October 1999

PROGRAM:  Show &/Or Tell -  Tell Us About Your New Finds
11 Oct 1999    7 P.M.   Mares Meeting Room

BROWSE NITE:  25 Oct 1999 - Same Time, Same Place

What a great program - presented to us by Lois Schultz of Wisner NE, also a member of our Society.  Lois and husband were visiting a daughter and family in Turkey.  The husband being in the Air Force and working with NATO. It was a lovely two week tour and her slide presentation was most interesting. Thanks so much, Lois.  It was greatly enjoyed.

We extend heartfelt sympathy to Nadine Lindgren, in the loss of her father, Walter Weitzenkamp on 19 Aug 1999.


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Interested in typing or proof reading information to be placed on the Dodge Co Website?  Contact us, and we will be most happy to put you to work.  This is all volunteer work and you need not live here among us.  We have members from the east coast and west coast working on this enormous project.  It is headed by our one and only Renee Bunck.  We receive a lot of “kudos” on the internet regarding our wonderful information.

Claire just found and copied off a Brief History of Dodge County Nebraska from 1876 - and should be ready shortly.  She is too busy with research and editing the newsletter and quarterlies to get real active in the Website project, but is always watching for items to be used.


  “In reading about the notables among the old settlers,” remarks the pioneer Fremonter, H F Gumpert, now a resident of Long Beach, CA, in a letter addressed to John Hauser of this city, “I see the name of H E Rogers.  I remember an episode wherein Mr Rogers played a particular part, and here it is:

  “A call on Sixth street informed the citizens that at two o’clock a case was coming off in Judge Usher’s court, so everybody went to see justice administered.  When Mr Rogers appeared the judge gave the order to open court.  Deputy Sheriff Fuller wiped his sore eye with a red bandana and called out the order as follows:
  “ ‘ Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!   And you galoots keep quiet; court is open!”
  “Mr Rogers stood up and presented a check with a forged signature, given by the prisoner at the bar.  Z Shedd was the prisoner’s counsellor, and asked to see the check before it was put up in evidence.  He looked at it critically and asked the prisoner, who was sitting across the table, if he had ever seen this check, at the same time handing the check over to him.
  “The prisoner took the check, doubled it up and put it in his mouth and commenced chewing it, whereupon the sheriff tried to choke him, so as to compel him to give up the check; but Z Shedd jumped up and shouted that his client was being assaulted and battered in open court, whereupon everybody stopped.
  “The prisoner kept on chewing and Mr Rogers (Whose one leg was three inches shorter than the other one) pranced around the court room, gesticulating and shouting, ‘There goes my evidence!  There goes my evidence!”
  “After the hubbub subsided, the judge dismissed the case, as there was no evidence, and adjourned the court.  The crowd was happy and all went home to attend to their business.
  “When our Judge Usher had a case in court, it was always a good drawing card.”
   Fremont Herald 15 Sep 1922  1:3,4


Just how we happened to stroll into Henry Breitenfield’s cigar factory on Broad street yesterday will probably always be a mystery, but we were there all the same and enjoyed a pleasant chat with the proprietor.  All the time he was talking with us he was changing over a large bunch of cigars in about the same manner a compositor distributes type, and upon inquiry we were told that he was shading them, that he was grading the colors, preparatory to boxing, and to be branded “Colorado,” “Madura,” etc., according to the shade of the wrapper.
  We soon became sufficiently interested in the process to learn from Mr Brietenfield that he was making 20,000 cigars per month, and with no men on the road or in the street, finds a ready sale for his goods as fast as he can prepare them for market.  His cigars sell from $25 to $75 per thousand.  Of the stock he uses about one-half is imported and the other half domestic, and what was new to us was that the government requires of every cigar maker to pay duty on 1,000 cigars for every 25 pounds of tobacco that comes into their place whether they realize the amount or not, and they are kept under strong bonds to report every pound received by them from whatever source.
  Cigars at the present time are usually put up in boxes of fifty.  It will be seen that our Broad street friend is using four hundred cigar boxes every thirty days, which however cheap they may be are to say the least a bulky matter, and when decorated with the fantastic labels which ornament the production of the present day, must be no small item in the general expense.  Mr Brietenfield is hoping to make arrangements with his landlord that will warrant him in increasing his number of workmen, feeling assured that the reputation of his cigars will effect the sale of double the amount of his present product if he has the room and help to make them.

 Fremont Herald 05 Mar 1887  4:3


MINNESOTA-PIONEER STORIES as related by Minnesota Czech Residents 1906 - 1930



15 Oct 1899  Alfred Aeschliman - Eugenie M Routier
02 Oct 1899  James Virka - Emma Racek
05 Oct 1899  John C Carstens - Lizzie Helgenberger
03 Oct 1899  Cornelius  Christiansen - Emma Miller
04 Oct 1899  William York - Margaret Tilson
05 Oct 1899  John J Shultz - Nellie Fay
07 Oct 1899  W McReynolds - Mrs Amanda Tucker
11 Oct 1899  Joseph L Stevens - M Allie Parks
11 Oct 1899  Sylvester Whitney - Grace Maxfield
18 Oct 1899  Joseph Sturbaum - Lottie B Foy
14 Oct  1899 John P Fredrickson - Laura E Johnson
19 Oct 1899  William Schoenfeldt - Elizabeth Digel
16 Oct 1899  Albert Sander Jr - Rose M Herre
18 Oct 1899  Fred Growcock - Josie Boice
21 Oct 1899  Hans Peterson - Willimena Conday
23 Oct 1899  J L McAllister - Sarah Hendrix
23 Oct 1899  Lon Mosley - Pearl Luke
29 Oct 1899  D M H Davis - Lola R Stevens
25 Oct 1899  Alf R Mitchell - Fern E West
26 Oct 1899  J A Quinn - Myrtice M Ream
26 Oct 1899  John Rehm Jr - Katherine L Cochran
30 Oct 1899  William Slattery - Nora Hogan
31 Oct 1899  Seymour S Sidner - Myrtle I Cramer


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