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Renee Bunck will present:  Genealogy On The INTERNET!
10 May 1999
1722 East 19-Fremont NE

BROWSE NITE 24 MAY 1999 7 P.M.
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Happy Mother's Day

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Election of officers were as follows for the ensuing year:
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Gloria Kriete presented the April Program. In 1998, Gloria made a return trip to Switzerland, this time including her two daughters. She had lovely slides to show of areas where they toured(on their own), and this time she made it to the church of her ancestors. It was a lovely plain church and to me this was great as so many are so ornate you wonder if it is really a church. She also had some churches that fit into the ornate category, but they were lovely to see.

We had a nice group of members and when the evening was over, we found that we had three new members joining us.

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Donít forget Browse night - we had 12 members coming for either the latest on Reneeís web sites (She carries a lap top with her all the time-at first Claire thought she just toted a large handbag) for research. There are always surprises when Marlene and Renee are together, each finding new items out there on the Internet. Claire? She is just happy to get the e-mail going. Then itís out to do research for the Society. The letters requesting research just keep coming in. Some easy to answer and some require considerable research. But she welcomes them all!

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MORTON, J STERLING & ALLIED FAMILIES    (carbon copy) donated by Arnell Snell.
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A Genealogy Poem by Grandpa Tucker
Author unknown

I saw a duck the other day,
It had the feet of my Aunt Faye.
Then it walked, was heading South
It waddled like my Uncle Ralph.

And when it turned, I must propose,
Its bill was formed like Aunt Janeís nose.
I thought, "Oh, no! Itís just my luck,
Someday Iíll look just like a duck!"

I sobbed to Mom about my fears,
And she said, "Honey, dry your tears.
You look like me, so walk with pride
Those folks are all from Daddyís side."

We all need a chuckle, now and then, 
to help us overcome our 
genealogy frustrations. 
Thanks to Marlene for the poem.

Carol Glasford
6595 SW 30th
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Ardie Grimes
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Marjorie M Davis
1933 E 8 #2
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Lorie Goodenough
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Fremont, 5 Jan 1877  - from Fremont Herald 5 Jan 1877 4:1

We are threatened from every point of the compass with the much dreaded disease, small pox. In order to guard against it, I would recommend to all our citizens, old and young, to at once get vaccinated. A failure to comply with this request may cost you your lives.

In case any of our citizens know of any case or cases of small pox in our city, report the same to be at once. Parties knowing the fact, and failing to report the same, will be answerable for the dreadful results which follow from the spreading of this disease.

I would recommend that the physicians take the names of all persons vaccinated, date, age etc. A compliance with the above request may save our city from the dreaded and fatal disease.

W A Marlow, Mayor
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Greater Omaha Gen Soc Apr 1999 had some very interesting items and I share them with all of you.


Illinois Civil War soldiers Index is now online. The index of 250,000 soldiers was created by Fred Delap and donated to the Illinois State Archives. Mr Delap spent two years compiling the information from the "Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Illinois". The index is limited to the soldiersí name, company and unit and his place of residence. You can go directly to the Illinois Civil War Soldiers Database by entering the URL of
Source: Placer Trail Vol 18 #6 vis ParadiseCA Gen Soc Inc.


"Genie" in the Winter 1996 Researcher cited Oregon and Ohio in discussing ways to obtain early vital records inexpensively through state archives and on FHL films.

Add Illinois to the list. Not only are early Illinois marriages and death record indexes available on film, but a researcher can obtain state held death records 1916-1942 for only fifty cents, provided you know the exact death date. Write for no more than two names at a time to Illinois State Archives, Margaret Cross Norton Bldg, Springfield IL 62756. You will be billed(n.b.: The Ohio State Archives now provides death records through 1944.)
Source: ILL State Gen Soc via Bluegrass Roots Vol 23 #2.

