March 1999
 8 MARCH 1999 7 P.M.
 Mares Meeting Room-1722 East 19
  Fremont NE.
 PROGRAM—Genealogy On The Internet
   presented by Renee Bunck
 BROWSE NITE  22 MARCH 1999 7 P.M. 

What a great meeting-The February program was what Claire calls, “WOW”! 

  She really thought Jeff was coming to stay at her place, for he brought his chest, bedding and even cooking utensils, but hey! If you didn’t attend the meeting, you really missed a good one.  Jeff Kappeler is a historian and no, Grandpa didn’t bring a suitcase - instead Jeff produced a bright red chest and then proceeded to pack it to come to Amerika!  There were three main categories used by the immigrants.  Packing the chest with necessities and sentiments; Bedding bundle which contained their bedding; and Food.  Now to break them down.  Into the chest went necessities of: The Bible, psalm book and almanac, sentimental(small) items from the old country or the family, eating utensils, the cooking pot 
(for they cooked their meals aboard ship ). 

   The bedding bundle consisted of linen sacks, hand woven, which also served as bedding and into this there were feather ticks, pillows, woolen blankets-the linen sheets were all hand woven before leaving. 
   Of course the FOOD.  Some was furnished by the crews of the ship, but a large basket of food was also taken by the families.  Candles were important, and all was considered standard immigrant equipment. 

   Jeff goes to many auctions to find his material and told the group that he had about 20 chests, from huge ones to small ones.    What a great program and something a large share of us don’t realize what the immigrants packed just to get to this country.  Thanks so much for a delightful evening! 

Genealogy HUMOR 
One of my ancestors is listed in various census records as having been born in 3 different states-his mother must have been one confused and traveling lady!


F-11 Patricia J Demaree 
        526 E Washington Ave Apt B 
        Sunnyvale CA  94086 
F-12 Alberta Martens 
        3270 N Yager Road 
        Fremont NE  68025-7846 

For those who have lineages to FEHMARN Island

we give you The FEHMARN GENEALOGY Site:

This web site has a Query page, useful addresses and many other items.  John Kostick who set up the web site, is looking for donations of pictures, history or any information you might have on Fehmarn.  Marlene Heinsohn is his No 1 fan! 

We will do a general hack business. Hack will be on the street all day, and until 10 o’clock at night.    Fare-From depot to city or hotels, 25 cents; from city or hotels to depot 25 cents; any place in the city 25 cents.  Use telephone No 125, or leave orders at Davies’ drug store. 
Doc Witherspoon, Proprietor
The preceding was found in the 28 Sep 1885 Fremont Daily Herald Page 3   Photo best we could copy. 
1902 Century Dictionary & Cyclopedia Vol X- ATLAS  
Donated by Rev William Reitmeier. 
1962 Stantion County, NE Plat Book. 

First Census 1790 
Providence In 1798-Owners & Occupants of the Lots,   Houses & Shops. 

Both donated by Nellie Snell 
Blair NE  1869 - 1969 
Beatrice-Gage Co NE-Queen City of the Blue     
by  Zoa Ann Worden
Donated by Norma Schutt 
Thank you ladies and gentlemen for the donations. 

ON A SNOWY DAY - Claire read microfilm!! This is what she found: 

Fremont Daily Herald 5 Mar 1887  4:1 
  John McBride, O’Neill; Jerry Tucker, Chadron; Judge A M Post and Frank J North, Columbus; and C P Treat, Chicago, were at the New York Hotel. 

   E T Borkenhagen, Scribner; G H Mack, Columbus; W F Post, Mo Valley; L C Dunn, Council Bluffs, and J L Baker West Point, were at the Eno Hotel. 

(This appears frequently and it established a date for one who was doing research in the 1880’s) 

 Fremont Daily Herald 8 Mar 1887 4:3 and 4 
  The Scribner schools closed another very successful term of school yesterday.  A vacation of two weeks will be taken for the teachers and pupils to recuperate and get ready to begin with renewed vigor the spring term, which begins two weeks from next Monday.  Miss Carrie Horton and Robert Smith graduated and have been granted certificates by the county superintendent to teach.  Prof Fowler will take a trip to Chadron, Rapid City and other points up the road. 

  Hooper items - We are informed that diphtheria is very prevalent in parts of Maple and Everett precincts, but has not proved fatal in but one case. 

   Mr Will Gibson’s oldest daughter, who died last Tuesday and was buried Wednesday.  Another child of Mr Gibson’s is very sick, besides three of Mr Rasmussen’s family, living on the Sill place.  Ira Parson’s wife and child and Anson Reeder’s child.  Several of these are very low. 

Fremont Daily Herald 9 Mar 1887  4:3 


Some of our citizens are talking up a proposed street car system which, while it may not at present materialize, will probably be one of the consummations of the near future.  The line at present proposed is to start from lower Main street, near the depots, running north to 14th, and west to Nye Avenue, north beyond Theron Nye’s residence, then west to Jackson street, south to 10th, east to Broad, then south to 3d-making the circuit back to the depots.  A second line could run north on Broad street to Military Avenue, and west to the recent Davenport purchase, which will probably be laid out as an addition to the city.  A third branch might run east on Fifth street to Platte Avenue, north to 16th street (northeast corner of the city). 

