May 2001
14 MAY 2001   7 p.m.

Nadine Lindgren presented a very informative program on her trip to Russia.  She was in St Petersburg and Moscow.  Her husband was in the Pathfinder Chorus that was selected to perform in those cities, Nadine went with the group.  The Pathfinder Chorus is a large group of Barbershop singers.

Please note the change in the schedule of the May meetings.  Nona and Claire will be on tour in England, Scotland and Wales during our meeting dates.  No research just a good trip to see new country.  Both need to have a slow-down of pace and away from Genealogy.

See you in June!  Renee Bunck will take members of our society out on the Internet in the Midland computer lab, we do have some who are not oriented to the Internet or even use computers, so this is your chance, or even get help if you do have a computer and the use of Internet and as yet have not gone into unknown places.

Deepest sympathy is extended to Carol Ruwe of Troy, OHIO in the loss of her father Ervin Pronske on 3 Apr 2001.  Carol has worked in our library several times while visiting her father.

Does anyone know where we can acquire the following booklet:  “Cedar Bluffs (NE) In Days Past 1886-1986”  It was checked out several years ago and the member no longer lives in this area.  We would like to get another to place on our Saunders County shelf of books.  Good information was listed in the book as well as photos.

Roy  Pneuman        F-51
  5201 Road O
      Pandora OH  45877-9714


Society Member Raymond E Jeffries, 204 East L St, Ogallala NE  69153-2815.

Seeking information on Joseph Anton Frohner.  According to some information, Joe lived with a Grandmother around Verdigre, Knox Co Nebraska.  Time period: 1890 to 1920.  WHO was this Grandmother.

If you can help Raymond, contact him at the above address.

The month of May has many special days.  Don’t forget V. E. Day the7th; Mother’s Day, the 13th; Armed Forces Day the 19th; Memorial Day the 28th.


Henry C Shomshor to Lizzie Groeteke on 1 May.
Charles Hagenbuck to Gussie Krickava on 7 May.
George Leist to Minnie Lau on 9 May.
George F Lucas to Anna Ramey on 16 May.
Nels C Madsen to Emma From on 23 May.
Carl L Hansen to Jorgine F M Larson on 25 May.
John Stephen to Pearl Lichty on 27 May.
Andrew Skoltety to Katie Fegel on 28 May.
William T Pobanz to Clara M Wagner on 29 May.
Jesse Connerley to Mabel Whiteaker on 29 May.



Donated by Arlene Snell:

  Atlas of Douglas, Sarpy & Washington Counties in NE
And Mills & Pottawattamie Counties in IA – 1913.

  Twenty Miles of Steamboat Wrecks by R Allen Coleman
pertains to the Missouri River through Sarpy Douglas Cos in NE.
   Nebraska History Vol 39 No 2 June 1958 The content of this issue is The Journal of an Indian Fighter – The 1869 Diary of Major Frank J North, plus illustrations.

Donated by Ardie Grimes
   Twilight Memories by Martha Weitkamp
(oriented to this area).

Many thanks to the both of you for the donated books

Noted in the North Bend Argus 12 March 1897  5:1

   One fellow has scratched himself nearly bald trying to solve the following, clipped from an exchange:  “There sat down to table recently, four mothers, two grandmas, one great grandma, one grandpa, two uncles, one great uncle, two brothers, one sister, one niece, two great nieces, one great nephew, one cousin, two second cousins and in all there were six grown people and four children.”

And in the same paper dated 5 March 1897  5:3

   A man over in Dodge county went into his cow stable the other night and by mistake, mixed her up a nice mash in a box full of sawdust instead of bran.  The cow really supposing that hard times had come and they were all going to economize meekly ate her supper, and the man never discovered his mistake until the next morning when he milked the cow she let down a half gallon of turpentine, a quart of shoe pegs and a bundle of lath – from the Blair Republican!

Bridges all Carried off – Man Drowned

 The heavy storm that visited us last Sunday, did not reach Saunders until quite late in the evening, and then it rained(or poured) with such violence that all the streams were over their banks and bridges were carried off.

One man told us he was on the Wahoo trying to save some fencing, when he saw some planks coming floating down, then some large timbers, and shortly the whole side of a building, which upon examination proved to be from the Grist Mill of Ray and Flor.

A man with a team of mules tried to cross Rock Creek, and he drove in where he supposed the bridge was when his team went down and became tangled in the harness, and it is supposed that he got out and tried to rescue them when he drowned.  Such think that perhaps one of the mules struck him in their floundering, but nothing definite is known.  The man was a stranger for no one knew his team.  The team was gotten out by Mr Stocking, by hitching a rope around their necks and drawing them out.  When found they were in water over their backs with just their heads out of water.  Parties commenced search for the body Tuesday but at time of writing it had not been found.


We are informed that the body was found on Wednesday morning by Mr James Lee and others about ten rods below the bridge, and is said to be that of Mr H A Cottell(Henry A Cottle, who is buried at Ridge cemetery), who lived two or three miles east of Fremont on Mrs Keeler’s farm, and a son-in-law of Mrs Keeler.

    Noted in Fremont Weekly Tribune 3 May 1872  3:5


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