 1896  4:3 - Brand new girls are reported at the homes of Carl Bayer, F O Have and W Siegrasse, all of Hooper, and one at the home of Mr & Mrs Geo Bowlus of Scribner.

22 Apr 1896  4:2 - Daughters are reported at the homes of A E Bechler, Ridgeley and Chas Miller, at Dodge.


We wish you a fast recovery, Lavilda.  We miss you at our meetings and your smiling face.  Everyone sends best wishes to you.

     From the Genealogy board and all of our members.


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