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  November 2003

10 November 2003
1722 East 19 - Fremont 7 P.M.

PROGRAM: Czech International Conference
by Margie Sobotka
Visiting with Margie, this was a great one!

Browse Nite: 24 November 2003 7 p.m.

We had an exceptional bit of information from our members on our Show & Tell nights in September and October. Family sheets were reported with new finds out of state, Some went out on the Internet and found new clues, The use of DNA has also come into being. One member is working on a clue using DNA, this should prove to be very interesting. Old photos with names were introduced. It proved to have extra items from members telling of their find in Sept and then new ones in October. Everyone was interested in the new finds and how they come about. Checking out antique stores also can bring new results.

Betty Svitak will fill the position of Secretary until time of election in 2004. Welcome aboard, Betty.

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History of Howells, NE 1887 - 1987
donated by Margie Sobotka.

Nebraska Courthouses by Oliver B Pollak-photos of the old and new courthouses in Nebraska and their history.

Wayne Co NE Cemeteries

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We wish to extend our deepest sympathy to Pauline Kruger and family, in the loss of her mother, Anita Jensen on 7 Oct 2003 and her grandmother Marletta Hollins on 12 October 2003.

A new twist to Divorce? Noted in the 3 Mar 1870 Fremont Tribune Page 2.

Notice is hereby given to Anna Denser, wife of Joseph Denser to return to her home in Section Number Sixteen, of Range number Eight in Saunders county, Nebraska, or a complaint against her for a divorce will be filed in the District Court for said district.

Also, notice is given to everybody not to lend to her any goods or money, as I will not be responsible for any debts contracted by her.

Fremont, Neb., Feb 13, 1970.


Fair week was a good week for the Tunberg Garage, and as a result Mr Tunberg reports that they sold every 1923 model they had on hand during the Fair. The buyers are:
Henry Rasmussen, touring car.

Clause Kruse, touring car.
Willard Rogers, touring car.
Chris Martinson, touring car.
Dr Lowry, touring car.
Henry Tunberg, Buick coupe.
Roy Logan, Buick coupe.
Wm Niebaum, Buick coupe.
and a Cadillac touring car to Sheriff Condit..

Hooper Sentinel 7 Sep 1922 8:5.

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NOVEMBER 1903 Book 10

Lester E Green to Beulah H Vaughan 2 November
P B Hampl to Mrs Anna Bosburk 2 November
Cornelius E Davis to Lulu E Dykeman 4 November
Andrew L Lund to Anna Herrmann 4 November
George N Ronin to Ruby Mitchell 5 November
Ralph A Eddy to Nina Johnson 9 November
John Burke to Cora Endsley 13 November
Edward S Mitterling to Marion E Kelser 18 November
Walter H Olson to Elsie A Phillips 18 November
Henry Lennemann to Katie Kruger 18 November
Joseph Burger to Minnie Timmerman 24 November
Sylvester L Hutchinson to Mrs Lucy Sawyers 25 Nov
Harry W Adams to Cora Sawyer 25 November 1903
R H Brazee to Alba Zabka 25 November
C A Beaty to Mrs Mary Collins 25 November
J E Andrews to Rose M Wilkins 26 November
Frederick S Burns to Emma A Gay 26 November


A charming home wedding occurred at the home of the bride in North Bend Wednesday at noon, uniting Mr Edward S Mitterling of Fremont and Miss Marion Ethel Kelser. The ceremony was performed by Rev Peter Swan of the Presbyterian church and was impressive and beautiful. Following the ceremony a delightful dinner was served, to which the happy company, consisting of relatives and a few near friends sat down.
The bride is one of North Bend’s most promising and worthy young women, and is loved and admired by all for her sterling qualities of mind and heart. Mr Mitterling is a highly respected young man and holds a position of responsibility in the civil service at this place, where they will make their home. They are a couple well suited to one another and the congratulations of their friends spring from sincere wishes for their happiness.
Fremont Tribune 21 Nov 1903 1:3,4


Since May 15, 2002 the index to death records for Illinois, 1916-1950 has been online, provided by the IL State Archives. From that date the Archives tried to provide free uncertified copies of the death certificates. They were so overwhelmed with requests that they had to stop the free copies as of Nov 15, 2002.
Genealogists may order unofficial, uncertified copies in person at the State Archives Reference Room at no charge. They may also request copies by mail from the IL Dept of Public Health or the county clerk’s office of the county where the death occurred.
from IGS Newsletter, October 2003

The First New England Thanksgiving
was celebrated less than a year after the Plymouth colonists had settled in the new land. The first dreadful winter in Massachusetts had killed nearly half of the members of the colony. But new hope grew up in the summer of 1621. The corn harvest brought rejoicing. Governor William Bradford decreed that a three-day feast be held. A Thanksgiving Day set aside for the special purpose of prayer as well as celebration was decreed by Governor Bradford for July 30, 1623.
The women of the colony spent many days preparing for the feast. The children helped by turning roasts on spits in front of open fires. Indians brought wild turkeys and venison(deer meat). The men of the colony brought geese, ducks, and fish. The women served the meat and fish with journey cake, corn meals bread with nuts, and succotash. Everyone ate outdoors at big tables.

On November 26, 1789 President George Washington issued a general proclamation for a day of thanks. Later other states established Thanksgiving holiday including Virginia, which was the first southern state to adopt the custom. It proclaimed a Thanksgiving Day in 1855. In 1864 President Lincoln proclaimed the last Thursday in November and in 1939 President Roosevelt set it one week earlier. In 1951 Congress ruled that the fourth Thursday of November would be observed as Thanksgiving Day and would be a legal federal holiday. From the World Book Encyclopedia

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