This system would be about 5 ½ miles long (the main line about 3 miles). It would leave no section farther than three blocks away from the line, and with two cars each way, the trips would be about fifteen minutes.  Sometime or other a street car line will be established here, which will be demanded to give access to our growing suburbs and bring them all practically into the city. 

City and Vicinity - Frank Hoagland will close out his business and remove to Colon(Saunders Co) the first of next month. 

The river was out of its banks near the bridge yesterday, with the ice showing indications of an early break-up. 

J W Love is hauling brick by the car load up to his lot on Main street, and will probably erect one of the cosiest residence in the city as soon as the frost is out of the ground and weather will permit the commencement of operations.

by Renee Bunck 
   Are your computer files 
protected against viruses? 

If you can receive email and browse the internet your computer files are vulnerable to destruction.  Even off the internet, any floppy disk inserted into the drive of your computer can be the source of an infection.  A MS Word document or MS Excel spreadsheet from a friend, or a disk left in the drive when you start your computer can start the infection.  If you don’t have anti-virus software installed on your computer or you have not updated your anti-virus software recently, it is time to take action. 

    What are computer viruses and 
why do you need protected? 
Symantec AntiVirus Research Center gives this definition:  “A virus is a piece of software designed and written to adversely affect your computer by altering the way it works without your knowledge or permission. In more technical terms, a virus is a segment of  program code that implants itself to one of your executable files and spreads systematically from one file to another.” 

To describe their behavior, viruses are sometimes referred to as “worms” or “Trojan horses” .  Viruses have been known to do anything from corrupting your hard drive and all of your files, to making nuisance copies of themselves, to displaying taunting messages on a specific date. 

The latest virus uses an email attachment named Happy99.exe to spread copies of itself.  If you receive such an attachment, you can protect your computer by not clicking on it so that it is not allowed it to run.  If you do run the attachment and don’t have virus protection in place to stop the spread,  Happy99 will add itself to one of your system files and send a copy along to each person that you send email to.  You will not even know that your computer was infected until someone complains about receiving Happy99 from you.  You can protect your computer from Happy99 even without antivirus software. 

  Where do you get antivirus software?

Many new computers come with anti-virus software installed, but it is important to keep that software updated so that it can protect your files against new viruses.  No virus protection program can keep you protected unless you keep it current.  New viruses that have different “signatures” are produced and your anti-virus software will frequently need new information to use to identify those viruses.  Updates for most anti-virus software are made available every 2 or 3 months. 
Your local software store should have a boxed version, or a quick entry into an internet search engine should yield a number of  links to web pages about anti-virus software and how to download an update or at least a trial version. 

Here are some links that ALTAVISTA returned from the category Antivirus under Computers & Internet  – including DOS, Windows, NT, Macintosh versions and even free virus software for home use from Data Fellows: 

Macintosh Anti-Virus  
Virus detection and protection software for Macintosh. Includes Disinfectant, GateKeeper, and Virus Reference. 

McAfee AntiVirus 
One of the best known antivirus systems for DOS and Windows. Evaluation versions available for business or home. 

Symantec AntiVirus Research Center  
Norton AntiVirus, Symantec AntiVirus, Microsoft AntiVirus, and Central Point AntiVirus, for Windows, DOS and Mac. 

Data Fellows  
Home of F-Prot Professional, free virus checker for DOS/Windows users. Downloadable utilities, beta, and evaluation software. Search for shareware. 

Producers of Virex, the popular commercial Macintosh anti-virus software. Overview and the latest updates for registered users. 

Dr Solomon's  
Virus info center with support for this multi-platform product range. Download updates and a trial copy of FindVirus for DOS. 

    Another virus-related item to be aware 
of is the Virus warning Hoax.

It is not unusual to receive an email message warning about the “latest” virus and encouraging you to help warn everyone you know about this  virus.  Before you pass on any virus warning, please check to be sure that the virus is real and not just a hoax.  You can check by going to the 

U.S. Dept of  Energy – Computer Security Site

The list of hoaxes described there currently includes: 

PKZ300, Irina, Good Times, Good Times Spoof, Deeyenda, Ghost PENPAL GREETINGS!, Make Money Fast, NaughtyRobot, AOL4FREE, Join the Crew, Death Ray, AOL V4.0 Cookie, A.I.D.S. Hoax, Internet Cleanup Day, Bill Gates Hoax, WIN A HOLIDAY, AOL Riot June 1, 1998, E-mail or get a Virus, Bud Frogs Screen Saver, Disney Giveaway Hoax, Internet Access Charge 

None of these are real viruses, but warnings about them generate plenty of email and eat away at the bandwidth available for important things like family research.  You can check this site quickly and help stop these hoaxes.


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