Oct   2007

8 October 2007  7:00 P.M.

Mares Meeting Room
1722 East 19th St-Fremont NE


Dr Earl Underwood will present

"Cataloging Your

Important Documents"

BROWSE NITE: 22 Oct 2007

    Beth Hanson                                   G-01
   124 John Pott Drive
    Williamsburg VA  23188

    Corinne Williams McKee                G-02
    6300  Habicht Ct
    Anchorage  AK  99504-1063


The Show & Tell program went along without any problems.  It is so nice that Renee stepped in, and found us a place to hold the September meeting.


Mr & Mrs Armstead Give A Unique


Enjoyable Party In Celebration of it!

North Bend, Nov 1 - The home of Mr & Mrs C O Armstead was the scene of a gay Hallowe'en  party Tuesday evening, when Misses Gertrude and Hazel Armstead and Grace McVicker entertained about thirty-five of their young friends.

 At the gate a huge ghostly figure was stationed to welcome all guests as they arrived.  Upon reaching the door the arrivals were admitted to the house by a little ghost and from the threshold they beheld a most Hallowe-eny spectacle.  The room was but dimly lighted by jack-o'-lanterns tucked in among corn stalks in the corners and hung from the ceiling.  In the center of the room stood three ghostly looking beings all dressed in white, beckoning for the visitors to come in and by their mute signs each guest was shown his place among the others.  When all had arrived the ghosts suddenly disappeared.  Many new game and amusements suitable for the occasion were enjoyed.

On arranging for a "dear" hunt the boys were all shut up in a room while the girls hid themselves in the dark nooks and corners of the house.  The boys were then liberated and the hunt began.  The girls which each boy discovered first was his partner for refreshments.

The supper was of the old New England husking bee type, consisting of fruit, nuts, ginger cake and pumpkin pie. 

Music and games followed the repast until the hour was late when the assemblage broke up.

                 Noted in North Bend Eagle  4 Nov 1905  2:2

This was noted in the NEWSLETTER of Immigrant Genealogical Society September 2007 issue.


 If you have some time to browse, you may wish to go to the website "Look At Me".  It is a collection of photos which were lost, forgotten, thrown away, found in flea markets, etc.  Your help is invited in identifying any person in a posted photo.  Type this url into your web browser:  www.moderna.org/lookatme/

another interesting  item


The National Endowment for the Humanities(NEH) has been working for years with state libraries and historical societies to microfilm old newspapers.  The early copies were microfilmed, but more recently the work has been in digitized form.  Newspapers already filmed are available on interlibrary loan. The goal is to have all significant newspapers from 1836 to 1922 digitized and on line free of charge.  This database will be maintained by the Library of Congress.


  from same newsletter as above.






Murray W Sink to Justena C Reier on 01 October
Charles E W  Vieth to Amelia C Schultz on 02 October
Frederick Ankney to Belle M Johnson on 02 October
Harry R Truss to Lillie A Conner on 03 October
Joseph Culek to Barbara Hoffman on 07 October
Gustave Gunderson to Mrs Mamie Kent on 08 October
Albert Shaffer to Emma Vlasak on 08 October
Henry J C Koehler to Pearl M Slack on 09 October
Orville R Campbell to Mary F Robinson on 09 October
Lenor Moore to Edna B Waite on 11 October
John Benak to Bessie Marsoun on 15  October
Herman Stelk to Ida E Janowski on 16 October
Arthur E O'Brien to Rosaline McCabe on 16 October
Fritz E Retke to Matilda L Lehmann on 17 October
Benjamin Scott to Mary A Robinson on 19 October
Fritz Ebel to  Lizzie Conrad on 21 October
George Harris to Edna M Leffler  on 21 October
Samuel E Crabb to Blanche E Goddard on 22 October
Dorwin E Payne to Mrs Francis F Calhoun on 22 October
obert Daniel Wood to Grace Mary Brown on 23 October
Joseph K Kopietz to Elizabeth J Peters on 23 October
Walter E Witten to Minnie Marr on 23 October
Harvey Larson to Hilda A C Peterson on 24 October
Albert R Busse to Mrs Annie M Busse on 30 October
Archie A Ferguson to Nellie A Strayer on 31 October
Herbert V Gilmore to Irella Tabler on 31 October


   Wedding bells rang out Saturday, Octo 19 at high noon, in honor of Miss Mary Alice Robinson, who was united in marriage to Mr Benjamin Scott, at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs E Robinson on east 9th street.

   The ceremony was witnessed only by the immediate families of the contracting parties.  Mrs Wiginton of Leigh, NE, sister of the groom, payed the wedding march, and as its beautiful strain floated upon the air, the bridal party descended the stairway and were met at the parlor door by Rev J E Chase who led them across the room and in a brief impressive marriage service united them for life.

   The young people are both well known in our community and held in high esteem.  A delightful wedding dinner was served immediately following the ceremony.

   Mr & Mrs Scott departed on the evening train for York for a few days visit with friends.  They will go to housekeeping on their return, on the farm near Purple Cane.  Our best wishes follow them.

   The guests from out of town were: Mr & Mrs Wigington of Leigh and Mr Clark Robinson and family of Mead.

                 Noted in North Bend Eagle  23 October 1907 Pge 4



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