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12 MAY 2008   7 P.M.
Mares Meeting Room
1722 East 19-Fremont NE


What Do You Know About the German Port in Germany


Come and Find Out How it Operated in the
Early Times of Immigration.



 Tuesday 27 May 2008  7 p.m. due to Memorial Day

Renee kept the minutes and so this is her tale of the "Brick wall Round Table."  Everyone took part in it and had some very good suggestions as how to get over the wall and find new leads to your ancestry.

Also discussed was the society purchasing film of the Ship Passenger Lists.  Several ideas come out of the discussion, but not completed.  It is important that we do not purchase film that has already been placed on the internet, published in book form, or on film at another library close to our vicinity.

A fall genealogy workshop for beginners was discussed and will be completed under Dr Underwood's direction.

NOTED:  THE NEW YORK TIMES has made its archives from 1987 to present without charge as well as those from 1851 to 1922.  Its web site is www.nytimes,com and some of the material from 1923-1986 will be free, and there will be charges for some material from that period.  I found about the ship my great-grandfather arrived on because it was late arriving after sailing through one of the worst Atlantic storms at that time.

  Renee Lubash, president of Lincoln-Lancaster Co Gen Society .



Articles of Incorporation Adopted and Stock All Taken

The Route Upon Which Cars Will Run - Capital Stock $50,000.

    A meeting of the projectors of the street car line enterprise was held yesterday afternoon.  The articles of incorporation were adolpted and books for subscription opened.  The authorized capital stock is $50,000, one-half of which has already been subscribed, this being all that will be desired at present.  The incorporators are E H Barnard, L M Keene, L D Richards, Ray Nye, Geo W E Dorsey, C H Toncray and Fred Meyer.  A meeting of the city council will be called in a day or two to take preliminary steps for the election to vote upon a franchise.  The route of the line as decided upon is as follows:

  The system shall consist of a main line and eleven branches.  The main line shall commence at intersection of Main and First streets and north on Main to the end.  Branch One shall begin at main line on Second street, thence west to Bell St, thence north on Bell to the end.  Branch Two begins at main line on Sixth, thence east to Bell St.  Branch Three begins at Branch Two on Union, thence north on Union to the end.  Branch Four shall begin at Branch Two or Platte avenue, thence north to the end.  Branch Five shall begin at Branch One on Union and south to the end. Branch Six shall begin on Sixth street, thence west to I, thence north to 13th, thence west to end of 13th. Branch Seven  shall begin at Branch Six on 10th, thence west to end.  Branch Eight shall begin at Branch Six on 6th, thence west to M, thence north to Military avenue, thence west to the end. Branch Nine  shall begin at Branch Six on Broad, thence south on Broad to third, thence east on Third to second, thence east on Second to main line.  Branch Ten begins at Branch 9 on 3rd, thence to L, thence south to end of street.  Branch Eleven shall begin on 13th and thence north on Maxwell avenue to the end.

        Fremont Tribune 5 May 1887  8:2


100 Years - BOOK 12 - Year of 1908

William H Heine to Mary E Lyman on 02 May
Emerson Soland to Hansena  S Christensen on 04 May
William Henry Ahrndt to Louisa Annie Wegner on 06 May
Charles Franklin Smith to Ella G Springer on 06 May
Arthur Robert Kurz to Anna Helgenberger on 07 May
Jewett A Reynolds to Grace E Bischel on 09 May
Arnal J Uhler to Bessye C Thompson on 11 May
Ernest Carl Schultz to Lula M Phillip on 12 May
Frank Francis Hlinak to Mrs Anna M Pospishel on 13 May
Clarence A Lucas to Hazel Suchy on 16 May
Joseph S Nixon to Ethel Ione Thompson on 18 May
Layton  Elbert Whitenack to Rosa B Guthrie on 18 May
William R Merryweather to Dora M Wells on 20 May
Louis Hansen to Kathrina Hansen on 27 May
James Davis to Hanna S Christensen on 20 May
Henry Bergherr to Lina Eberhardt on 31 May
Ivy Clark Burnham to Maysie A Dickerson on 31 May


   At high noon Wednesday, May 6, Ella Springer and Mr Charles Franklin Smith were married.

   The ceremony was performed at the home of the bride's mother, 107 East Linden avenue amid a company consisting of the families and a few intimate friends.

   To the strains of "Love's Golden Dream" played by Miss Nina Phillips the bridals party consisting of the bride and groom accompanied by Mr George Springer, brother of the bride and Miss Lucy Smith, sister of the groom, marched in and took their places in the parlor where Rev W H Buss in a pleasing manner performed the beautiful ring ceremony.  The bride wore a white organdie and carried white roses and the bride's maid also wore white and carried pink roses.  The out-of-town guests were Mrs H C Hooker and son, Mr and Mrs L J Springer and son of Leigh, Mr George Springer, Mr Harry Springer of Hooper, Mr and Mrs E W Hooker of Hooper.

   After the ceremony the company of twenty-five were served a six-course dinner at tables beautifully decorated with pink and white roses.

   The groom is a son of Mr and Mrs N H Smith; the bride the youngest daughter of Mrs Anna M Springer of this city.

Fremont Tribune 09 May 1908  5:3



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