October 2004


11 October 2004 7 p.m.

Mares Meeting Room

1722 East 19


Program:  Our traditional Bring & Tell about

                your summer finds of ancestry



BROWSE NITE:  25 October 2004  7 p.m.


 To those of you not able to be at our September meeting you really missed a wonderful program.  Pippa White made you a part of the immigrants arriving at Ellis Island, going thru the medical check-ups and waiting!  Oh that waiting!  You could have heard a pin drop.  If you ever have a chance to see this program, please try and go, it is well worth your time.  So glad we were able to bring it to our group.

 Our traditional October program of show and tell, really brings some unusual things to mind, also new clues you might apply to your own situation.  Come and bring your items with you-we are always greatful for members to be involved in the programs.



                Cindy Spangler Allen                              D-81

                8252 Bent Tree Ln

                Riverside CA  92509-7313


Cindy is working with surnames in Dodge & Burt counties of Spangler nr Nickerson, Slack nr Hooper and Brand nr Fontanelle. The old tickler files did have some information on these families, but someone out there might have more.


Fremont Tribune 21 Aug 1868  2:5

To Restrain Swine from Running at Large.

  Section 1:  It shall be and is hereby declared to be unlawful for Swine to run at large in the Town of Fremont; and any person may, and the Marshal of said Town shall distrain any and all swine found running at large hereafter, in said Town, upon complaint of any resident freeholder thereof.

  Section 2:  The Marshal or any other person having distrained Swine as provided in Section 1, shall, within twenty-four hours thereafter, notify the owner thereof if known, of the fact of such taking up, and at the expiration of the twenty-four hours, if the swine are at that time in his possession, he shall advertise the same for sale for at least five days, either by one insertion of a notice thereof, in a newspaper published in said Town, or by posting written notices in three public places in said Town, giving a description of the animals, together with the day, and hour and place of sale in said Town.

  Section 3:  Any person taking up Swine, as aforesaid, shall be entitled to receive from the owner thereof, before delivering the property to him, one dollar per head for distraining the same, and thirty cents per head for each day or fractional part thereof which he keeps the same, and in case he has advertised as herein provided, he shall be entitled to receive in addition one dollar therefore.

  Section 4:  In case it becomes necessary to sell the swine after having been duly advertised as aforesaid, it shall be the duty of the Marshal to take charge of such sale and to sell the same at public auction to the highest bidder for cash, at the time and place mentioned in the advertisement and he shall forthwith pay over the proceeds to the sale to the Treasurer of the Board of Trustees, for which service he shall be entitled to receive the sum of twenty-five cents per head for the animals sold.

  Section 5:  Within five days after  the sale of Swine, as herein-before provided, the taker up must present his account for distraining, keeping, and advertising said swine, to the Treasurer of the said Board, who shall after satisfactory proof of its correctness, pay the same out of the proceeds of such sale remaining in his hands, and shall hold the overplus, if any, subject to the order of the legal owner of said swine at and prior to the date of sale.

                Adopted August 4th, 1868            S W HAYES

Chairman of Board of Town Trustees and E H BARNARD, Clerk of Board of Town Trustees.

Dodge County Nebraska Marriages Nov 1904

                           100 Years Ago, from Book 10

Arthur Clay Stricklin to Mamie Graff on 8 Oct
Harry H Nelson to Fae E Griffith on 8 Oct
Joseph Kunes to Fannie Vodwarka on 11 Oct
Henry Kinzel to Myrtle A Hughes on 12 Oct
Rufus Connerley to Gertrude Stork on 12 Oct
Millard Mason to Vonia Brown on 14 Oct
Charles Croshaw to Anna Dockwieler on 19 Oct
Bert M Hurst to Nannie L Brown on 19 Oct
Manuel O’Day to Stella Chrisman on 20 Oct
Charles Weihe to Estella M Fay on 22 Oct
Walter B Reynolds to Mary Archer on 24 Oct
James Kuchar to Anna Ruzek on 25 Oct
J H August Schneider to Ottilie Schroeder on 25 Oct
Joseph F Datel to Mary B Thomsen on 25 Oct
Jesse C Rogers to Myrtle Thomsen on 25 Oct
Frank Mintken to Annette Feichtinger on 26 Oct
Henry A Wegner to Bertha I Marx on 26 Oct


Brides are Sisters and the Grooms Intimate Friends.  Live Near North Bend.

  There was a double wedding at the courthouse yesterday afternoon.  County Judge Briggs officiated and the contracting parties were Jesse C Rogers, 23, and Myrtle Thomsen, 18; and Joseph H Datel, 23, and Mary B Thomsen, 20, all of the North Bend Neighborhood.

  The young people drove to Fremont in a double carriage, had the nuptial knot tied, and then drove home.

  Mr Rogers and Miss Thomsen acted as bridgegroom and bridesmaid for Mr Datel and Miss Mary Thomsen, the latter named couple being married first.  Then Mr and Mrs Datel stood with Mr Rogers and Miss Thomsen.  The young ladies were prettily and fittingly gowned for such an occasion.  The ceremony was performed at 4 o’clock.

  The Misses Thomsen are sisters, and the young men are intimate friends.  They have lived in the neighborhood a number of years and are highly respected.  The marriage does not come as a surprise to their friends.

  This is the first time in several years that a double wedding has been celebrated in Fremont.

                 Fremont Tribune 26 Oct 1904  5:3


St Paul’s German Lutheran Church Dedicated Last Sunday with Appropriate Services.  A big Crowd Present.

  The new church recently erected by St Paul’s German Luth. congregation was dedicated last Sunday with very appropriate ceremonies.  Rev F Wupper, the pastor, was assisted by Revs. Walter, of Hooper; Neumaerker, of Columbus; Beagle, of Hastings; Dierks, of Febring; Goede, of Fremont, and Sick of Fontanelle.

  In the morning Rev Walter preached a farewell sermon in the old church after which the congregation moved into the handsome new edifice and listened to an eloquent address by Rev. Dierks.  In the afternoon Rev’ds Neumaerker, of Columbus, and Beale of Hastings, both delivered very impressive sermons and in the evening Rev’ds Goede, of Fremont, and Sick, of Fontanelle, conducted the services.

  The big pipe organ was used for the first time, for religious services, in the morning, Rev Neumaerker presiding and in the afternoon Rev Dierks played.


                Hooper (NE) Sentinel  23 Oct 1902  1:1

Citizenship Papers

First citizenship papers were issued yesterday by Clerk Cruickshank to Fred Barth of Leavitt, Paul Rhein and Paul Jacupke of Fremont, all former German subjects.

                Fremont Tri-Wkly Herald 3 Oct 1903  7:2


Second citizenship papers were granted yesterday by Judge Hollenbeck to Ernest Jacob and Herman Haubensak, former subjects of the German crown, now citizen of Fremont.

                Fremont Tri-Wkly Herald 1 Oct 1903  8:4


First citizenship papers have been issued by the clerk of the district court to Andres Hein, William Rinderspacher and Ehler Hein, all former subjects of the German crown.

                Fremont Tri-Wkly Herald 23 Oct 1903  8:2


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