The home that sent children to the Orphan Trains in the late 1850ís has opened its records to the adult adoptees. Contact the New York Foundling Hospital Records Office, 113 Third Ave, New York, NY 10021.
Source: The Family Tree June/July 1998 via Aberdeen Area Gen Soc Oct 1998.
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A DAY IS SET ASIDE TO HONOR MOTHERS - Was President Wilson thinking of his love for his mother today? He must have been, signing a joint resolution of Congress recommending that the executive departments of government recognize Motherís Day as an annual holiday. Congress proposes that the day be celebrated on the second Sunday in the month of May; this comes at the request of Miss Anna Jarvis, who wishes to honor the memory of her own mother, Mrs Anna Reeves Jarvis, who died May 10, 1905. Miss Jarvis got the ball rolling when she petitioned Congress to create the holiday after marking her motherís passing yearly by wearing a white carnation and organizing special prayer sessions at Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church in her hometown of Grafton, West Virginia.

OR That?

Decoration Day was celebrated for the first time on 30 May 1868.

Both of these items were found in the book CHRONICLE OF AMERICA.


Surfing the web to find family information can be fun and productive, but it can also be frustrating, especially if you enter messages on Bulletin Boards or subscribe to a Listserve. Internet Bulletin Boards and Listserves are often provided by web sites that offer to help you connect with other people of similar interests. Genealogy related Bulletin Boards and Listserves usually concentrate on a single surname or a specific county or state. Be sure to read any "agreement" or "conditions of use" text that is available on the site before you get involved.

A Bulletin Board is usually an area on a web site where you can post a message or query and others can respond to your message online. To see any responses. You must go back to the site and check for "follow-up" messages. Usually, you do not need to have email to post a message on a Bulletin Board. All messages stay on the web site and are available for anyone to read. If a Bulletin Board includes text stating that all information posted becomes property of that web site, be careful! Donít post anything that you would not want to see compiled on a CD and sold by some company under their own copyright. It can happen even without a written agreement, so use these are as  with caution. The Bulletin Board can be a useful tool in locating other researchers, but it can also lead to an unanticipated publication of your own research.

A Listserve is different from a Bulletin Board in that you must have an email address to participate or even read the messages. Some Listserves are closely monitored for a specific topic and off-topic messages are tossed. Other Listserves  are organized so that topics vary with the whim of the group. If you subscribe to a Listserve, depending on the activity  level of the group, you may receive only an occasional message, or you may be inundated with more mail than you can possibly read. Be sure to read and keep the initial "Welcome" message that you receive from a Listserve. It will contain instructions on how to remove your email address from the Listserve and information on what the owner of the Listserve considers "fair use" of the messages posted. Often an archive of the Listserve messages is made available for  searching by others and it is possible that the owner could decide to copyright and sell that archived material.

Frustrating? Maybe Ė If you are not aware of the possible uses of the materials you send over the Internet. Of course, the Internet is not the only way that material shared with others suddenly becomes  "theirs". It is wonderful to be able to share research with others and the Internet just makes it easier and faster. Web based Bulletin Boards and Listserves can put you in touch with distant family members all over the world. I have used both to make good connections to cousins all over the world. Please be sure  to read the information and any "agreement" published on any web site carefully. If you are not comfortable with the stated agreement, donít post anything. Here is a portion of the agreement text from

"While you will retain ownership of the copyright in the Materials posted by you, you agree that all Materials posted by you shall become part of a database on GenForum, and that we will own the compilation copyright in that database. In addition, you hereby grant us a perpetual, worldwide, irrevocable license to use, reproduce, modify, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute such Materials, any portions of such Materials and any derivative works created from such Materials, in print, electronic and other media, by
any means now known or developed in the future. We may sublicense all of our rights and licenses or assign them to third parties. Neither we nor any third party using the Materials in accordance with this section will be obligated to pay you any royalties or other compensation for use of the Materials. "

 Compare the GenForum agreement to the notice placed on every submission to the USGenWeb project:

"In keeping with our policy of providing free information on the internet, data may be used by non-commercial researchers, as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages may not be reproduced in any format for profit, nor for presentation in any form by any other organization or individual."

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