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 September 2003

8 September 2003 7 p.m.
Mares Meeting Room
1722 E 19-Fremont NE

Program: What Was Your Summer
Findings-Share them with
Members(aka Show & Tell).

Browse Nite: 22 Sep 2003 7 p.m.

Wow! July & August really went fast. Claire took on a volunteer project for the Clerk of the District Court; the 42 appearance dockets are being indexed for use and will be on a CD. Minimum of 26,000 names. The original index was lost when they moved to the new judicial center, therefore, case numbers were also lost, so they could not retrieve a file for you.

The letters of inquiries are all answered and all new obits have been filed, plus additional library books.

Do you have an idea for a program? If so, let Claire know what it is and we will try our best to get it for you. She has exhausted her ideas and needs some new ideas. Yes, we have funds for a paid speaker!

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Our deepest sympathy to Margie Sobotka and her family in the loss of her husband, Rudie Sobotka. He passed away on 29 July 2003, just went to sleep.

Margie also wants to “thank” everyone for the many cards and memorials received in memory of Rudie. He will be greatly missed.


Word was received from Jan Davis that she is now out of the hospital and temporarily at her son’s home in Pueblo CO. This was great news!


Dodge County Nebraska 1950 Plat Book. Donated by Carol Martin. In very good condition and very much appreciated. Thanks, Carol.

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Scott Mahoney F-73
9516 S Plaza Apt 304
Omaha NE 68127-5250


Papillion Family History Center at 12009 S 84th
Street, Papillion NE is sponsoring a fall program.

Friday 26 Sep 2003 12 Noon – 12 Midnight
It is Free and open to the public and emphasizing hands on with your data, documents & photos on paper or computer.

If you desire additional information please call 1-402-339-0461 You are urged to bring some of the following, on your records for documentation, such as photos, disc or CD with copy of your PAF, Family Tree Maker or GEDCOM data files, laptop computer if you have one, potluck, drinks available.


There will be a shadow social and fishing pond at the Admah hall on December 3rd. Ladies are requested to bring boxes. Everyone is requested to bring packages not to exceed 10 cents in value for the fishing pond. Coffee, sandwiches and cake will be served. The proceeds will go for the benefit of the Admah Sunday School. All are invited.

Noted: Hooper NE Sentinel 27 Nov 1913 8:5

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BOOK 10 – 100 Years Ago - 1903

Herman Theisen to Agnes Winkamp on 02 Sep
John Rumery to Lena Loeding on 02 Sep
John W Smith to Amanda Rogers on 02 Sep
Hans Lass to Mrs Nina Johnson on 05 Sep
Raymond C Davis to Loretta A Jones 14 Sep (black)
Friedrich W Voss to Emma M Fischer on 16 Sep
Francis T Hanlon to Mary Agnes Kelly on 16 Sep
Walter A Stull to Ethlyn L Payne on 16 Sep
Henry J Miller to Libbie Strunk on 16 Sep
John Crocker to Alta Tabler on 16 Sep
Chas H Durham to Minnie F Walker on 21 Sep
Peter P Faltin to Frances Disterhaupt on 22 Sep
John Miller to Mary Srb on 23 Sep
Archie J Frantz to Jeanette Wilson on 23 Sep
Anton Nelson to Augusta Johnson on 23 Sep
Martin Larsen to Ana M Neilsen on 26 Sep
George O Mortenson to Mrs Eva Weidner on 26 Sep
George Watts to Mrs Jared Watts on 26 Sep
Herman E Janssen to Emma M Wagner on 30 Sep
Milon G Cook to Johanna D Brodersen on 30 Sep

DOUBLE WEDDING – At the First Methodist parsonage this morning, two happy couples presented themselves before Rev Dr Sanderson and asked to be joined respectively in the marriage bonds. The license shown by one pair gave the names of Walter S Stull 24, of North Bend, and Ethel L Payne 18, of Leavitt. The other twain were Henry J Miller 27, of Lincoln and Libby Strunk 22, of Leavitt. The couples lined up in front of the clergyman and went through the marriage services at the same time.

Noted: Fremont Tribune 16 Sep 1903 4:2

Maiden Days of Our Women

Mrs O A Himebaugh

Miss Elsina Canaga was born in Scio, Harrison County Ohio, Nov 5, 1837. She came to Nebraska with her parents in 1857, locating on a homestead near Fontanelle.

She was married Feb 5, 1859 to Mr O A Himebaugh. They went to housekeeping on a homestead that Mr Himebaugh bought and proved up on. The farm was located 3 miles from here on Maple Creek. In 1870 they built a home at the end of the railroad at that time just north of Nickerson.

Mr Himebaugh was engaged in the grain and lumber business there for a short time. The same fall on Thanksgiving Day they moved their house to our city where Mr Himebaugh was engaged in the same business being the first to engage in the grain and lumber business in this place for many years. He passed to the Great Beyond Sep 14, 1962.

Mrs Himebaugh is the mother of six children, three of whom are living. They are Mrs Fred Maryott, O Himebaugh of our vicinity and Chas Himebaugh of Yakima Wash.

It has been 56 years since Mrs Himebaugh came to our vicinity and about 43 since moving into Hooper.

She has seen many great changes in our village and people during all these years.

Noted: Hooper NE Sentinel 27 Nov 1913 8:5
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