March 2001

12 March 2001  7 P.M.
Mares Meeting Room
1722 East 19-Fremont NE

Program:  “Five Who Guessed Right &
   One Who Lost Big” Presented by
     Russ Lang.

Browse Nite:  March 26th 7 P.M.

Here we are and looking for March weather ?  NO
More Flurries that require a snow blower!

In spite of our brutal weather in January and February  we have had good attendance to our meetings.

Valentine’s made a good hit and some of our members shared some oldies with us.  It was noted how the Day is spent in England, Denmark and Germany.  There were fancy cards and plain ones, all were interesting.  Many thanks to those who shared their Valentines with us.  Nona brought a large scrapbook from the Musbach Museum that had many cards.  Valentines were placed all over the room, on display, so we did not have to pass them around.

Claire has been reading the old Fremont newspapers and making copies of all obituaries and births, and marriage items from the 1873-1874, and now is starting the 1875, it is surprising but over 300 cards have been added to our tickler file. The items are rather brief, but are important to researchers.

From Fremont TRIBUNE 8 Mar 1872  2:2 NORTH BEND
March 5th, 1872  to  EDITOR  Tribune:

  Part of the men who left here in January, with A T Spoor, foreman, to shovel snow on the UPRR, returned on Sunday night last.  They report heavy snow storms still raging in the mountains.  Those that returned are farmers, and were obliged to come and attend to their work at home; the Company gave them passes both ways; they seem well pleased with their treatment whilst gone;  they got $1.50 per day and board. A T Spoor returns the first of next week with all the men he can get to go with him.

 NORTH BEND NEWS continued from  1872.
   On Friday last we counted at one time twenty six teams hitched in front of Dowling & Purcell’s store; this is only a specimen of every day(or nearly every day) rush at this place; it keeps four or five clerks busy to wait on the customers of this firm through the middle of the day, then they often have to wait for an hour or two for their turn. 


Noted in the IGS Newsletter Feb 2001
PRESERVE YOUR PAPER RECORDS -  There is now a spray called “Archival Mist” made by Collage which can be sprayed on paper to make it acid-free.  It will not effect the ink, colors or adhesives and even works on newspaper clipping and scrapbooks.  It has been proven by libraries and archives to prolong paper at least five times their normal life.  You can get further information by calling 1-800-926-5524.(Ventura Co GS, Nov 2000)

Grand Time in Fremont.

Early Monday morning the sons and daughters of Erin’s Isle could be seen coming to the City from all directions, to celebrate that memorable day.  At 10 o’clock, Mass was administered by Father Lonergan at the Catholic Church, after which all enjoyed themselves as best they could, about the City, until evening when a grand BALL AND SUPPER was given by the St Patrick’s Temperance society of this City, at Court House.  This society has been organized but little over three months, has over one-hundred members and gaining strength every day.  Its organization and success is attributable to the personal efforts of Father Lonergan and a few zealous co-laborers in the work. …A few popular dances interspersed with real old Irish jogs and hornpipes were splendidly performed and great applause.    The history of St Patrick was given by MR JOHN RUSH of Elkhorn.

The supper was perfect is every particular and was a good recommend to those that served it up.  Lastly  the essential part of a ball THE MUSIC, furnished by Orchard’s band, which was plenteous and not wanting in variety.
  After partaking of this bounteous supper every one felt happier and continued the dance until an early hour, when each one went away in the best of humor only wishing that St Patrick’s day came oftener.
   Fremont Tribune 21 March 1873  3:3


Czech Immigration Passenger Lists-Baltimore MD
Volume 1880-1889 by Leo Baca

NEW YORK, Children’s Aid Society-Index to the Federal, State & Local Census Records of its Lodging Houses 1855-1925  by Carolee R Inskeep.

Donated by Nellie Snell
BRUNO NE As I Remember It by L C Sabata.
  Preliminary Guide to Ethnic Resource Materials in Great Plains Repositories by Joseph C Svoboda & David G Bruning – UNL.

Donated by Gloria Kriete
  Immanuel Ev Lutheran Church-125 Years 1876-2001


Ole C Christensen to Anna M Johnson on 2 March
James P Forsyth to Jane Frentzsch on 4 March
Frederick W Steil to Wilhelmine H Luthans on 5 March
Lloyd Coates to May Myers on 5 March
John Thernes to Mary Dierks on 6 March
James Hook to Mabel Harris on 6 March
E H Wegner to Clara Bauman on 6 March
Thomas Rogers to Mary Brown on 6 March
George Dau to Minnie Bauer on 6 March
Andrew B Bowman to Emma Benson on 6 March
John F Mintken to Antha M Lucken on 7 March
Fred Peterson to Anna S V Jorgensen on 7 March
Phillip McGovern to Mrs Laura Eaton on 8 March
William Kienbaum to Ida Brunke on 12 March
John Foglesong to Gertrude Siders on 13 March
Bert Domina(Domine) to Rhoda McDuffee on 13 March
Charles(Karl) Quandt to Minnie Kohle on 14 March
Julius Holst to Lucy Assmusson on 15 March
Swan O Olsson to Mrs Christina Friberg on 16 March
Hiram C Wilson to Mattie Panacek on 18 March
J F Iburg to Helen Busselman on 19 March
Albert Koyen to Agnes Nelson on 20 March
Charles Hoffman to Amelia Mahel on 20 March
Rasmus Hendricksen to Agnes Jorgensen on 20 March
Thomas Thomsen to Laura Bang on 21 March
George Suhr to Gesina Wessel on 21 March
John T Hughes to Stella G Clough on 27 March
John Von Seggern to Minta Stalling on 28 March
Robbert M Reed to Nettie Piper on 28 March
Ellick F Bailey to May Sorby on 30 March

Our Deepest Sympathy to Bernice Robertson a member of our Society from way back.  Her husband, Raleigh Robertson passed away on 1 February 2001.

In reading many of the exchange newsletters, the following was noted: 


Watch your TV guide for the new PBS program, “The German Americans,” which is planned for national distribution in early 2001.  It recently premiered in New York City. 

It is a documentary which gives an overview of the last four hundred years of German culture in America.

(This was located in the Immigrant Genealogical Society newsletter of February 2001-keep an eye out for this program.)


For a list of churches in POLAND visit:

For a list of churches in Germany go to:

This monthly newsletter contains some very good hints, on Internet sites, and various other subjects.  Ask Claire where to find them. 


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