October  2000
1722 East 19-Fremont NE

What did you find this summer that is
New to you-something to show or some
One thing to tell about.

BROWSE NITE  23 Oct 2000  7 P M

Our September Meeting was very well attended and many new things were learned.  The Mormon Trail was on the north side of the Platte, while the Oregon Trail was on the south side.  That road ranches were spaced about 20 miles apart and carried some supplies for the travelers and often times had a blacksmith available for shoeing of the oxen. 

Jeff spoke about the road ranches that were located in Dodge County, and also what some of the probates of the owners had in their inventories.  Showing that supplies were still in existence when they passed away.

Thanks, Jeff, for a most interesting program.  I might add that Jeff will be presenting a program Little Houses On The Prairie: 19th Century Architecture   Our society got a sneak preview of this presentation, and it was most interesting. 

Claire is slowly finishing up the Dodge County Naturalization index.  It is ready for typing.  It was a struggle!  Ending up reading each individual Declaration of Intent, Final Papers, Petitions & Records to be sure no one was missed (106 were missing from the original card index file).  As you approach the WW I era there are many more papers attached to the Petitions, due to the fact that some of the countries in Europe were at war. So you will have more detail attached.  Some of the people had a difficult struggle with a language barrier and their witnesses were not always citizens, or they applied after the 5-year period, later it became 7 years, and they had to re-apply for all.

Now to type up the new index.  Proof it and make it available to everyone.  Hopefully, Miss Snuggles will be a good kitty and KEEP her paws off the keyboard.


F-40 Mr & Mrs Duane Kiekow
 1434 County Road X
 Cedar Bluffs NE  68015

F-41 Bea Palmer
 19449 Mt Echo Dr
 Sonora CA  95370

F-42 Marilyn Erwin
  P O Box 175
  Council Bluffs IA  51502-0175

1900 October Dodge County Marriages – Book 9

Walter S Eddy to Nettie E Gibson on 03 Oct
John Ruzicka to Mrs Anna Tomesek on 02 Oct
Charles J O’Neill to Anna Unmach on 05 Dec(error?)
John Frerk to Amelia Ristow on 10 Oct
John Rendink to Elizabeth Becker on 10 Oct
Herman Bentz to Lizzie Wagner on 10 Oct
Malcomb Cuthbert to Olive Brown on 11 Oct
Harold W Stautenborough to Mabel E Lee on 17 Oct
Herman Tonjes to Louise Fisher on 18 Oct
James B Dennis to Ida May Shankland on 20 Oct
Henry N C Jurging to Evangeline M Hughes on 24 Oct
Geo G Gauger to Anna A Mitterling on 24 Oct
Frank D Drew to Celia Noone on 24 Oct
William Hough to Myrtle E Holbrook on 24 Oct
Louis Milenz Balduff to Mollie L Klaes on 24 Oct
Frank Hase to Barbara Langdon on 24 Oct 
Fred Fogelsong to Vernie Siders on 24 Oct
Arthur Court to Elsie Mason on 26 Oct


Renee and several other members have compiled the 1917 Dodge County NE Draft Registrants.  They were taken from the old Fremont Tribune & Herald in 1917. It gives the draft number of the registrant, and his number for calling him up for service.  It is in a 3-ring notebook and is also on the web site.  Thanks to Renee Bunck, Connie Snyder, & Gary Martens.

A special “Thank you” to Bill Passick who attended an auction in Yutan and secured a 1918 Saunders County Plat Book.  Several pages were not the best, by book worms, but only a small item to find another book and run off the missing pieces and “patch” them in.  These are so great because it lists the owners of the property and where the house might be located.

Found in the Fremont Semi-Weekly Herald 26 Oct 1897
HOOPER NEWS – Tillman Bros took possession of the Tillman Hotel, last Saturday.  Frank, the proprietor, has had several years of experience in the hotel business and well knows what is necessary in this line to accommodate the general public.

 Matzen Bros retired from the hotel business last Saturday and will now devote their whole time and attention to their livery business.


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Postal machine scanners read envelopes from the bottom up, starting with the zip code.  If anything is typed lower than the zip code, the letter will be held until it can be manually sorted.  Mail will also reach its destination at least a day sooner if you use zip codes, and using the additional 4-digit number is even better.

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From Illinois State Gen Soc Quarterly Vol 30 No 2 via
No Central ND  Gen Record September 2000 issue.


Queer Allegations Concerning a Fremont Street
The Most DEATHS Occur On It
Real Estate Men Lose Sale of Lots
So Says Paper That is Being Circulated
By Mr Hinman for Presentation 
To the Council
Thirteenth street residents are out with a petition to change the name of that thorofare, and reasons for their action, as set forth in the paper, are unique.  In effect they say the street is hoodooed because of its number.  The city council, when the signatures of two-thirds the property-owners concerned have been obtained, will be asked to provide a new name.
  One clause of the petition says that while Thirteenth street is not the most thickly settled thorofare of Fremont, more deaths occur upon it than on any other  Another says that the sale of lots is hampered by the unlucky number.  It cites an instance in which a real estate dealer had suited a prospective purchaser with the location and appearance of two Thirteenth street lots, but the deal was called off when the number thirteen was mentioned as the street name.
  The petition is being liberally signed and it is said will no doubt go thru.
    Fremont Tribune 26 Oct 1906  7:4

THEN on 31 Oct 1906  8:1
  Whether or not the street was hoodooed because of its name, residents of Thirteenth had an easy job changing it.  The petition signed by the necessary majority slipped thru the city council’s machine without friction last night by a unanimous vote.  The new name supplied, being chosen because there are some trees of that kind along the avenue, is Linden.  Hereafter signers of the petition will live on Linden – symphonious, suggestive, beautiful Linden.


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