November  2001
     12 November 2001 Meeting
          7:00 P.M.  Mares Meeting Room

  PROGRAM:  British Highlights
               Nona and Claire’s May Tour

  Browse Nite:  26 November 2001
                              7:00 P.M.

Claire is requesting that anyone writing to the P O Box 541 Fremont NE, please put your return address on it.  Until we know that the anthrax scare has subsided, that which is not identifiable, will not be opened.  We have had several hoax powders show up in Fremont P O boxes, and they advise open only the letters you can relate to return addresses.

Our Usual Show and Tell really was an interesting evening.  There were trips to Libraries, out-of-state and  within Nebraska, all successful.

Dick Jacoby invested in a book in his line and found that it really had much good information.  

Claire displayed the old Hooper Sentinels, which she is steam pressing, from one that has been rolled for years and after it has been steam-pressed.  

Old photos appeared from visits with older members of the family, some distantly related.  

It was a good evening and everyone appeared to enjoy the new ideas.


A Delightful Dance Thanksgiving Night

  The most brilliant social event in the annals of Fremont society was the dance given last evening at the Masonic hall by the Merry Makers.
  At 8:30  the first dancers arrived and from that time on to 9 o’clock it was a steady stream of arrivals.
  The ladies were all enrobed in handsome evening dresses, artistically ornamented with beautiful flowers, and they were all smiles, while the gentlemen appeared at their best.  All had enjoyed bountiful dinners and entered the hall with a spirit for the festivities and after the ball were loud in their praise for it.
  Many spectators were in attendance to enjoy the evening and to admire their friends in their graceful glides
  The music  started up for the grand march at 8:45 with over fifty couples on the floor, led by Frank Ellick and Miss Wood, after which the hours slipped by in waltz, for it was a waltz party.
  Among those present were:
  Messrs and Mesdames Paul Colson, Dave Franklin, George Hickok, W W Dreyfoos, T F Hummel, A D Sears, Frank North, Gus Reitz, John Thomsen, Ned Barnard, J W Goff.
  Mesdames Kendrick, Pratt, C H May.
  Misses Crook, Sickel, Mira Lee, Clara and Genevieve Ellick, Ratie Lee, Maud Turner, Fisher, Eliza Lee, Lida and Laura Larson, Helen Fowler, Blair of Omaha, Bessie Smith, Howland, Short, Christensen Allen, Breitling, Martin, Grace and Gertrude Fleming, Colson, Lida Brown, Mame Smith, Maud May of Omaha, Woods, Franie Wilson, Fencil, Hulse, Flor and Nina Foote, Haye, Kinney, Sadie Smith, Erma and Daisy Goff, Downing, Crowell, Freeman, Winn, Richards of Omaha.
  Messrs Lee, Bert May, Cleland, B Colson, Frank, Joe and Alfred Ellick, Archie Smith, H D Dunning, John and Otto Schurman, Wood, Pohl, Cobb, Thomas, Breitling, Ogg, Strausman, Langworthy of Lincoln, Manchest of Seward, Beedie of Omaha, Reitz, F Brown, Hanlon, Campbell, Nehrbas, Richards, Eckerman, Joy, Vaughan, Sickel, Joe Jones, C W Jones, Stewart, Otte, Kendrick, Russell, Miggian, Reynolds of Chicago, Lou Ma, Weller, Charles & Runnie Hull of Omaha, Jurging, Mitterling.

             Fremont Herald 30 November 1894  

From The Best of the COCKLE BUR

In a small cemetery near Albany, NY:
 Harry Edsel Smith
 Born 1903-Died 1942
     Looked up the elevator shaft to see if the car was on
     the way down.  It was.


Geo E Collins to Lettie Fuller on 7 November
Samuel H Loder to Mary Marsh on 11 November
Gottfried C Steinke to Allynn Ross on 11 November
J C E Long to Elsie M Hovenden on 12 November
Emeal Sievers to Laura Wiekhorst on 13 November
Charlie Wilson to Mary Hand on 13 November
David Hand to Ella Hearl  - not completed
William Rogers to Mrs Kathryne Dixon on 20 November
Frank Schrier to Maria Dodge on 25 November
John E Johnson to Ella Sharpnack on 27 November
Joseph L Jameson to Charlotte Green on 28 November
Austin Houghton to Minnie Kingston on 28 November
J P Jurging to Alice Orchard on 29 November

Hooper Sentinel  29 Nov 1923  5:1

John Iburg and Albert Rolfhs, immigrants from Germany, arrived in Scribner from Bassum, Hanover, last Sunday and are staying with the former’s uncle, J F Iburg and family near Hooper.

The young men are greatly pleased with the prospects in this country and intend to make this community their homes.

They consider themselves fortunate in being among the few who passed the laws limiting immigrants. – Scribner


  Many pedestrians, passing along East Fifth street this week must have been struck with the enlarged colored cartoons of “Jiggs” and “Andy Gump” displayed in the window of the Richards, Keene & Company real estate office.  These funny pictures are done in a manner even superior to the originals by the world-famous McManus & Sidney Smith, and they are the work of Will H Fowler, treasurer of the Richards, Keene & Co concern, who has evidently missed his calling by not having pursued the  
life of an artist.  Mr Fowler has always been creating something or other rather clever with his pen, aside from long columns of figures, several of the former of which The Herald has been moved to mention with praise.  One of these creations was the design for the Gold Star American Legion Memorial banner recently illustrated in these columns, and another was the neat design for the Fremont Chamber of Commerce.

 Fremont Herald 17 Nov 1922   1:8


Midland College held her Homecoming this year, Friday November 17, in connection with the Kearney Midland game.  Many of the former Midlanders and former Fremonters as well as friends of the College were back for the day.  The Pep Chapel in the morning, the Parade, the game which was a victory for Midland of 13 – 0, and the big Banquet in the evening at the Pathfinder Hotel, where 228 Midlanders were present, were full of enthusiasm, and in spite of the gloomy weather it was one of the greatest Home-comings Midland has ever had.

The Warriors play their next to the last game of the season with Nebraska Central College on Thursday afternoon, November 23, at Central City.  It is hoped that the boys will play hard, for one or two of the team will not be able to play because of injuries received during the Kearney game

The girls of the East Hall Missionary Society are making great preparations and schemes for money making at the Fun-Fair, which they will give Friday evening, November 24, in the main building at the College.  It will be a real Fun-Fair, with everything from the great roller-coaster way, and the Japanese Tea Garden, to the Fortune Teller’s and the Pie ala-Mode booth.

 Fremont Herald  24 Nov 1922  page 7.


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