June  2008


JUNE MEETING - 9 Jun 2008

Mares Meeting Room - 7 p.m.

 Program:  Craig Scrapbook-presented by

Russell Lang


23 Jun 2008  7 p.m.


The May meeting was presented by Claire Mares and covered the Port of Bremen where so many of our ancestors boarded a ship and arrived in America. 

 Stated were the number of ship records that have been lost through the years and during WW I and WWII.  How the people were enticed to come to America in the 1870's because of cheap land and freedoms from the draft.

 This fall, there will be a meeting on the Port of Hamburg.

 This is our last meeting until September, when we will again start our meetings.

 There will also be a workshop which will be announced in later newsletters.  Dr Earl Underwood is now lining up the speakers.


Again we are announcing the date for Margie to receive the Czech 2007 Czernin Palace Bronze Memorial Medal.  It will be awarded at the Clarkson Czech Festival on Sunday, June 29, 2008, on stage in  Memorial Park at Clarkson NE at 2 p.m.  There will be a reception after the awards for the festival are given out. The reception will be at the  New Zion Presbyterian Church in Clarkson. The general public is invited to the reception at the  church to meet Margie.  For those who are unable to attend, you may mail a card to her at Sobotka Reception, P O Box 541, Clarkson NE  68629.


   The miracle of new digitization technologies is almost unbelievable. An entire book can now be digitized faster than you can "turn the pages" by hand!  Once digitized, the indexing of a book is almost equally as fast.

   A check for Irish Catholic Church records showed that the Family History Library has only about 25% of Catholic Church records for Ireland on film, but most of the Irish Quaker Records.

   The fact that most sizeable archives are busy digitizing and posting their early records, means that every day the number of records online is expanding, by hundreds, if not thousands, of records.  Don't hesitate to do a Google search frequently.  Even some smaller archives and local societies are busy with this newest technology.  Don't expect that a certain type of record will bear the same name that we would use here in an English-speaking country.


   The New York Times, and its daughter company the Herald Tribune, have now stopped charging for some parts of their website.  This may open some new records for researchers in New York State.  If you wish to check for records on their website, go to: <nytimes,com>  and explore their holdings .



   In the absence of staff and funding to make more National Archives records 'available online, NARA is joining with FamilySearch and Footnote.com to digitize, index, and make available several sets of valuable records.  With FamilySearch's new high-speed digitizing capabilities, and their many volunteers available for indexing, this should speed up considerably the availability of many NARA records for use by genealogist.  The first project was 3,150 pension files.

   The National Archives have vast numbers of historical records that can be made available through this new partnership.  The digitized materials will be available free via <FamilySearch.org> and at local family history centers worldwide, on a subscription basis operated by third parties subject to NARA approval, and free of charge at Nat'l Archives research rooms.

    The above articles were found in Immigrant Genealogical Society Newsletter for May 2008.


100 YEARS AGO - JUNE 1908


Clarence L Greene to Myrtle D Newton on 02 Jun
Alba G Baldwin to Lydia Elizabeth Kern on 04 Jun
Walter G Sonnenschein to Blanche C Hanff on 04 Jun
Frederick H Jacobsen to Mary E Kocher on 04 Jun
Alexander W M Zeller to Lena Krug on 05 Jun
Erik Johansen to Ethel Clark on 06 Jun
Chas Amos Otrodovec to Marie Beatrix Popelar on 08 Jun
Albert Nelson to Jensina Jensen on 08 Jun
Frank A Novak to Anna J Yunek on 09 Jun
William Kovar to Helen B Srb on 10 Jun
Fred McLean to Carrie A Black on 10 Jun
Herman Gutch to Anna Kennedy on 10 Jun
John N Ellerman to Lena M Garrett on 10 Jun
Johannes C H Schnoor to Ida L M Metschke on 11 Jun
Abraham J Shamberg to Ida Zlotky on 14 Jun
Peter J Siert to Myrtle Ellen Day on 15 Jun
Edward T McGuire to Julia E Reckmeyer on 16 Jun
Elhard Janecek to Mary Kriz on 16 Jun
Frederick T Talboy on Jennie A Garrett on 17 Jun
Henry C Gocken to Myrtle Taylor on 19 Jun
George E Begerow to Lillian E E Hughes on 20 Jun
Frank J Marquardt to Nellie V Moore on 20 Jun
Henry Lallaman to Mrs Jessie Ely on 24 Jun
Charles C Sharp to Mae E Canaga on 25 Jun
Paul A Poulsen to Anna C Lamberty on 28 Jun
William  E Barz to Mary J Pateidl on 30 Jun


Prominent Fremont Young Lady Married

Ceremony at Noon Today With Only Immediate Families in


   At noon today in quiet manner MIss Lena Mae Garrett and John N Ellerman of Fairfax SD were united in marriage.

   The ceremony took place at the E O Garrett residence, 535 West 8th street.  Rev J A Spyker officiated, using the Episcopal ring ceremony.  The bride's maid and best man features were omitted.

Dinner was served after the ceremony and the happy couple left this afternoon for Denver, Colorado Springs, Salt Lake City, Yellowstone National Park and St Paul, MN.

They will make their future home in Fairfax.  The groom is a banker and also a member of the South Dakota legislature.

Only the immediate families were present.  Those from out of town were Herman Ellerman of Yankton SD, internal revenue collector for both Dakotas; A C Ellerman of Sioux City, Misses Amy and Anna Ellerman of Yankton, SD and Misses Emma Garrett and Ruby Baugh of Des Moines IA. 


Fremont Weekly Tribune  19 May 1887  2:2

Officers & Directors of the Company Elected

   The stockholders of the Fremont Street Railway Co at their meeting Thursday elected the following board of directors:  E N Morse, C H Toncray, Ray Nye, Frank Fowler, J W Love.

   The board of directors held a meeting in the afternoon and elected officers of the company as follows:

                President- E N Morse

                Vice President - C H Toncray

                Secretary - Frank Fowler

                Treasurer - Ray Nye

   A committee consisting of Messrs L D Richards, J W Love and Manley Rogers has been appointed.



Our deepest sympathy goes to Elaine Knoell and her family in the loss of her husband, Everrett Knoell who passed away

on May 23, 2008.  Everrett was 79 years of age and lived in this area all his life.


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