October 1998

1722 EAST 19 at 7:00 P.M.
Fremont NE
12 OCT 1998
Presented by Lorna Von Seggern 
26 OCT 1998

We had a very interesting meeting in September, some of our members attended family reunions, met family members they had not been in contact for some years. Internet items appeared.  Old city directories copied.
Our society has been given copies of old city directories
for copying, from the Louis E Museum,  here in Fremont It will be a big asset to our research.  Four directories have been copied and our next goal is to do the ones from 1901-2 forward to 1925.  Not every year had a directory, but we will take what we can find.  A special "THANK YOU" to Mary Hendrickson for making the loan of the books possible.
Many items are being added to the Dodge County Nebraska GenWeb-Renee has been busy with new items by scanning them in to the network.
Claire is working on Book 13 of the Dodge County Marriages.  She is about half way thru the original book.
Nona Wiese was nominated to replace Mae Ritthaler as Secretary for the remainder of the term.  Nona also serves on the program committee and would like suggestions for programs.

Noted in the Antique Week 3 Aug 1998  22B

 An exasperated caller to one of the major computer company’s tech support couldn’t get her new computer to turn on.  After ensuring that the computer was plugged in, the technician asked her what happened when she pushed the power button.  Her response, "I push on the foot pedal and nothing happens."
   Turns out, the "foot pedal" was the computer’s mouse!

Oct 1992

1902 - A new bank has been organized in Ames…Born to M/M George Dufek, a son…George A Millar purchased Lee Tichenor’s blacksmith shop…Susie Fraser became the bride of Dr Voorhees Lucas…Born to M/M James Cherny, a son…The body of J R Cantlin was buried at Ridgeley.
City Directories-Fremont NE
1880-81,1893-4,1896-97, 1898-99

1878-79 (Part) Nebraska Gazetteer, the remainder of the book covers other states.  If you are in need of this business directory  contact the Museum at Fremont.  It is a very old and interesting book, covering Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah.    We felt the Nebraska Business was what we wanted on our shelf.

   by Loretto Dennis Szucs


Czech Immigration Passenger Lists, Volume VII, is now available.  After many years of research, over 39,000 Czech immigrants who arrived in NEW YORK between 1887 and 1896 were identified.  This was done by reviewing and abstracting one hundred sixty six rolls of National Archives microfilm.  Since there is no index for arrivals during this time period, this volume will be of interest to those who have ancestors who arrived during this time period.  This book will be of special interest to Texans of Czech descent as there was no direct immigration through Galveston during this time period.  This book includes an alphabetical listing of these Czech immigrants giving their names, age, place of origin, date of arrival, ship and destination.   There is also a discussion on sources of immigrant ship data and pictures.

Copies of this book are available for $19.95 postpaid from Leo Baca, 1707 Woodcreek, Richardson TX  75082.

WHEN THE FRENCH trace their ancestry, they use a standard family tree to trace their family lines.  A three-pronged symbol suggesting the shape of a tree came to represent genealogy.  Because it looked like the track of a crane’s fott, the symbol was called "pied de grue" or pedigree.
     AntiqueWeek 21 Sep 1998  39B

F-004  Marilyn L Rohloff
             182 Country Mobile Villa
             Columbus NE  68601

  F-005  Ellen Denman
             1106 Castro Lane
             Bakersfield CA  93304-4407

  F-006  Becky Hamilton
             5416 N 129 St
             Omaha NE  68164

Margie Sobotka found this item in Czech & Slovak Connection:


As of July 1, electricity went up 24 per cent, gas 27 per cent and rents in state-owned properties by 15 percent to 41 per cent depending on location.
   The state simultaneously raised certain social payouts designed to assist poorer families.  State pensions also rose, and the average state pension is now about half the average income.  The average state pension is 5,561 crowns monthly, while average monthly income ranged from 9,559 crowns in eastern Bohemia to 13,003 crowns in Prague.

   Also, Czech railways are raising prices by an average of 22 per cent as of July 1, mostly affecting prices for short distance travel.   Railway management said it wants to increase prices annually by 17 per cent more than inflation so that by 2002, train and bus prices will be balanced.
     From Charles University, July 3, 1998


  Congregational, Rev Geo Porter, pastor.
  Catholic, Rev Lonergan, pastor.
  Episcopal(St James), Rev Samuel Goodale, pastor.
  Free Congregational Society, Rev W E Copeland, 
  Methodist Episcopal, Rev DeLaMatyr, pastor.
  Presbyterian & Baptist, no pastors at present.

Mayor - W A Marlow.
Clerk - John W Goff.
Treasurer - W H Turner.
Police Judge - C H Toncray.
Engineer - L D Richards.
Marshal & Street Com’ner - R Gregg.
Assessor - E H Barnard
Aldermen - 1st ward, Charles Balduff & Miror H Hinman.
2nd ward, E N Morse, Thomas Ostergard. 3rd ward, J A Blunck, John Hamon. 4th ward, C H May, John 

Judge - W C Ghost.
Clerk - Charles Sang.
Treasurer - John E Shervin.
Sheriff - August Koppelkom.
Surveyor - L D Richards.
Supt Public Instruction - H G Wolcott.
Coroner - J H Crabbs.
Co Commissioners - Theron Nye, John Tillman, C E Burns.

