JUNE 2000
  12 Jun 2000 - 7 p.m.
  Mares Meeting Room
  1722 East 19-Fremont NE

  Program:  We ask each of you to bring your earliest
       Will or Estate Probate and share with
                  everyone.  Who can bring in the oldest
       Will or Probate?  This should be a most
       interesting program.  We want everyone to
       get into the Act!

Browse nite:  26 Jun 2000  7 p.m.

Steve Cox presented a great program to our group in May.  His program was on preservation of family material and where to  place your items. 

The family he represented was from the South and during the time of the Civil War.  He had many lovely letters from those serving to their parents and after the war, what became of their children, and to their slaves..

This material that he had sorted through, from the family, was placed in a Mississippi Library Archives, where others would have access to the materials.

Some very good ideas were gained from his presentation.

Thanks Steve for a great program!

Marlene Heinsohn has been in and out of the hospital several times during May and June.  We wish her a 
speedy recovery.

Oscar Talcott/Myrtle Samson on 2 June 
Eugene C Diers/Emma Levy on 4 June
G Clarence Armstead/Fannie H Horak on 5 June
Gerd J Peters/Julia Tank on 6 June
Charles E Miller/Emma Miller on 6 June
Peter Jesperson/Fredericka Funder on 9 June
William J Mitchell/Mary L Diehl on 12 June
William Wilson/Bridget Gaughen on 19 June
Anton Tunberg/Nora Stroh on 19 June
John Lewerenz/Sophia Wagner on 20 June
Samuel A Jenkins/Lydia H Stoetzel on 20 June
C I Crockett/Lena Bundrick on 20 June
J C Price/Jennie M Osborne on 22 June
Charles W Mulloy/Hattie M Horton on 26 June
Nels S Lindgren/Alma Belinda Munson on 28 June
Felix Teitge/Iccie Stratton on 30 June

FLAG DAY is celebrated on June 14 in memory of the day in 1777 when the Continental Congress adopted the Stars and Stripes as the official flag of the United States.  It is NOT an official national holiday, but is proclaimed by the President as a special observance each year. 

It was first officially observed in 1877 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the selection of the flag.  It was suggested by a number of persons, that it be observed each year.  In 1897, the governor of New York proclaimed a Flag Day celebration for the first time as an annual event in that state.  Woodrow Wilson established Flag Day as an annual national celebration in his proclamation issued May 30, 1916.


Phyllis Sherwood       F-36
 2108 N Cotner, Apt 7
  Lincoln NE  68505-2936


MEYERS Orts-und Verkehrs-Lexikon des Deutschen 
Reichs by Raymond S Wright III - Volume I, II, III.  Note it is written in German, however, Nona has used it before and found her family.

   Fremont Tribune 10 Jun 1897  1:4,5

A Class of Eighty-five Promoted to the High School

The following young persons have said their good byes to the grade school and will constitute the freshman class next year:

Mabel Anderson 
Charlotte Baxter 
Berta Drain 
Jessie Findlayson 
Iva Goodspeed 
Essie James 
Cora Lesch 
Jessie Marshall 
Pearl McLean 
Katherine Richards 
May Sorby 
Nellie Sampson 
Jacie Barker 
Alice Britendall 
Lulu Champney 
Maud Haurigan 
Bessie Hewitt 
Marguerite Hughes 
Nettie Moller 
Emma Ogard 
May Reynolds 
Georgia Swearingen 
  Clara Patterson
Arthur Crandell 
Herman Fish 
Burton Haughn 
Chester Haven 
Bertie Keene 
Joe May 
William McMahon 
Lyle Milliken 
Willard Noyes 
Schuyler Pilsbury 
Harry Stouffer 
Alex Albertson 
Ernest Campbell 
Chas Feinauer 
Lloyd Haven 
Luther Hormal 
Henry Haman 
Harry Larson 
Phillip Mower 
Willie Taylor 
Burr Jones 
Emma Anderson
Betty Chineworth
Lulu Dengler
Benda Ford
May Hull
Laura Keck
Mamie Mitchell
Joyce Markley
Bertha Phipps
Eva Roberts
Augusta Soukup
Nora Peterson
Laura Brauchle
Eva Cook
Daisy Crocker
Florence Hartwell
Beatrice Howard
Lillie Larson
Frieda Miller
Ada Ream
Agnes Saunders
Lucy Smith

