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  Lois Schultz will present a program on   her journey to TURKEY.  This should be a very interesting program to start off our fall session.

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This summer has been hot, full of researchers, and fortunately we were able to help some of them.

Claire wishes to Thank all of you for the many sympathy cards and memorials to her husband, Emil, who passed away on 04 August 1999.

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Ellis Island opened as the immigration center in New York harbor in January 1892.  For many years it was believed that their records of immigration for the first five years were destroyed by a fire in June of 1897 along with the old wooden building housing them.  In 1994 Philip Lax, president of the Ellis Island Restoration Commission, reported that all of the early records had been located, either in the hands of shipping companies, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, or Balch Institute in Philadelphia.
  Found in IGS Newsletter Jan 1999 from TT Sep ‘98

DO YOU KNOW   that until 1786 all children born in Virginia regardless of religious affiliation, were required to be baptized in the Episcopal Church.

This also from Twigs & Branches Dec 1998

Noted in the Fremont Tribune 04 Sep 1899  4:5

NORTH BEND NEWS - Miss Gertrude Farmer and Miss Caroline Carl, young ladies from Fort Plain NY, are enjoying a delightful visit at the home of their relatives, Mr and Mrs A Peller.

J W Stevenson, manager of the North Bend nursery, is shipping apples at the rate of 200 bushels per week.

Rufus and Charles Black of Purple Cane, left on last Saturday’s mail train for a visit at Lexington, Virginia.

Mrs Wilson, from Pittsburg VA is visiting her mother, Mrs Johnson in North Bend.

Miss Hustin from Schuyler is giving music lesson to a number of our young people.

Mrs Haden of Chilacothe, Ohio is here visiting her aunt, Mrs Armstead.

Mr and Mrs James Ritchie of Omaha are visiting relatives in this town.

Marriages in September of 1899

02 Sep  Carl DEML to Mary Ellen COCHERN
10 Sep  John B SCHOLE to Bertha E JENSEN
12 Sep  John LAHMANN to Mary GAMRATH
13 Sep   Fred HIPKE to Laura M ANDERSON
14 Sep  George W HAMAKER to Mrs Annetta CLARK
21 Sep   Frank HOGE to Anna METSHKE
20 Sep  Thomas GRANT to Ella G JOHNSON
27 Sep  Mathew YOSTEN to Agnes KRUGER
21 Sep  Karl WEBER to Lucie SCHAERR
26 Sep   Peter D ALLEN to Stella J DORATHY
27 Sep  John C W SCHULTZE to Emma A SEVREAN
28 Sep  Leonidas J AUSTEN to Mary E McVICKER
27 Sep  Elbert O JONES to Marrietta GRAY
30 Sep  Frank E FRALEY to Anna McDORMAN

  Located in Book 9 of Dodge Co NE Marriages 


Donated by Alex Meyer - copies of the old record book for IMMANUEL Lutheran Church-Snyder Nebraska.  This was founded sometime in 1898.  Contains the baptisms,  confirmations, marriages and deaths.  Thanks Alex, another good book  for our church shelf.


NATURALIZATIONS-First citizenship certificates have been issued as follows from the office of the district clerk::
 Gerd L Peters of Everett township, German;  Shimshon Leven, of Fremont, Russian; W R Freiden of Fremont, Russian.  Final naturalization papers have been granted to Rasmus Knudsen, a former Danish subject, who resides in Maple township.
     Fremont Tribune 29 Aug 1903  1:3

NEW CITIZENS - John Nickelson, Soren S Anderson and Soren P Slattery, all of Fremont and former subjects of Denmark, and Hans Hansen of Hooper, also a former Danish subject, have received final naturalization certificates.  First papers have been issued to Thomas Lorenzen of Fremont, a German, and Olaf Nelson of Fremont, a Swede.
    Fremont Tribune 29 Sep 1903   4:3

FIRST PAPERS - First naturalization paper have been issued to Paul Jacupke and Paul Rhein of Fremont and Fred Barth of Leavitt, all of German parentage.
   01 Oct 1903   4:2


Fremont Post Office - Advertized Letters
  The following letters remain uncalled for in the Fremont postoffice for the week ending September 6, 1899:

Hyde, Mrs Nancy        Snowden, Cora M
Ryam, Miss                 Wilson, Mrs W S

Anderson, H E           McNamara, John
Bye, A C                   Paulsen, Chris
Case, Frank               Reedy, Daniel
Davis, Iray                 Shearman Bros
Humphrey, F D          Shelton, Robert L
McConnell, Will         Halyer, Fellez

Persons calling for the above will please say “advertized.”  Tri-Weekly Tribune  09 Sep 1899   5:5


The buggy of Baldwin & Rogers, which went into the washout at the Platte bridge on Friday night, was brought up to town yesterday morning, it being considerably damaged.  It was at first thought it went into the river, but it only sunk into the washout.  The driver was returning from a trip to Wahoo made in the afternoon and in the darkness did not notice that the river had commenced to boom during his absence.  He was not hurt in being suddenly pulled out by the team when the buggy went down.

   Fremont Weekly Herald  2 Jul 1891   4:6


How did tombstones get started?  The practice of putting a stone on a grave arose not from piety but from fear; its origin was not respect for the dead but the motive was of self-protection.  Even after all precautions had been taken, the living were still afraid that the dead person might return and act against his former community.  To make absolutely sure he stayed in his tomb, they weighted the soil down with a stone.
A later development was the worship of graves.  The tombstone was looked on as a home for the spirit.  Later on people were no longer worried about getting defiled, but became concerned that the grave may be desecrated.  They placed stones on the grave to prevent animals from digging up the body.

This from  Tinley Moraine Genealogist 
via CCGS and T & B of ILL Dec 1998


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