FREMONT OPERA HOUSE CO - 5th near Main.  J E Shervin, Pres. Arthur Gibson Secy, A P Hopkins Treas.
There is considerable material in this Gazetteer, and covers all Nebraska towns for that era.

The Internet Connection 

by Renee Bunck

Time to make the connection again!  Real genealogy records online are multiplying so fast that it is impossible to list them all.   If you don’t have a connection from home, hurry to your nearest public library or Internet cafe and check out the possibilities.  Genealogy Societies, Historical Societies and interested individuals all over the world are scanning, typing, and proof-reading census records, draft lists, cemetery records, marriage records, and entire county histories for presentation on the 
Internet.  Generally these records are searchable by surname or any other word in the document.  Archive indexes available on USGenWeb, Ancestry, FamilyTreeMaker, Genforum and others, make it possible to check for your ancestors in multiple documents at the same time.  Cyndislist is an excellent collection of links to genealogy sites that is constantly updated.  The Library of Virginia offers an outstanding Digital Collection online.


Ancestry and FamilyTreeMaker offer some searches for free and require a paid membership to access others. Records available on the USGenWeb pages are all free to everyone and made available  through volunteer efforts.   and Most of the NEGenWeb pages offer the 1890-91 Gazetteer - Business and Farmers list to help bridge that gap left by the burned 1890 Federal Census.  Several NE pages offer cemetery lists, early census and marriage indexes.

Here is an example of a record I found searching the NEGenWeb archives:  From an inscription on the back of an old photo, I knew that my grandmother’s cousin May MARLAR had lived in Buffalo County - Miller, NE in 1910, so I entered the name MARLAR in the USGenWeb Archives search engine - selecting NE - just to see if the family would be found.  I was surprised to find the family, including cousin May, listed in the 1900 census in Columbus, NE.  Curious to learn more about how long the family stayed in Columbus, I stopped at the courthouse and city library and located evidence of family members living in Columbus from 1897 to 1953!  These members of my MARLAR family seem to have been missed by others who have researched line, just because they had no reason to suspect that three older siblings married and settled in Columbus as the rest of the family made the trek from Wessington Springs, SD to Miller, NE and Ottawa, KS.  The marriage records for these three clearly identify them as May MARLAR’s older brother’s and sister and my grandmother’s cousins.

If you don’t find what you are looking for in the records available, most genealogy sites make it easy to leave an online query to help other researchers find you.  As more and more people connect themselves through web pages and email, your chances of locating a distant cousin who has researched your "dead end" are excellent.  Believe it or not - even Claire has had a recent break through in her FOWLER line through the online efforts of Marlene Heinsohn and her WebTV.

Claire’s latest project for submission to the NEGenWeb archives has been an updated index of the microfilmed Dodge County - Naturalization Records - Declaration of Intentions for Volumes A-E: 1882 - Sept 1907.  I have written a brief explanation of the Naturalization process in that time period to accompany the indexes. Claire also borrowed a 1880-81 Fremont city Directory from the May Museum and copied it for the ENGS library. The directory is scanned in and being proof-read so that it can be made available to the NEGenWeb archives.  Similar records are being placed on the web by volunteers all over NE and the US.  Be sure and check these sites out frequently.

When you are ready to take a break from searching the Internet and organizing your own records, consider helping add to the records available online.  There are plenty of records that still need typed up, scanned in, or proof read in preparation for loading them on a web page.  Several cemetery lists in the ENGS library would be good candidates for records to be made available online - most are only 5 - 10 pages, some are more extensive.  A computer is even available to use in the ENGS library.  Records that are typed in for submission to the NEGenWeb archives also can be printed out to make a fresh copy available for use in our library. 

Maybe one of these cemeteries that needs to be typed in is of special interest to you:

Dodge County - VOL I

    Bethel Methodist - 11 pgs
    Bluffs Trinity - 23 pg index + 17 pgs
    Cohee (Manhattan) - 2 pg index + 2 pgs
    Elim - 16 pg index + 15 pgs
    Logan - 8 pgs
    Maple Grove - 5 pg index + 5 pgs
Dodge County - VOL II
    Purple Cane - 23 pgs
    St. Johns Lutheran, Hooper - 6 pg index + 7 pgs
    St. Johns Ridgeley - 5 pg index + 5 pgs
    St. Rose of Lima - 2 pg index + 2 pgs
Other cemetery lists are clear enough to be scanned, but will require proof-reading.  Please check with Claire Mares or Renee Bunck if you are interested in helping with the cemetery records, or have an interest in preparing other records for inclusion in the USGenWeb archives.  You can also volunteer online to help with volunteer projects for counties all over the US.

Links to all sites mentioned are on: www.connectfremont.org/CLUB/ENGS.HTM


This page was submitted to the Dodge county NEGenWeb site
by Renee Bunck -reneebunck@gmail.com

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