November 2004

8 Nov 2004 – 7 p.m.

Mares Meeting Room


                Program:  Margie Sobotka will tell us all

                         about her trip to Czechoslovakia.


                Browse Nite:  22 Nov 2004  7 p.m.

Our Show and Tell program in October was great.  It puts me to shame!  I’ve not worked on my family tree for several years, but I do have a ligit excuse.  I do all of the research for ENGS, plus the newsletter and Roots & Leaves.  That is a full time job in itself.

Gloria Kriete compiled and distributed not one book of family lines, but THREE.  They were really great to look through.  It seems everyone did something on the family trees this summer, reunions were a hit, as well as using the Internet to find information.


                We have mentioned before that Frau & Herr Koppe of Bremen have begun a database of the 1852 census records of the Kingdom of Hanover.  The exciting part is that it includes every person.

                There will be 182 million names in the completed census.  Already, 47,449 persons are entered and published in 12 booklets.  They publish a free e-mail newsletter in English four times a year, so that you can follow progress on the project.  Areas (Amter) already completed are Achim, Hoya, and Marfeld.

                The English version of their website is at :

  To subscribe to the newsletter, click “Hanover Census Newsletter” on the left-side menu and send an e-mail to the Koppes at


  Found in IGS Newsletter, Sep 2004 –Germanic Genealogy Journal, Spring ’04.

Maiden Days of Our Women

Mrs E. W. Hooker

Miss Jennie E Clark was born in Eldridge, N.Y., January 15, 1841.  When eight years of age she moved with her parents to Westhampton, Mass., when in 1862 she was married to E W Hooker.  On their wedding day, Mr Hooker enlisted in the Union Army and during his three years service, Mrs Hooker taught school in order to be busy and not to have so much time to dwell upon the sorrows of the war.

                It 1872 they came to Fremont where they resided for two years.  Then Mr Hooker took a homestead on Maple Creek, 7 miles from our city where they lived forty years.

                Six children were born to them, three of whom are living.  Mrs Ray Phillips of this vicinity, Mrs C D Bridgeman of Fairbury and Henry of Leigh.

                Six years ago next month, they purchased a nice home in the northwest part of our little city where they have since resided and where their many friends hope they may live many more years to enjoy the fruits of the hardships of their pioneer days in Nebraska.

Hooper Sentinel 27 Nov 1913  8: 6


Well Known Men of Hooper

Thomas W Canaga

Thomas W Canaga was born Oct 6, 1839 at Scio, Harrison county, Ohio.  In 1857 he, with his parents moved to Nebraska, where he has since resided.

                Mr Canaga was a resident of Dodge county before Hooper was started and was one of the town’s first residents.

                He was united in marriage to Lavina E Shipley on Dec 16, 1875 to which union eight children were born, six of whom are now living- three daughters and three sons.

                For a few years, Mr Canaga was engaged in freighting across the plains from Omaha to the mountains and it is needless to say that he had many experiences with the Indians.  For forty-five years he was engaged in this locality as carpenter and builder and his handicraft can be seen throughout the town and surrounding country.

                Mr Canaga has been actively engaged in his chosen profession up to the past year since which time he has been enjoying a much merited rest.

Hooper Sentinel 20 Nov 1913  8:2


November 1904 – from Book  10 & 11


Knox McClean to Vernie Maxwell on 2 Nov
Charles E Schooley to Anna Mintun on 6 Nov
Thomas L May to Emma Kato on 7 Nov
Jorgen C Jorgensen to Else K Neilsen on 9 Nov
Edward Uehling to Rossiebelle Cahoon on 9 Nov
Daniel M Willard to Lieu Villis Frederick on 10 Nov
Fred A Spaulding to Nellie Maires on 14 Nov
Oliver P Carter to Mrs Celestia Cutting on 15 Nov
Albert Yeomans to Madeline Meech on 15 Nov
Frederick W Waechter to Amelia Keneley on 16 Nov
Emil Felgner to Amanda Kurz on 19 Nov
Frank M Bowden to Metta E Davis on 22 Nov
Charles Bayer Jr to Matilda S Albrecht on 23 Nov
Charles J Marr to Lily Larson on 24 Nov
Frank A Bouzek to Sophie Rusicka on 24 Nov
Nels Johnson to Grace Antram on 26 Nov
Alfred M Bell to Lydia B Forbes on 29 Nov
Henry M Diels to Salome Lowe on 30 Nov
Nels C Petersen to Ruth Pollock on 30 Nov
William Pollock to Edith McDowell on 30 Nov
Jess N Culver to Ade Sedam on 30 Nov

 Six of these marriages were performed by the County Judge, one by a Justice of the Peace, the remainder by a Minister.

The Wedding


Scribner, Dec 10 – On Wednesday Nov. 30, at noon occurred the marriage of Miss Salome Lowe to Mr Henry M Diels.  The wedding was a very quiet affair, none but the relatives of the contracting parties and a few intimate friends being present.  The young couple left on the afternoon train for a trip through the east.



Ancestry of Mira Jane Jewett

     compiled by Elizabeth Foster Tilton



Since the commencement of the Fremont street railway line, the receipts have been fully up to the anticipation of the managers, and the outlook is in no way discouraging to them.  The convenience is already appreciated by the people and will be more so with the approach of unpleasant weather.  The company has been laboring under the disadvantage of awaiting developments for permanently systematizing the business and the use and employment of green horses and experienced drivers, all of which will soon be overcome.  At present time the cars are started at 7 o’clock in the morning and run until 8:30 in the evening, but it is soon expected to put on more horses and continue the running time to a later hour at night.  In the mean time the cars are to be provided with colored head lights.


                Fremont Weekly Herald 17 Nov 1887  6:4


As was expected by all who knew A.C. Hull, at the time he was elected chief of the fire department, he is proving a very efficient man for the position.  He has been for several days attending to the unpleasant duty which requires him to inspect and suggest improvements in the construction of stovepipes and chimneys wherever he considers them unsafe, and of course endangering not only the property of the owner but of that adjoining, and we regret to hear of cases where his suggestions are ignored and his power defied.  We have in mind one case which has been reported by several who consider their property exposed by an unsafe heating arrangement, and yet the person who would be the first and possibly the largest loser in case of a fire from it, stubbornly refuses to make a change except compelled to do so by the authorities.  We are glad there are so few cases in the city to annoy our worthy and vigilant chief.

                Fremont Weekly Herald 26 Nov 1885  8:3

Do you folks realize all of the exchange quarterlies we receive – there is over 1 book cases filled with them, some are in letter form from small groups, some are large booklets, but they do contain lots of good hints and stories of the various states.
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