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Claire has purchased and donated the following microfilmed newspapers to our collection:

Hooper Sentinel  15 Aug 1901 thru 14 Apr 1910 
Dodge Criterion 2 Jan 1903 thru 16 Mar 1906 
Scribner Rustler 17 Dec 1903 thru 2 May 1907 
North Bend Eagle, two rolls  21 Jan 1904 thru 7 Jul 1910(to correspond with the previous index of the old newspapers).

Claire had an eventful summer - she was spending time in the basement reviewing the Dodge County Naturalization Records that are on microfilm.  Thought it would be a good gesture to put them out on Dodge County GenWeb…then came the shock.  Half of the names on the volume index were not placed on the original index completed by the WPA back in "those days." 

A new index was made for Volume B, C, D, and E.  Now the WPA index begins to make sense on the microfilm, as it covers information from 1906(new law enactment) and you can almost find the correct pages.  Claire hopes to have additional page information as to how to use it in the near future. 


Also to be completed in the fall will be Dodge County Marriages, Volume 13.  This will be the last ones printed as we are up into the 1910 plus era.  

The fall quarterly is about finished and ready for printing, Claire is still finding new tricks with her computer, but reports it is getting easier for her.  In spite of some difficulties, probably brought on by hitting a key she shouldn’t have, it does help her.

Noted in Antique Week 3 Aug 1998 page 22B, from Mar/Apr 1998 Kishwaukee Gen Newsletter-Rockford IL 


The following glossary of probate terms is a handy tool to have on hand when researching wills: 

  • Abstract - summary of essential facts contained in a document of records.
  • Administration - process by which an intestate estate is settled; the process by which the estate of a decedent is settled.
  • Codicil - addition or subtraction from a will.
  • Decedent - a person who is deceased.
  • Executor - person named by testator to carry out provisions of the will.
  • Goods and Chattels - personal property, as distinguished from real property.
  • Holographic Will - will written entirely in the hand writing of the testator.
  • Intestate - one who dies without having made a valid will.
  • Probate - act or process of proving a will. The process by  which the estate of a decedent is settled.
  • Nun-Cupative Will - oral will declared by the testator before witnesses and later reduced to writing.
  • Testator - one who executes a will.

We send get well wishes to Sandra Barton who had knee surgery in August. 

Marlene Heinsohn has been "under the weather"-her heart has been giving her a problem.  She probably got a bit excited with all her new family finds on the Isle of Fehmarn. 


F001  James Tesina 
          2440  224th Road 
          Bee NE  68314-9117 

F002  Gini Baillie 
          2017 Cardinal Circle 
          Anderson SC  29621- 

 F003   Marilyn J Estrada 
                        11019 N 38 St 
                       Phoenix AZ  85028-2804

From LOOKING BACK Fremont Tribune 3 Feb 1978 
100 Years Ago - The remains of the German Printing outfit, formerly used in the publication of "Unter dem Sternenbanner," were boxed and shipped to Columbus, where a republican German paper will be started, with the hope of becoming the German lamp in Platte county and reducing the unreasonable democratic majority. 

From LOOKING BACK Fremont Tribune  19 Feb 1976 100 Years Ago - Judge Murray has purchased William Gambles  residence property in the southeast part of the SWABURG SCHOOLS OPEN - Fremont Tri-Wkly Tribune 7 Sep 1899 

SCHOOLS OPEN NEAR SWABURG - Sept 6.—The schoolma’ams arrived at the appointed time to resume work at their respective places:  L E Legg, at dist 49; Mary Fransden, dist 67; Sterling McCaw, Esther Anderson and Ella M Anderson, are the new pedagogues at districts 54, 18, and 17, respectively. 

Dodge County Citizenships-All from Fremont Tribunes  
  • 25 Aug 1900 -  There were a number of second citizenship papers issued today by the clerk of district court, J M Cruickshank.  Hans Christensen, Fremont; Anders Peter Anderson, Fremont, and Max Jacob of Hooper, all took out their documents.
  • 12 Sep 1900 -The first papers of citizenship have been issued to Johannes Barckel, Hooper and Alexander S Watt, of North Bend.
  • 22 Oct 1900 - First papers were issued to Louie Kepaun and Ephraim Wainberg of Fremont.
  • 3 Nov 1900 - First and second papers were given to Martin A Hostrup, Scribner.  August Oberg received his first papers.
  • 17 Nov 1900 - First naturalization papers have been given to Peter Mazer and Philipp Schmidt both of Ames.
  • 26 Nov 1900 - Final papers have been granted to Jens M Nielson of Fremont.
  • 30 Nov 1900  - First papers were issued to Albin Person by the clerk of district court.
  • 3 Dec 1900 - Barnard Astrman, Hooper; Frederick Brass and Dietrich G Meyer both of Scribner were given final papers this morning.  John Brass of Scribner was give first and second papers, and Ontje Olthoff of Scribner was given first papers.
  • 13 Feb 1901 - Final papers have been issued by Clerk Cruickshank to H F Wilhelm of Nickerson and Henry E Hoegemeyer of Hooper.
  • 25 Feb 1901 - Final papers have been issued to Willi Drucker of Beemer and Herman Reker of Fremont.
  • 2 Mar 1901 - Final papers have been issued by the clerk of the district court to Victor Nelson of Fremont, and Reinhardt Sick of Hooper.
  • 8 Mar 1901 - Final papers have been issued by Clerk Cruickshank to Jacob Christensen and Niel Nelson, both of Fremont.
  • 1 Jun 1901 - Peter Thomson from Scribner took out his second papers.  Willi Kranner of Ridgeley also became a citizen of the United States today.

  • city.  The Nickerson Bridge is in such shape that some crossing is done, and it will be finished up entirely in a few days more.


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