Willie Connell
Willie Goff
Willie Hickey
Julius Johnson
Harvie Lundeen
David Murray
Robert Motter
Allen Noreen
Emery Peterson
Theo Schroeder
Henry Wolcott
Rainsford Brownell
John Dexter
Irvin Grandy
Emil Hahn
Harvey Hyatt
Norman Koberlin
Rufus McMartin
Sidney Phillips
Geo Ronin
Leon Andrews


Fremont Tribune 07 June 1900

James W Bell 
Cora F Campbell 
Hattie N Rhea 
Mannee Bunt 
Kathryn S Marshall 
Rex O Wintersteen 
Harry H Brown 
Alice M Sanders 
Crystobel A Bryan 
Leo Loomis 
Helen A Baxter 
Ro Hammond 
Czerny J Stockfeld 
Carolyn Schaeffer 
Julia M Johnson 
Almon J White
Grace E Hall
Wm E Koberlin
Zoe L Glidden
Harry E Dunlap
Luella Lennox
Harry West
Herbert E King
Thyra L Fried
Alvah Brown
Stella Fleming
Andrew E Anderson
Stella D Bremers
Fred B Stewart
Jeanette G Wilson

by Renee Bunck

I understand there has been a request for lots of genealogy web addresses to be included in this column.  Here are some sites that you should find helpful. For Dodge County, NE research, I would suggest that you start with the Dodge County NEGenWeb site at:    www.rootsweb.com/~nedodge
This newsletter with “live links” that you can click is online – just scroll down the main page and click on ENGS Monthly Newsletter and Archives then choose June of  2000. While you are there, you might also want to take a look at the latest tombstone files that have been typed from the original lists in the ENGS library. 

All of the small Dodge County cemeteries are now online and the large cemeteries have indexes online or in progress.  A heartfelt “Thank You” to Claire for walking most of the cemeteries and providing the copies for the volunteers to type and to all the volunteers who have been involved in typing and proofreading.  Our latest additions have been typed by Mary LeBlanc of Ridgecrest CA, Charlotte Croshaw of Fremont NE, Judy Ellis Czarnecki of Monrovia CA, and Marilyn Estrada of Phoenix, AZ

Our ENGS web page on the local Connect Fremont site includes links to local, US, and World references, plus links to lists of genealogy sites, libraries, archives and genealogy search engines. Click on the links that interest you. 
NEGenWeb  Dodge County NEGenWeb
Soundex Calculator NEGenWeb Online Library
USGenWeb Project WorldGenWeb Project
Search Dodge County Archives Search USGenWeb Archives
ENGS Members Surname List Search Roots Surname List
Family Tree Maker - Internet Index Genforum
Ancestry Genealogy Library Cyndi's List of Genealogy Links
Library of Virginia Digital Collections LDS Family Search 
Federal Land Patent Records Site  National Archives and Records

Ruby Coleman of Valentine NE writes a weekly genealogical computing article for AntiqueWeek's Genealogy Week section. She featured a number of Vital Records Search Sites in her April 3, 2000 column: 

AL - Marriage indexes – bride or groom homepages.rootsweb.com/~cmddlton/albrd1.html
CA - Clerk/Recorder Imaging Info System
   Births, Marriages,Deaths – some counties
IL – Statewide Marriages 1763-1900 (in progress)
IN – Index to Marriages through 1850
KY – Vital Records 
 Deaths 1911-1986;1987-1992
 Marriages and Divorces 1973-1993
MI – Deaths 1867-1882
MI – Michiana Genealogical Index (MGI)
  Southwest MI/ North IN, birth, marriage, death, 
 divorce, more
OH – Death Index 1913-1937
SC – Marriage Records 1641-1799
   Various years, sources
SD – Births over 100 years ago
TN – Vital Records, Death Index 1908-1925
VA – DRIP – Death Records Indexing Project
VA – Henrley Marriage and Obituary Database
WEST – Western States Marriage Record Index 
Pre 1930 – Areas of AZ,CA,OR,WA,UT,ID,WY

BC – Vital Statistics Index; Births 1872-1899;
 Marriages 1872-1924; Deaths 1872-1979
ALB – Family Histories Society (AFHS) 

Ruby also has a web site that includes her own favorite genealogy links: http://incolor.inetnebr.com/rcoleman/

Here are some interesting web sites from AntiqueWeek  Genealogy Gleanings:

Cleaning Gravestones –

Allen County Indiana Public Library website

Important Note: Some of these sites include subscription only areas or require fees for searches.  There is no fee for visiting the web page.
These sites were all accessible on May 21, 2000.  Since web sites often change or even disappear, the links may not be available at some later date.


This page was submitted to the Dodge county NEGenWeb site
by Renee Bunck -reneebunck@gmail.com

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