November  1998
   Presented by Jeff Kappeler
9 November 1998 
7:00 PM 
 1722 East 19 
Fremont Nebraska
This will be a great program 
Claire saw part of it at the 
Elderhostel in October, 
which was sponsored by 
Midland Lutheran College. 
Bet you donít know what 
the program is about. 
23 Nov 1998


Those of you who did not get to attend our October program, you missed a  very special one.  Our presenter was Lorna Von Seggern of Arlington, Nebraska.  Her topic was the Orphan Trains into Nebraska.  But something very special was added, it was the story of her mother who was on one of the orphan trains that stopped at Oakland, Nebraska in 1919.  Her name was Florence Getzinger, daughter of Charles & Mary Getzinger of Brooklyn, New York.  Florence was born in that city in 1907. 

She was taken by the David Preston family, who raised her as their own, however, she was NOT adopted by the family.  In years to come she married Nova Preston, who was the son of David Preston. 
Lorna, gave a brief history of the New York Childrenís Aid Society and their worker Charles Loring Brace.  He served as secretary from the time he helped bring it into the world in 1853 until he died in 1890. 

Lorna, displayed photos of her mother, who passed away in 1997, and some of her valuable ties with her past.What a delight to have Lorna bring this program to our members. 


  Becky Hamilton 
  5416 N 129 St 
  Omaha NE  68164 

  Carol Martin 
  325 N Union 
  Fremont NE  68025-6311 

  Nadine Lindgren 
  428 E 3 
  Fremont NE  68025-5012 

Claire Mares & Renee Bunck were part of the presenters for the Midland Lutheran College Elderhostel 4 Oct - 9 Oct 1998.  It was held at Camp Calvin Crest in Saunders County and was 35 souls in strength.  They came from all over the U S, including some that were from Fremont.  It was a real challenge to Claire to speak for 1 ½ hours each day on Family History and self-helps to those seeking their ancestry.  Renee presented a great program to those interested in the internet and working on computers.  A grand success in Claireís words.  She was always afraid she was forgetting something special for the group.  Also on the program was Jeff Kappeler with America Ho!  And Dr Dalrene Ritter speaking on Nebraska Landscapes.  All tied into the family history and the hard work of those who came to Nebraska, early in the 1850-60ís. 

Donated to our Society by the newly organizing Elkhorn Valley Genealogical Society of West Point, NE.  A copy of the 1884 History of Cuming County and Directory - a great addition to our bookshelf. 

Czech Immigration Passenger Lists by Leo Baca  for the Port of New York for 1887 - 1896, Volume 7. 

Printed Sources by Kery Meyerink - a Guide to Published Genealogical Records. 

Some of the newly copied old City Directories are on our shelves, and Claire is working on those for 1901-2 forward for a series up to 1920, at this time.  They are borrowed from the May Museum. 


Canvas Pavilion at Corner of Military Avenue and Main to Run All Summer - Seats 400, Admission Moderate 

In an air-dome pavilion at the corner of Military avenue and Main streets, J M Fischer of Omaha next week will open an electric theatre.  He will give evening moving picture entertainments there thru the remainder of the summer. 

Four Fremont men are interested in the enterprise and have put up the money for the undertaking.  They have employed Mr Fischer to look after the business, and have bot a costly moving picture outfit.  New films said to be the best made are to be used, with a twice-a-week change of bill. 

The canvas theatre will be erected at once.  It will have an attractive front facing on Main street.  It will have a seating capacity of 400 and an admission of ten cents will be charged. 

"It is not altogether a money-making scheme with us," said one of the men, "tho we expect to get a small profit out of it.  Fremont people need a place to go for an eveningís entertainment.  We got to talking it over recently and decided to go into this business.  Iíve seen it tried in eastern cities, and it proved popular." 

The new theatre will open for business next Thursday evening. 
   Fremont Tribune 02 Aug 1907  7:3 


 Fremont Semi-Weekly Herald  30 Nov 1897  2:4 

DODGE - Members of the Congregational church surprised their pastor, Mr Cressman and wife Tuesday evening by calling in a body and tendering them a farewell party. 

Joe Ludwig is moving some machinery to Madison county where he purchased a farm recently. 

Walter Nowers, the Leigh boy, who was shot by Ed Fisher on Halloween night, the doctors say, will lose the sight of the eye that was injured. 

No more new cases of diphtheria have been reported from Pleasant Valley this week, which would seem to indicate that the doctors had got the best of the malady in that locality. 

Fred Renterís sale on Tuesday was attended by a large crowd who bought readily, nearly everything going at a good price.  - Criterion. 

