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12 NOVEMBER  2007


7:00 P.M.

 Program:  Holcombe Rogus Devon England

Claire Mares


Browse Night:  26 November 2007  7 p.m.

Thank You, Earl Underwood for your most interesting program in October.  I believe everyone learned from your experiences in storing your documents where they can easily be found.  The six family books you brought with you, helped to understand how you arrived at your storage of documents.



We extend our deepest sympathy to Evla Saalfeld and family in the loss of her mother Evelyn Satorie, 98 years young, on 3 October 2007.

Is everybody ready for Halloween?  It is just around the corner-and the kiddies will be out with their pumpkins and even pillowcases to receive their treats. I love to see the neat costumes these children wear. October 31 is the date!



Today the Saeger & Sons cigar factory at the southwest corner of the intersection of Fourth and Main streets is in a sad state of disruption and damage as the result of a serious fire which broke out in the main workroom on the second floor of the big brick building at about five o'clock Wednesday morning.

Prompt and efficient action on the part of the fire department doubtless saved the building from a complete gutting, but, as it is, the loss to the concern is conceded a a heavy one, due to the fact that the nature of the stock is such as render it highly susceptible to damage from the effects of smoke and water.  The actual amount of damage has been extremely difficult to estimate. The proprietors  confess that it may run under $15,000 or over $20,000. The exact loss will not be known until an inventory of the entire stock has been completed.

The fire started under a large furnace used for heating the second-story factory and the flames spread across the building between the joists.  Jack Dudgeon, night clerk at Hotel Terry on the opposite corner of Main street, discovered the fire and turned in the alarm.

Sleeping within apartments at the rear northwest corner of the building, used as living rooms by Mr & Mrs Frank Eagle, who were absent on a holiday trip to Chicago, on the night of the fire were three young women, the MIsses Elsa Saeger and Norma Moller and Mrs Alfred Saeger, and the venerable senior member of the firm, Henry Saeger. They awakened with the blowing of the siren, but were not aware that the fire was in their own building until the trucks drew up in the street opposite.  Mr Saeger was somewhat overcome with the smoke and excitement, but was quickly gotten out of the building and properly cared for.

The Lincoln Billiard Parlor, operated by Stewart Brothers and occupying the south half of the ground floor of the Saeger building, also suffered severely from smoke and water that leaked down from the floor above.  Their damage estimated at $5,000 which is fully covered by insurance, as are also the Saeger & Sons building and stock.

 Fremont Herald 29 Dec 1922  page 1


100 Years Ago  November 1907



Frederick C Rasmussen to Mrs Margaret J Peters on 02 Nov
Abram Robert Baldwin to Mary E Hewitt on 06 Nov
Charles H Buckley to Mary M Pinckney on 07 Nov
James Shephard to Nina G Foote on 12 Nov
Robert Roy Blair to Gladys May Dawson on 12 Nov
Jerry A G O Taylor to Mrs Belle Estes on 14 Nov
William F Gieselman to Anna L Stork on 15 Nov
Nicholas Wilhelm Raabe to Mrs Wabcke C Struve on 16 Nov
Hugo F Schweitzer to Emma Fischer on 20 Nov
Henry Charles Blome to Hattie M Marx on 20 Nov
William F Evans to Mrs Elizabeth Ann McCracken on 20 Nov
Arthur E Huggins to Augusta M Murray on 26 Nov
James B Morgan to Mrs Flora Ellen Fish on 26 Nov
Joseph F Persak to Rosalia Kroenke on 27 Nov
William Otto Voss to Helen L Kaiser on 27 Nov
William E Zeman to Bertha C Boll on 27 Nov
Merle Connor Rathburn to Jessie L Gibson on 27 Nov
Otto Peterson to Martha Peterson on 29 Nov



  The wedding of Miss Elizabeth Hewitt to Abram R Baldwin on Wednesday evening at 5 o'clock took place at the residence of Mr & Mrs Perry Franklin, North Main street.  It was a delightfully simple and informal affair.  About twenty guests were present to witness it.  The rooms were decorated with autumn leaves and chrysanthemums and the bride carried a bouquet of these flowers.  The impressive ring service of the Episcopal church was used and the ceremony was performed by Rev W H Frost, rector of St James church.  Immediately after the vows had been solemnized the company sat down to a sumptuous wedding supper.  When the bridal bouquet was thrown Miss Alice Kemp was fortunate enuf to catch it.  The happy young couple after receiving the congratulations and God speed of the guests , took a train for Oklahoma City where they will remain for a while.  Out-of-town guests were Mrs Baldwin, mother of the bridegroom, and Mrs Benton from Mindon, Ill, and Mrs Lunn from St Paul MN.

The bride is one of Fremont's most charming young women.  She was born in this city, was educated here and for five years was an efficient teacher in the public schools.  She has many accomplishments and very wide circle of warm and admiring friends.  Mr Baldwin has for some time been a traveling representative of a big Illinois concern.  It is probable they will settle in Oklahoma, though that is as yet indefinite.

                  Fremont Tribune  06 Nov 1907  5:4


We have received two lovely personal biographies for our shelves:

A Bio of Barbara Luxa Hamsa covering Dodge and Stanton counties 1881-1909

A book entitled "Gussie's Story" by Patricia Nielsen.  This is the story of her life as told by Patricia's mother.

Creston, (Platte Co) Nebraska booklet.


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