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12 Sep 2005 - Meeting

Mares Meeting Room  7 p.m.


PROGRAM:  This is a repeat of the June Meeting

Migration Routes & Settlement Patterns 1807 - 1890

Below is the explanation.


BROWSE NIGHT - 26 Sep 2005  7 p.m.

Our reason for repeating this tape is that Dr Schweitzer is rather funny in this first tape, but he also has some very important information on the first three trails leading from east to west and why they were placed as such .  Tape 2 which will be shown in October is the following of his first tape and he is serious in this tape.  Jeff heard Dr Schweitzer speak and it was on his second tape and reports that it is indeed a very good tape.  The tapes are one hour long.

Series of Accidents

Taken from the North Bend Eagle 24 Jul 1902  1:5


     Three accidents, all of a somewhat similar nature were among the local events of last Saturday.  Archie Millar was the victim of the first and most serious of the three.  He was feeding a team of mules in the barn at his place about three miles north of town when one of them crowded him against the manger with crushing force.  When he was released from his position he was unable to get out of the barn and fell over into the manger.  His son, a small boy, was near by and saw the situation his father was in but was unable to render immediate assistance.  Help was secured however as soon as possible and Mr Millar was removed to the house and Dr Carr called in.  An examination showed that no bones were broken but so tightly had he been squeezed that he suffered much pain from the effects and will be confined to his bed probably for several days.

    The second accident happened at the Mines livery barn, also in the morning.  This time Julius Mines got too close to the heels of a fractious horse and received a swift and hard kick on the right hand, cutting a severe gash.  The hand was split open for a short distance between the third and little fingers.  A few bandages will be necessary for several days while nature and medical science units in restoring the hand to its former usefulness.

    Not to be entirely outdone by the accident at the Mines barn, one was soon reported at the Forman barn across the street.  While in discharge of his regular duties at the barn Elmer Mardis was kicked on the shins by one of the horses with such force as to be retired for a time at least from active business.  He was struck on both legs below the knees.  He was able to be at work again Monday under more or less disadvantage.


KOCHBUCH - regarding Reimers and Koch families.
                                          compiled by Leland & Eugenia Koch

We have received some lovely family history books.  They are all on the shelf in the NW book case, in the back of the room.



F-89      Nora Hansen

             8664 Gunner Way

             Fair Oaks CA  95628

                                                F-90  Patricia S Beebe

                                                         1291 Old Lincoln Highway

                                                         North Bend NE  68649-2011

Welcome aboard, we strive to help all of our members, just let us know what you are looking for.  Our index file runs from 1880 thru 1906 containing births, marriages and obituaries.  We have census films for all of Dodge County from 1860 thru 1930. Church records from various churches.  If you have not checked out our web site, do so, you will be surprised at all of the information Renee has placed for patrons to use.

Dodge County NE Marriages
100 Years Ago - September 1905

Harry West to Marie Richards on 05 Sep
Samuel W Suddaby to Margaret M Sauers on 06 Sep
Chester A Harris to Myrtle S Shellabarger on 06 Sep
Jasper N Pettit to Alice M Phipps on 06 Sep
Louis Nelson to Marie J Forbes on 11 Sep
Harry E Musselman to Maude West on 11 Sep
Frank C Ruzicka to Anna G Hines on 11 Sep
William Wiegand to Adela Lohding on 11 Sep
Fred W Fisher to Mrs Maud Whitney on 11 Sep
William E Howell to Martha Brennan on 13 Sep
Harry W Jarmin to Florence M Hartwell on 14 Sep
James F Porter to Lucy J Fox on 17 Sep
Edward Hurt to Katrina Peterson on 20 Sep
Percel Lyman Baldwin to Susie Eliza Mulloy on 27 Sep
Adolf Ahrens to Adelina Ludwig on 27 Sep
Henry Herman Hoelscher to August Anna Ruwe on 28 Sep
Wardell Nelson Cash to Beth Chineworth on 28 Sep


   The marriage of Miss Marie Forbes of this city and Louis Nelson of Omaha took place at 10 o'clock Monday evening at the home of Mrs Lucy Moyer, corner Eight street and Platte avenue.  The service was performed by Rev Dr F H Sanderson in the presence of a small company of relatives and close friends.  The bride wore a becoming dress of cream silk and the rooms were attractively decorated with roses, carnations and white asters.  After the ceremony a wedding supper was served.

   The bride is a daughter of the late A W Forbes, one of the pioneer residents of Fremont.  She is a graduate of the Fremont High School and a popular and charming young woman.  The groom formerly resided at Plainview.  He is a traveling salesman for an Omaha house and has been making his headquarters at that place.  The couple went to Omaha to reside.

   Taken from Fremont Tribune 16 Sep 1905   5:3


from Hooper Sentinel  5 Sep 1901  5:1


Hooper's public schools commenced the fall term last Monday morning, with 243 children in attendance, divided among the different rooms as follows:

1st primary, Minnie Matzen teacher, 60 students.

2nd primary, Mattie Sidner teacher, 38 students.

1st intermediate, Ellen M Brown teacher, 45 students.

2nd intermediate, Anna Gibbs teacher, 32 students.

grammer, John Matzen teacher, 28 students.

high school, W J Seeley,, principal

                     J B Alcock, assistant  40 students.

It is thought the attendance will be further increased next week.

Will Open New Hotel

   L E Young has leased from the managers of the Dundy estate the old Ruwe hotel and will open it permanently on September 1st.  The lease which he has signed runs for five years.

   Mr Young hopes to get into the hotel and have it running by the first of next month as he will have rent to pay on a building he is now in at Council Bluffs if he remains any longer than this month.  He will run it as a dollar a day house, a dollar and a half being charged for the better rooms.  The building will undergo a complete renovation, the office being newly fitted up and the dining room and all the sleeping apartments and halls being newly decorated.  New connections with sewer and water will be made and the bath and toilet arrangements will undergo a complete change.  It is possible that the walk on the north side of the hotel will be broadened, the passage way along the cellar of the building covered, and the railing along it torn away.

   These arrangements will shut out John Doerr from taking possession of the hotel, and running it during the street fair for the room accommodations.

    Noted in Fremont Tri-Weekly Tribune 23 Aug 1900  4:3



Sioux City & Pacific RR Round House

Blown Down - Narrow Escape!


About 4 o'clock Tuesday afternoon, a terrible wind rain and hail storm visited our city, making total wrecks of the round house and wind mill of the SC & P RR.

The round house was a brick structure, 30 x 60 feet, 20 feet high, walls one foot through, and the entire building stayed and braced in a manner apparently strong enough to resist anything but an earthquake.  The building cost about $15,000.

At the time of the storm two little boys, sons of Mr Richard Williams, were returning from a corn field near by, and took shelter under the walls of the round house; the slate roof was carried over their heads, but a large piece of timber struck one of the boys, injuring him severely but not dangerously; the other child was unhurt.

           Noted in the Fremont Weekly Tribune 08 Sep 1871  3:4
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