September 2000

 11 Sep 2000 MEETING
 1722 East 19 Fremont NE

 PROGRAM:  Away and Across the Plains
 Jeff Kappeler-Nebraska Humanities Council

This will pertain to the Great Platte River Road and covers, gear used, road ranches etc and all of the various trails on the Platte River.

BROWSE NITE:  25 Sep 2000  7:00 p.m.

Did your summer go well for you, did you find new research for your families.  Queen Midas found some new items, a surprise?

Claire has been busy in the old newspapers of the Hooper Sentinel and found some good items pertaining to the Early Pioneer families, and hopes to complete a book on it.  Reading the old microfilmed newspapers proved to be more than her eyes could handle in the 1900 papers, the film was poor, being so blurred you couldn’t read it.  Hopefully this fall she can get into the old original papers at Hooper(they are folded at present).  This will necessitate steam pressing and placing the papers flat in order to read them.  Too many of the old records regarding our pioneers are disappearing.  These families in the papers came in the late 1850’s, under “squatter’s rights.”  Part of the information was found in the 1892 newspaper and the remainder in the 1900(12 numbered papers) and twelve newspapers.


June L Stare     F-39
3378 Dover Dr
Punta Gorda FL  33983-3585

A quote from Mrs Lottie Heaton Rogers scrapbook-no date!

The secretary said she thought the quotation from the poet born eight centuries ago, told the whole story:  “Yesterday is dead; Tomorrow is unborn; get all you can squeeze out of today.”

Noted in the Hooper Sentinel  19 Sep 1901  8:1

  A team belonging to Robert Hadan, living east of town, ran away Monday afternoon, while Mr Hadan was loading coal at the Nye & Schneider Co’s sheds.  Mr Hadan tried to stop them but was knocked down and the horses ran through Spring street to the corner of Elk street when, in attempting to make the turn, they ran against one of the big trees in front of H H Looschen’s residence.  One of the horses was thrown on the brick pavement and the run stopped right there.  The only damage done was to the harness, neck yoke and double trees the latter being a total wreck.

 Mary had a billy goat,
   It’s tail was sort o’ bent,
 And everywhere that Mary goes,
   The goat is sure to went.
 He followed her to school one day,
   It made her hot as fire,
 For she had gone there on her wheel,
   And billy ate the tire.

Just to show what Nebraska can do in the way of growing peaches, A F Mitchell brought to THE SENTINEL office, yesterday, a sample grown on his farm, this year, from seeds planted by him in the spring of 1894.  They were freestones and as fine as any ever grown in the so called peach districts.  Mr Mitchell says he has some later varieties that are much nicer in every way than the ones he showed, but it would seem as though that would be almost an impossibility.

(Don’t you love the between paragraph insert?) 

Fremont Weekly Herald 4 Sep 1890  4:6-Scribner News

A mule team belonging to J H Fulton became frightened by the train last Friday while making hay, and ran away.  Geary Fulton, aged 12 years, who was driving the team, fell off and was dragged some distance but miraculously escaped with slight injuries.

Conrad Olthof, a farmer living near town, fell from his wagon Tuesday evening and fractured his leg…  NEWS.

Missing Fremont Woman Reaches Old Home
She Hadn’t Told Husband of Intentions and Quite a Mystery is Cleared Up By Letter

After an absence of nearly six weeks, during which time her husband did not know of her whereabouts, Mrs Lars Olson, wife of the janitor at the High school in Fremont, has been heard from in Sweden.  She has written a letter to relatives in Fremont in which she says she is visiting her parents near Stafferhuff.  Mrs Olsen’s mysterious disappearance has puzzled her relatives and the Fremont authorities, who for some time have been making unsuccessful efforts to locate her.
Mrs Olsen dropped out of sight July 16, after leaving her home to go to the business part of the city.  Her failure to return caused her relatives some alarm, but they considered she had gone to Valley for a visit which she had said she intended to pay a friend there.  When it was learned that Mrs Olsen’s Valley friends had not seen her, the matter was reported to the authorities, who have been working quietly on it since.

Mr Olsen says he does not know why Mrs Olsen went to Sweden without telling him, unless she feared there might be some objection to her taking the trip.  He says he does not know how she got the money to pay the expenses of her trip.  Their family relations have been satisfactory and they have been married for a long period.

   Noted in the Fremont Tribune 09 Sep 1908  6:2

1900 September Dodge Co Marriages 
Book 9

J J BATTEN to Ella ZEIS on 04 Sep
Andrew L ANDERSON to Mary OLSON on 04 Sep
Carl F FUCHS to Alvine WUNDERLING on 05 Sep
Charley BERGSTROM to Carrie BRETZ on 05 Sep
Henry BEERBOHM to Emma SCHILLING on 06 Sep
Thomas U MALLETT to Lenora WAGNER on 11 Sep
Edward A RUWE to Adele HAHLBECK on 11 Sep
Silvanus M BALDWIN to Mrs Ella SAMSON on 11 Sep
Thomas TUCKER to Mate CALKINS on 13 Sep
Charley SUCHY to Annie MARECK on 17 Sep
Fred Hills RICHARDS to Adaline E BROWN on 19 Sep
John A ZAKOVEC to Anna ONDRACEK on 24 Sep
Burleigh  HACKER to Melissa  WITHERSPOON on 25 Sep
William A KURZ to Minnie E EBERHARD on 26 Sep
Gorgen C PETERSON to Marie SORENSEN on 28 Sep

The 1908 Fremont City Directory reports that the name of Peterson appears seventy times in the new directory and the Peterson family to be the largest in Fremont.  The Johnsons with sixty-eight comes second.  Smiths, who generally comes first, are crowded down to third with only fifty-six.  There are thirty-one Larson and Larsens, and thirty-one Olson and Olsens.

The directory furnishes the names of 5,196 persons, which multiplied by two and a half to represent the number of married women and children, gives a total of 12,900 as Fremont’s present population.

 Fremont Tribune 9 Sep 1908  6:4


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