September 2004


 The time is 1900-1928 and the Place is the Atlantic Ocean and Ellis Island and New York Harbor.

Pippa is a very talented lady and is a solo artist in her work.  There are a number of programs that are available and also covers several for school children.

Please welcome Pippa White by attending this opening of the Eastern Nebraska Genealogical Society September meeting.

You know, every once in a while, we need to spend some of our money for a special program and this is one of those times.  You can get to this meeting and not climb any steps.  Use the west door of the Conference center and you go directly into the room for the meeting,  we expect to see some of our old regulars that aren’t good at steps anymore, come to this one.  We also offer to you, if you have a friend who might enjoy this program, bring them along.  The room will hold 50-60 people. Look for the balloons.

The summer has literally disappeared-the school across the street is humming with cars and students.  Time to get back to work on ENGS items.  It has been a very busy summer with research, and having people use our library.  Am also typing a proof copy of the old Probate Book B (on microfilm in our library) for the County Judge’s office, who do not have any record of the book.  It is all hand written and takes about hour to transcribe one page and  hour to type it.  A long process, but Renee knows what I am up against.  The film does not copy well, and the court system does not use computers that will take a CD.

 New books

Photography of the Early West-The Story of Arundel C Hull

    by Eugene A Miller  (A C Hull was one of the early photographers in Fremont in the 1860-1880 era).


Noted in the Fremont Tribune 18 Sep 1868  3:2


  The rains during the early part of the week plainly demonstrated the importance of side walks, and now that we have an engineer prepared to set grades as rapidly as needed, we hope our citizens will commence work.  No time should be lost as fair weather will not always last, and every one knows how much it will add to the appearance and convenience to our town to have some other way of getting about than “wading right through.”  Many parents desire sending their children to school, but it is not safe to send them without life preservers.  Won’t somebody make a bold strike for fame, and give us a chance to publish the fact that the sidewalks are to be laid rapidly.


To those who have material checked out, please return it at the October meeting.  Most of the books and CD’S have been out since June and need to be returned, so that others may make use of them.


Tammy Croft             F-78
16229 Arbor St, Omaha NE  68130

Roland Neundorf        F-79  
3117 Highland View Dr, Burbank CA  91504

Levon H Spath            F-80
5800 Lumberdale Circle #113 Houston TX  77092


100 Years Ago- 1904  Book 10

Edwin W Montgomery to Florence Archerd 1 Sep
Henry B McPherson to Gertrude M Haas 7 Sep
James Butts to Mrs Ida M Wright 7 Sep
George Barber to Ireana Burch 14 Sep
Daniel C Plymate to Virginia V Cameron 14 Sep
Charles E Shultz to Ruth Young 14 Sep
Herman Beckman to Louise Meyer 15 Sep
Charles F Hart to Jennie Dyer 15 Sep
F A Krumenacher to Frantiska Dolezal 20 Sep
Joseph T Janous to Annie Miller 21 Sep
Frank Heinsohn to Addie Middleton 21 Sep
Frank E Clark to Edna Williams 24 Sep
P J McDonald to Mayme Flanagan 27 Sep
John A Mattson to Eleanor M Reed 28 Sep
Clifton C Dickerson to Mary A Stubbert 28 Sep
Phill Holtz to Addie Miller 28 Sep


  The marriage of Miss Gertrude Hass of this city  and Mr H B McPherson of Craig took place on Thursday afternoon at 2 o’clock at the home of the bride’s parents on North Clarkson Avenue.  Rev F H Sanderson, pastor of the First Methodist Church, performed the ceremony in the presence of about thirty-five relatives and friends of the young people.  The bride was becomingly dressed in creamy silk voile and carried roses.  She was attended by her sister, Miss Elizabeth, who was prettily gowned in pale blue.  The groom was attended by Mr Fred Blair.  Miss Zelia Griffin of Fairbury at the piano sounded the strains of a wedding march at the appointed hour and the bridal company entered the front parlor and stood between portiers of smilax surrounded by palms and ferns.  After the ceremony a delicious wedding dinner was served in courses, half the guests being served at a time.

 The acquaintance of these young people which has culminated in a happy wedding began at the Normal school, at which institution both studied two or three years ago.  The bride’s parents moved to Fremont about eighteen months ago, since which time she has lived here with them.  She is a lovely young woman possessing many lovable qualities.  The groom is engaged in farming near Craig.  He is a bright young man  who has a good start in the world.  Returning from a short wedding trip east, the couple will go to Craig to live.

  Among the out-of-town guests present were R V McPherson, W S Ernest, A T Struthers and A L McPherson of Craig; Howard Wiswell of Alexandria and Miss Griffin of Fairbury.


       Noted in Fremont Tribune 10 Sep 1904  7:4
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