October  2005



1722 East 19-Fremont Nebraska

10 October 2005   7 p.m.


     PROGRAM:  From Rivers to Trails to Roads

         to Canals to Trains-Dr George K Schweitzer.

        This is the second tape in our Trail series and

        brings us closer to our families who traveled to

        Nebraska in the 1860-70 era.


    BROWSE NITE:  24 Oct 2005  7 p.m.

In spite of a repeat in September of the tape on Trails, we had a very good turnout, and I for one experienced a new finding in watching it the second time.  I believe I now know how the two families got from New York to Wisconsin in the 1830's.  Am sure we will all benefit from this second film to be shown in October.

Our library continues to be busy with persons desiring to make use of our many books and items made available to persons seeking Dodge county and nearby counties of family information.

Noted in the Immigrant Society Newsletter was a short note on a new web site for browsers to check out.  If your ancestors arrived prior to the opening of Ellis Island, but possibly arrived via Castle Garden, then check out this new site.  It is www.castlegarden.org. You might just find a name you are seeking - always worth a try!

We are coming to the month of October and all of the little goblins will be out in full force.  If you are driving, be extra careful, as some will be dressed in black.  It is always a good feeling when you look out at the sidewalk and see the parents are also with the children.


23 Oct 1868  3:3

Rev. Jacobson, a graduate of one of the Divinity schools of Denmark, and who has but recently arrived in this country, preached in the Danish language to a very large congregation of his fellow countrymen at the Congregational Church on Sabbath last.  We understand that it is his intention to organize a Lutheran church in our town. - There is a very large number of communicants belonging to that church residing here, which will make that denomination, even at its organization, one of the strongest and most prosperous of the many religious societies among us.  Thus is added another of those links in the chain of society which add stability to our already wonderful growth.

Rev Jacobson is a gentleman of education and energy, and will prove a valuable acquisition to our community

30 Oct 1868  3:3

Dominique Wagner, a German about 25 years of age, was found dead in an out house belonging to the Deutches Gast-Haus on Broad St, on Monday morning last.  Mr Wagner had been in usual health up to the time of his decease with the exception of a sore leg.  Acting Coroner Sampson summoned a jury and upon investigation it was shown that the deceased was subject to Epileptic fits, and the verdict of the jury was that he had died whilst suffering from one of those attacks.  The time between his going into the out-house and his finding was only about ten minutes.

AS Told in the Dodge Criterion

A couple of girls not  far from here recently became infatuated with the idea of having their heads coquetishly stuck through a torn newspaper and photographed, and visited a photographer for that purpose However, when the pictures were finished, they were horrified to behold what they had before failed to notice - the paper through which they had stuck their heads was a Chicago sheet, and just beneath their smiling faces was a big display advertisement of a clothing firm, which announced: "Our pants are lined in the seat."

                                                12 October 1900 page 1

Dodge County NE Marriages
100 Years Ago October 1905 Book 11

Henry C Meadow to Amanda M Herre on 02 Oct
Mose A Mountain to Cleta M Redmond on 03 Oct
Alvin R Daniell to Lillie V McFarland on 04 Oct
Leonard Speer to Flora Moore on 04 Oct
Everett C Carrick to Mrs Jessie Henry on 05 Oct
Charles F Carpenter to Nancy C Steffey on 05 Oct
William Knoth to Anna Stenvers on 09 Oct
Leopold Marsoun to Francisse Studnicka on 10 Oct
Michael Farrell to Katie Curran on 10 Oct
Henry J Arundell to Amelia X Koss on 10 Oct
Henry Carl Martens to Pauline Ulfers on 11 Oct
Otto Lass to Barbara Levy on 11 Oct
William T Etherton to Mrs Telva Denings on 13 Oct
Charles W Howarth to Lizzie Heisel on 19 Oct
Charles P Condon to Mary A Ruzicka on 23 Oct
Joe A Dostal to Ella Dvorack on 23 Oct
John H Millar to Gertrude E Gregg on 24 Oct
Paul Wupper to Caroline M Windhusen on 25 Oct
Fred Nast to Mary Schultz on 25 Oct
Anton Semerad to Agnes Marsoun on 31 Oct



Dr C P Condon and Miss Mary Ruzicka were united in marriage at the Catholic church in Dodge Monday morning, October 23.

  This popular couple are too well known in and around Dodge to require an introduction at our hands.  The Dr has built up a good dental practice here during the past few years and has made many firm friends and his bride is an accomplished young lady, a leader in society.

  After the ceremony they drove to Snyder to take the train for the east.  Their going to Snyder, however, did not prevent them being treated to the usual rice shower, as a number went down on the train to see them started.

  May joy attend them through life.

                                 From The Dodge Criterion 26 Oct 1905


Loss of Life and Destruction of Property.

West Point Neb Oct 12th, 1868.

Ed Fremont Herald:

  On the afternoon of the 6th inst., an extensive prairie fire came down upon our valley carrying destruction most dismal, in its course.  Some serious losses both to life and property occured.  Mr Simson having but recently located upon a homestead, had constructed a rude shanty for temporary shelter for his family; being unacquainted with the nation of prairie fires, and having no lines of precaution drawn, was literally burnt out, two small children perished in the flames and all his goods were consumed, his wife and another child also seriously burned.  They are still alive but in a critical condition.

  Mr Wm Rhodes lost by the same fire, 600 bushels of wheat, his barn and all his hay.

  Mr Pancoast also lost considerable hay.

  Other smaller losses are reported.

  Considerable damage was done by the same fire in its course through the counties of Stanton and Madison.  The wind blew a gale and all efforts to fight the fire were fruitless.

  On Sunday morning a German citizen who resided at St Charles, whose name I have been unable to learn, was found dead about four miles north of West Point, in a small creek near the road.  When found, his face was in the water.  He had evidently been in the attitude of drinking water from the Creek.  An empty bottle near by revealed the dark story of how he met his sad fate.  He has left a large family to mourn his untimely decease.

                                                Respectfully, ALEX THOMSON

  noted in the Fremont Tribune 16 Oct 1868  2:3


  The recent Fair held at Nebraska City is reported as quite a success; the attendance from all parts of the State is reported good.  The entries were numerous, and articles exhibited superior.

   noted in the Fremont Tribune 16 Oct 1868  2:4

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