Fremont Weekly Tribune  3 Nov 1886  5:2 

HOOPER - Tom Bullock has accepted a position on the railroad, and will engineer one of the F E & M V railway paint cars during the coming year. 

Louis Albersteadt(better known as Little Louie) has made up his mind to visit his old home in Germany and will leave Hooper next Tuesday and New York on Sunday, November 7th.  He expects to be gone about three months. 

Constable John F Buer leaves next Tuesday morning, for New York City where he goes with the unfortunate man Herman Wefer, who was adjudged insane, and in accordance with his wish is to be sent to his friends in Germany.  Mr Buer will see that he is comfortably situated and in charge of the proper officers of the vessel, which sails Sunday November 7th.  On his return home Mr B expects to visit a few days with relatives at Homestead, Iowa. 

Fremont Daily Tribune  23 Dec 1884  4:3 

SCRIBNER -  Rufus Neff is still wrestling with his old time trouble, rheumatism. 

Ernest Borkenhagen announced a grand dance, at the opera house New Years eve. 

The skating rink is in full blast.  Gay young men and maidens fair, admire roller skates above everything else. 

Monday the NEWS moved into the new brick block, where we will gladly welcome our old friends and any number of new ones.

by Renee Bunck 

Dodge County, Nebraska - Naturalization Records - Declaration of Intent and Final Paper 

Although the first US Naturalization Act was created in 1790 and many laws were enacted after that time, there were no uniform standards enforced to govern the requirements for United States citizenship until September of 1906.  Some courts collected complete information about aliens who were present in their area before 1906  while others barely recorded name and date information for aliens that were awarded Certificates of Naturalization. 

For the 1875 - 1906 records included in Dodge County Volumes A-E,  naturalization was recorded as a two part process consisting of : 

1)  filing a Declaration of Intent 
2)  filing a Final Paper 

The purpose of a Declaration of Intent or First Paper was to remove allegiance to  foreign sovereignties and declare the intention to become a US citizen.  Depending on the time period, this document was filed two or more years before a resident alien could petition to become a citizen of the US. The declaration of intent generally was not necessary for those entering the US as a minor ( under 21) or honorably discharged from the US military.  Between 1855 and 1922, a woman became a citizen automatically if she married a US Citizen.  Only a widowed or divorced woman could be naturalized on her own. 

Five or more years often passed between the filing of the Declaration of Intent and the filing of the Final Paper or Application for Naturalization.  The Final Paper was often filed in a different state than the Declaration of Intent.  In many cases, no Final Paper was filed and only the Declaration of Intent exists.  These early Naturalization Records often serve only to show that a person was in that location at that time.  Unless extra information was recorded in the record, it is difficult to differentiate from several people of the same name. 

The Declaration of Intention and the Final Papers are the records that Claire has indexed from the NSGS microfilm copy of the original books to help researchers locate their ancestors.  A printed copy of the alphabetized index for each volume is located in the ENGS library.  As mentioned last month,  Claire has made an electronic copy of the indexes available for placement in the Nebraska portion of the USGenWeb archives.  Since the dates of the five volumes overlap, it will be very helpful to be able to search all of the volumes with a single request.  It is important to know that the names were hand written in the original record books, so be sure to check for possible variations of your ancestors name. 

Links to the Dodge County Page and the USGenWeb Archives search engine are included on the ENGS web page at:
Orphan Trains of Nebraska

Since our program last month was about a young girl who rode the orphan train to Nebraska, I thought I would call attention to th Orphan Train page on the NEGenWeb page.  Lee Schneider, the cordinator of the page, would love to hear from anyone with information about children who came to Nebraska on the Orphan Train.  You can contact him online. 

Here is an invitation from the page: 

Nebraska Orphan Train Riders Reunion 

The 37th annual reunion will be held in Aurora, Nebraska, May 2, 1999. Orphan Train riders, descendants and all interested parties are invited to attend. 

(If you had an ancestor who was born in New York City around the end of 1800 and early 1900's , and was raised in the Midwest under a different name... they might possibly have been an Orphan Train rider.)  

Come talk with other riders, families and representatives from the Orphan Train Heritage Society of America, and learn about alittle known part of history. This event will be hosted by Howard Hurd and his brother, Fred Swedenburg, Orphan Train riders. 


If your ancestor was a child of the Orphan Train you can contact the following agencies for further assistance. (However, you MUST know your ancestors name). Birth information, etc. would make the search easier. 

                                        Childrenís Aid Society 
                                       Office of Closed Records 
                                          150 East. 45 St. 
                                       New York, N.Y. 10017 

                                     New York Foundling Hospital 
                                       Dept. of Closed Records 
                                      590 Avenue of the Americas 
                                       New York, N.Y. 10001


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