MARCH  2000
Mares Meeting Room 7 P.M.
1722 East 19-Fremont NE
13 MARCH 2000


BROWSE NITE:  27 March 2000
Mares Meeting Room  7 p.m.

Wonder why we haven’t had a speaker?  Well, sometimes
the weather is not suitable for speakers to drive to Fremont, so we strive to give a program with our local talent, and also if a cancellation is needed it is not a problem to cancel it.

Nona gave us a very good presentation in February on her trip to the Czech Republic, and a short trip into Slovakia.  To those who attended she gave a very good history lesson, had some lovely photos which she shared with the group.  Lilac bushes are a must in every yard of a Czech household, and lots of forget-me-nots.  Nona was NOT searching for family, since she has German ancestry, but it was a wonderful program.  She had many fine items to show and tell about, the various factories that the tour went to for a visit, and the famous capital, Prague.

It is amazing how our membership has been increasing due to the USGENWEB SITE - since January we have 6 additional members, all from out-of-state. And we keep adding to our ENGS website.

At present we are working to put a number of photos of GAR men who at one time belonged to the McPherson Post No 4, Fremont, NE so that we can offer photos of these men to researchers and not have need to disturb the original album of photos located at the May Museum.  A big “Thanks” goes to Jeff Kappeler and Patty Manhart for sharing this album with ENGS.  Also to member Renee Bunck for scanning in the photos to make them available.  They are not yet ready to make their debut, but in the future they will be listed.

The two mascots at Claire’s home have really made a big growth and the door must be closed to them from the meeting room, they would steal the program. 

  Our sympathy is extended to the Kruger family. Pauline is a member of our society.  Her father-in-law Robert Kruger passed away on 04 Feb 2000.

Some little quotes with no authors.:

“The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.”

“One of the quickest ways to meet new people is to pick up the wrong ball on the golf course.”


F-32  Janis Littlefield 
           629 Cherrywood Loop
         Richland WA99352- 

F-33  Mary K Feeney
                      8004 Greeley Blvd
                      Springfield VA  22152-

F-34  Lee Martinson
            11010 Hascall St
            Omaha NE  68144-4920 

March 1900 in the Fremont Tribune - 2 Mar 1900 

Mr & Mrs J Duggleby are the proud parents of a girl, and Mr & Mrs D C Smith of a boy.  The former born last Friday and the latter on Monday morning.

Fremont Tribune-Hooper news-19 Mar 1900
Born toMr & Mrs William Siebrasse, on Friday March 16, a girl.  Also on Saturday, March 17, to Mr & Mrs S Wagner, a boy.

Fremont Weekly Herald-Swaburg Neighborhood 
17 Mar 1896  4:5

  John Uehling is the first to begin seeding in this vicinity.
  Lars Moline moved down from Bega, Stanton county, last week, and will work the old farm on which he was raised.  We are glad to welcome Lars back in our midst.


Bellwood Cemeteries(Butler Co NE) covering four cemeteries within the Bellwood NE area-Very lovely book to add to our shelf.

First Lutheran  Church of Oakland(Burt Co) Nebraska A booklet 1869 - 1944; 1869-1969 and 1869-1979; 1919-1929; 1988;   These were donated by Lavilda Passick.  A big “thanks” to Lavilda for these booklets. 

We have several persons who frequent auctions or garage sales,  and are always looking for books or booklets for our area of research.    They are greatly appreciated.

A BIG “THANK YOU “ to the Fremont Area Community Foundation and the Lester A Walker Trust for their generous grants.  We are able to purchase the Canon  850 Copier and it will be paid for from these two grants of $500 each.  These two foundations accept donations which are tax deductible and help so many organizations who are in need of grant funding. If you find extra funds, please consider a donation to these two Foundations at P O Box 182, Fremont NE  68026-0182. A thank-you to our members who completed the paperwork and interview to make this project complete.


Sixty-four years after he had lost all trace of them and they of him, Theodore Moser of Fremont, aged 87 , has located his brother and sister in far off Germany thru a letter writing by a friend, and now despite his age he is planning to go back to the old home for a visit.

Moser came to the United States in 1840 as a young man and located in Milwaukee.  He corresponded with his father, mother, brother and sister in Germany until 1847, when his wife died.  Then he left Milwaukee and drifted westward.  His letters to the old home went unanswered.  He finally ceased to write.  Years went by and he had no word of relatives.

Several weeks ago in a conversation with John Hauser he mentioned his birthplace.  It was near to the place where Mr Hauser spent his youth.  The conversation resulted in Mr Hauser writing a letter to a friend in the old country in an effort to locate Moser’s family.  The attempt was successful.  Moser’s brother was located at Ulm on the Danube, and his sister at Kolbingen  and they are again corresponding.

Thru them Moser has learned that his father and mother died years ago, the former at the age of 99 and the latter at the age of 107 years.
   Fremont Tribune 12 May 1911  Page 6.

And in the same paper: 

Fine plants, growing out of doors. And don’t wait too 
long for they are going fast.  Plant them now!


C F Edler-Katie Steele on 02 Mar 
Frank L Murry-Mabel M Stevensen on 06 Mar
Jonathan Heywood-Emma Engelhorn on 07 Mar
Henry Thedens-Celia Tank on 07 Mar
Henry Knoell-Mary Hoffman on 07 Mar
Benjamin F Hadley-Edna B Antrim on 07 Mar
Hans Peter Rasmussen-Anna Christofferson on 08 Mar
Frank Mundy-Mamie Golden on 11 Mar
Francis E Lindgren-Emma Beales on 12 Mar
John H Heyne-Mrs Gessine M Mueller on 14 Mar
John G Faist(or Feist)-Mary Tank on 14 Mar
Frank Knieriemen-Christina Kuhl on 14 Mar
Harry J Shriver-Ada Mabel Hall on 21 Mar
John Troutt-Della O’Connor on 21 Mar
John Harnisch-Annie Schnoor on 22 Mar 
William P C Soll-Anna Clasemann on 22 Mar
John B Miller-Elsie W Goff on 23 Mar
Bernhard H Witthinrich-Emma D Thedens on 28 Mar
Ernest E Fay-Vina M Honey on 28 Mar
Oscar E Cummings-Edith Andersen on 28 Mar
Joseph H Black-Ella Horstman on 29 Mar
John W Behrens-Martha Widman on 29 Mar
John A Reid-Christina Wotipka on 30 Mar


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