June  1999

 Mares Meeting Room - 7 p.m.
 1722 East 19-Fremont NE
  14 Jun 1999
 PROGRAM:  ďThis Ďn That!Ē
 By Claire & Nona
 BROWSE Nite: 28 Jun 1999  7 p.m.

For all of you that did not attend the meeting, you missed a good one, especially if you use Internet. Renee had some lovely tips and cautions.  She used the overhead projector to show her topics.  While Claire isnít prone to venture out on the Internet, she did pick up some ideas and gave them a try and they worked.

Bet you wonder what Claire does with her time.  She averages about 6-10 letters a week for ENGS research, plus editing the newsletter and quarterly(Roots & Leaves).  It takes time to locate articles for both and to be sure they havenít been used in the past.  You know our Roots & Leaves went full swing in 1974, and sometimes it is a bit difficult to find old articles that are perhaps oriented to our five county area.  Established newspapers for the early years is only the two from Fremont starting in 1868 and coming forward.  The HERALD discontinued its operation in the 1920ís.  And we have to be sure that members will enjoy reading the items.

Another old probate book has surfaced and Claire was lucky to get a phone call from a former member about it. It is now at her place, but will go to the NE State Historical Society, where it should have been placed.  Oh yes, we will get a microfilmed copy of the book (probates of the 1890ís), all handwritten into the book,  and Claire believes they have been filmed by the County court, but she will verify it to be sure.

Nona Wiese left May 6th for a tour into Czechoslovakia, and am sure she will have some interesting subjects to visit about-we welcome her back.

* * * * * * * *

Noted in The Fremont Herald 21 Jun 1883
THE HERALD enjoyed a hand-organ serenade of about three hours, on a straight string, this morning. We donít know what the tune was, and donít want to, but it will ring in our ears all the rest of the season.  We were almost inclined to pray for more rain to head off the infliction.

 * * * * * * * *

F-23   Lois Beiermann
          P O Box 209
          Clarkson NE  68629-0209

We have gained about as many new members since March as we lost.   Members come and go - some return and some do not.  They have perhaps gleaned all of the known information on their ancestors that Dodge County or surrounding counties  that we were able to locate.

 * * * * * * * *
 June is the month for weddings and for graduations.
Check our tickler file, you might find either or both. This is an example:

MARRIED - At the residence of the brideís parents in this city, on Wednesday, June 20th, by Rev A T Swing, ROBERT C HASSON of Scribner and Miss DELLA OLMSTED.

The bride and groom are both well known in this neighborhood, where each has a large circle of friends.  Mrs C D and Mr & Mrs W B Gardanier accompanied the groom from Scribner, in the afternoon, to be present at the ceremony.  There were also a number of other intimate friends and a number of presents were given as tokens of good wishes.  The happy couple go to housekeeping at once in the new residence just completed in Scribner, and the HERALD joins with their many friends in wishing them all joy and prosperity.

* * * * * * * *
Fremont HERALD 21 Jun 1883  4:3
SCRIBNER RUSTLER  6 June 1901  5:4

The Ninth Annual Graduation Exercises of Scribner High School were held at Sollís Opera House.  Following are the graduates, ten young ladies and gentleman:

Rudolph C Becker Grace S Harrison
..Emma Christy ..John Russell Nichols
....Josie A Krill ....Jennie A Hall
......M Edna VanDeusen ......LaVerne C Schnack
........Margaretha C Stieper ........Meta M Schroeder

DEATH BY STARVATION - Alfonso Bonderman, an emigrant, traveling with his family overland from Dakota City, this State, died in his wagon, about ten miles north of the city, on last Saturday.  He had been without a particle of food for seventeen days, and it is supposed suffered from cancer of the stomach.  He was a man 55 years of age, and was enroute to Kansas to locate.  The body was buried in the vicinity where the death occurred, and the rest of the family have continued on their journey.

 Fremont HERALD  13 May 1880

        SHELF   NEWS 
Webster (NE) School  1871-72 - 1996-97  
by James Spath & Chris Gross-Rhode 

The New York Foundling Hospital-by Carolee R Inskeep 
  Census records of the children 1870 - 1925. 

Nebraska Council of Home Extension Clubs Inc-Book 5 
  from Bernice Stumpe 


May Browse nite brought in some regular members for the purpose of having Renee help them with Internet items.  Lorene Thomsen was lucky to find some new information and where to look further.

Claire got brave and went out to Thayer Co NE and found a number of new items that werenít there when she first made use of InternetÖsomeday she will hopefully find it easier.  Too many things on her mind at this time.

FATHERíS DAY - June 19th 1910 at Spokane WA is the first celebration under the guidance of Mrs John B Dodd.    Noted in Chronicle of America.


Are you ready to type or be a proof reader?  Claire and Renee spent an evening making copies of about two dozen Dodge County cemetery listings.  These are the smaller cemeteries (2 -20 pages) we are hoping to have added to the Dodge County NEGenWeb site in the near future.  Five cemeteries have already been processed by volunteers and made available for searching on the Internet.

ENGS members Petey Croshaw and Ardie Grimes have already started typing more cemeteries and should soon have them ready for proof reading.  If you have access to any kind of computer, you can type one of the cemeteries to get it ready for the web.  Nothing fancy is required, only a simple text file that any old or new computer can create.  We even have a portable computer that can be loaned out for this purpose.

Please contact RENEE BUNCK if you can help with this project.  Her e-mail:  reneebunck@gmail.com. she will be waiting to hear from you, or call her at 1-402-727-6781 evenings.


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