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1999 - This is a new area for the Resource Center, dedicated to those who first settled in Nebraska. We plan to include lists of pioneer farm families, information regarding homesteads and homesteaders, and an area where you can list your Nebraska pioneer ancestors, just to name a few. Please be patient with us as this area is being constructed.

2021 - If you would like to contribute information for this area, contact
David Gochenour 




click here  NEGenWeb Project Registry of Nebraska Pioneers

click here Pioneer Record, Vol 3, no 4 - May 1896,
         includes list of members of Territorial Pioneers (every name index added)

click here Journals of the "Nebraska Territorial Pioneers Association",
Reminiscenses and Proceedings Vol I  (1917)
Reminiscenses and Proceedings Vol II (1923)

click here "Nebraska History & Record of Pioneer Days"
         Old Journals of NSHS - 1918 to 1924

click here Burt County newsclips about County Pioneer Association

click here Cass County Historical Society Magazine
"Pioneer Stories of Cass County", Vol 1, no 1 (about 1940)

click here Fillmore County -

       Pioneer Stories of the Pioneer Families of Fillmore and Adjoining Counties

click here Nemaha County Pioneer listings

click here Polk County - Pioneers of Swede Home, NE

click here York County, Nebraska, 1913, Old Settler's History of -
          Book - with every name index, produced by Pam Rietsch.

click here 1998 Ak-Sar-Ben Pioneer Farm Families

click here Nebraska Pioneer Farm Families Awards (link not working - 2/8/04)
         list from the Denton Community Historical Society, Lancaster County, NE

click here "Nebraska Pioneer Reminiscences"
         issued by the Nebraska Society of the Daughters of the Revolution, 1916
         Including Table of Contents, and a complete index.

click here Diary of Hester Diemer, 1873-1874

click here Funs of the Pioneers by Frank McConnell of Merrick County

click here The Elm Creek Stars
        1886 baseball team from Elm Creek; gives names and team positions!

click here Articles on-line from "Nebraska Ancestree" published by NSGS

        Vol I, no 3 -  "Pioneering in Boone County"
        Vol I, no 3 -  "Overland Trail Death List"
        Vol I, no 3 -  "1852 Overland Travelers Met By Colonel George E. Blodget"
        Vol I, no 4 -  1913 Member List, Nebraska Pioneers Association (Surnames: A-B)
        Vol II, no 1 -  1913 Member List, Nebraska Pioneers Association (Surnames: C-H)
        Vol VI, no 1 -  "Lincoln County, Early Settlers"
        Vol VII, no 2 - "Platte County, Pioneers of Tracy Valley"
        Vol VII, no 2 - "Platte County, Pioneers of Humphrey"
        Vol XVI, no 3 - Cedar County - "History of the Pioneers & Old Settlers Association"
        Vol XVI, no 3 - "Frontier County Register of Pioneers"
        Vol XVI, no 3 - "Index to Pioneers Bios for Clay County found in "Biographical & Historical Memoirs ..."

      Nebraska State Genealogical Society Website -
      for other Ancestree articles

click here NEGenWeb Project On-Line Library and the
     Mardos Memorial Library (Mardos Temporarily Down)

        Books with biographies of pioneers -
        Compendium of History, Reminiscence & Biography of Nebraska
        Compendium of History Reminiscence & Biography of Western NE
Look for "Portrait and Biographical Album of ..." (assorted county names)

click here Nebraska State Genealogical Society
Family Recognition Awards
        Anyone may apply to NSGS if descendant of a Nebraska ancestor in the following categories:
        First Family - Settled in Nebraska by 1867
        Pioneer Family - Settled in Nebraska in 1868-79
        Century Family - Settled in Nebraska 100 years prior to application.

click here The Settler (poem)

click here Poems and Sketches of Nebraska by A. E. Sheldon, 1908
Dedicated "To the pioneers of Nebraska"


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