March   2007

March Meeting

12 March 2007  7 p.m.

Mares Meeting Room

Program:  Journey of Man

Browse Nite-26 Mar 2007-7 p.m.

Well, Mother Nature took care of our February meeting, so we will try to get it completed in March.  We canceled the meeting because of inclement weather.

Margie Sobotka, our Treasurer, asked me to put in an item regarding dues.  All dues are to be paid by March 15th, 2007. Renewal notices were mailed out in January.

In checking our books on the shelves, we find one is missing "ST CHARLES OF BORROMEO CHURCH", this church is in North Bend.  Someone forgot to leave the green card in the check out box and we do not know who to contact.  Please return it as soon as possible, the books is quite expensive to replace, providing they even have any extras.

Our election of officers will be held at the March meeting, and announced in the April issue of the News Letter. 

Jeff Kappeler, our President is working on the exhibit at the May Museum for the last aspect of SQ150.  It will be the agricultural section for Dodge County.  Lots of new items will be displayed.

For some reason, research has picked up during the month of February - perhaps those needing help are home-bound due to weather, but Claire noted a large increase in letters.  She is always ready, willing and (so far) able to get about.  She loves to solve mysteries for patrons and members.  When not doing this type work, she is reading, cutting, gluing and filing articles from the old newspaper, is working in 1907 at present. Lots of births, marriages and obituaries showing up and the articles contain more information than the older papers printed. Of course she is always looking for information on this county's past.  It is surprising what you can find, for instance, in January of the new year, they printed information on the year past on building, old photos and new photos of upcoming businesses and even all of the towns located in Dodge county.

 From Fremont Tri-Weekly Tribune 3 Sep 1905


Mrs M E Reynolds Describes Her Journey

Here in 1857

Mrs M E Reynolds tells an interesting story of her journey to Fremont.  She left Boston in company with Mrs Margaret Turner in the spring of 1857, but did not come direct, stopping off at several places to visit.  In the late summer they became tired of visiting and left St Louis by boat for Omaha.  It took nineteen days to make the journey and when they reached Omaha they were penniless.  They were not expected so soon and no one was there to meet them.  The skipper invited them to spend the night and early the next morning Miss Atkinson, Mrs Reynold's maiden name, went to a livery stable to arrange to be driven here.  No one at the barn knew where Fremont was but a party was soon found who knew and the party soon set out on their journey.  When they reached the Elkhorn valley the grass was as high as the horses and full of green-heads which made the horses frantic.  Their sides were soon covered with blood and the driver had considerable trouble.  One horse finally gave out and laid down refusing to go farther.

    The driver proposed riding the other horse to find the new town and get someone to come after them.  Mrs Turner was afraid to be left without protection, living in fear of Indians.  Miss Atkinson then started out and after walking about a mile and a half, came upon a settlement of four log houses and soon found Mrs Turner's son George who drove out after the stranded party.

    The hotel which was being built for Mrs Turner was not completed until several months after her arrival.

    At that time there were no trees of any kind away from running streams and consequently an unobstructed view was had for many miles.  Mrs Reynolds says she could go out on the veranda at the south of the hotel and plainly see the Indians passing back and forth on the bluffs.  The winter of '57 was in great contrast to that of the year before, being very mild.  No snow fell until February and there was no cold weather following.

100 Years Ago-March 1907


Jens C M MILLER to Ingeborg E NIELSEN on 02 Mar
Louis E WILLIAMS to Mary H NILES on 02 Mar
August J W KOEHLER to Ida M KAMMERER on 06 Mar
Julius E ERIKSEN to Anna C HANSEN on 06 Mar
August HELGENBERGER to Emma WIEGAND on 06 Mar
Christ J P OGARD to Bertha DYKMAN on 06 Mar
Henry A MOENCH to Ida E E WEGNER on 10 Mar
James WALDO to Mrs Elizabeth BRUMBAUGH on 11 Mar
Fred HOFFMAN to Mattie ADE on 12 Mar
Hans P M HANSEN to Johanna M LOHMANN on 14 Mar
Earl F BISEL to Mae BLISS on 14 Mar
Martin CHRISTENSEN to Maggie JENSEN on 14 Mar
Charles G LAPHAM to Sarah A ALLEN on 19 Mar
George F RABE to Linda KRUGER on 20 Mar
Clinton R SAILING to Maggie O JESSE on 20 Mar
George W SCHNEIDER to Daisy I NORTON on 27 Mar
Christ W HERTEL to Else M CHRISTENSEN on 27 Mar
Gustave F KRUGER to Minnie E SCHMIDT on 28 Mar
Albert C PUEPPKE to Christine SVENDSEN on 28 Mar



Miss Maggie Jesse and Clint Sailing a couple of well known Saunders county young people, were married at the court house in Fremont at 9 o'clock this morning by County Judge Stinson.  They left at once for a brief honeymoon trip to Iowa.  The bride is a sweet and estimable young woman, and the groom is one of the substantial young farmers of the neighborhood.  They will make their home in a new house Mr Sailing, recently erected on his place.

 Noted in Fremont Tribune 20 Mar 1907  7:3


Mr H A Peirce informs us that a letter received by him from the postmaster at Willow Creek postoffice in Saunders county, relates the narrow escape of a large funeral procession from a cold berth over night in one of the heavy storms that occurred about two weeks ago.  A funeral procession was going to the cemetery near Willow Creek P O and after starting, the severe storm sprung up and in crossing a large tract of open country they lost their way and were every moment becoming more and more puzzled as to the right direction when Mr Frank Havens who happened to be passing from the postoffice to his home run across them and rescued them from the prospects of spending the night in the cold storm.  By hard effort he succeeded in piloting them to different houses throughout the neighborhood in which they were largely unacquainted and they were thus kindly cared for during the stormy night.  When Mr Havens met the party they were very nearly ready to give up hopes of reaching shelter for the night, and his timely arrival was hailed with great delight.  Had they been obliged to stay in the storm all night, some of them, if not all, must have perished, but as it was they were happily rescued, and they owe much to the heroic efforts of Mr Havens.


  Noted in Fremont Weekly Tribune  10 Mar 1881   3:3


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