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This is a work in progress (this is not a complete roster). If you are a researcher and have a Web page of anyone on this Roster and want a link on this page or have any information to add please eMail me with the information and the source.

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Name Submitter(s)

Charles Edward HAPGOOD, Capt., enlisted Oct 12 1861, age 50; resided and credited Amherst, Hillsborough; promoted Lt Col Dec 14 1862; discharged Oct 17 1864; died Chelsea, MA, Sept 24 1909.

Source #1, Source #4

George W. GEORGE, 1st Sergeant, enlisted Sept 18 1861, age 29; resided and credited Amherst, Hillsborough; promoted 2nd Lieut Aug 1 1862; discharged disabled March 7 1863; died Washington, DC, Nov 29 1918.

Source #1, Source #4

Joseph B. FAY, Sergeant, enlisted Sept 25, 1861, age 32; resided and credited Amherst, Hillsborough; promoted 2nd Lieut and transferred March 2 1863 to Company F; promoted 1st Lieut July 3 1863; discharged Oct 28 1864; died Amherst, NH. Jan 27 1909.

Source #1, Source #4
Charles H. PHELPS, Sergeant, credited Amherst, Hillsborough; claimed residence in Amherst, enlisted Sept 21 1861, age 19; died wounds at Gettysburg, PA on 04 July 1863.  On the afternoon of July 2, the 5th New Hampshire, part of Colonel Edward R. Cross’s brigade, entered the Wheatfield. As the brigade neared the south end of the Wheatfield, Colonel Cross was shot by a Confederate soldier hiding behind an immense boulder located directly in front of the 5th New Hampshire. Colonel Hapgood noted the flash of the gun and called Sergeant Phelps’ attention to it. Phelps soon sighted the Confederate soldier and shot him. Shortly afterwards, Sergeant Phelps was shot in the back and died in a military hospital on July 4, 1863. On July 22, his remains were returned to Amherst. The next day, the Lawrence Engine Company attended the funeral in full uniform. On Sergeant Phelps’ stone are the words "A Young Man, but an Old Soldier." The spot where Colonel Cross fell is now marked by the monument to the 5th New Hampshire Infantry.

Source #1

Henry A. NICHOLS, Corpl. enlisted Sept 25 1861, age 37; resided and credited Amherst, Hillsborough; discharged disabled Feb 4 1863; last reported residence Dorchester, MA.

Source #1, Source #4

Daniel A. PEABODY, Corpl., enlisted Sept 19 1861, age 19; claimed residence Amherst; discharged disabled Oct 2 1862; last reported residence Amherst.    

Source #4

George VOSE, Corpl., enlisted Sept 14 1861, age 19; resided and credited Amherst, Hillsborough; promoted 2nd Lieut and transferred Oct 6 1863 to Company F; promoted 1st Lieut July 3 1864. but not mustered.    

Source #1, Source #4

Charles A. DAMON, Private, enlisted Oct 19 1861, age 37; resided and  credited Amherst, Hillsborough; killed Gettysburg, PA July 2 1863.

Source #1, Source #4

James DOWST (not found in Register of Soldiers and Sailors of New Hampshire 1861-65 (1895))

Epsom, NH Civil War Soldiers

Jonathan H. HARVEY, Private, enlisted Sept. 28, 1861, age 18; claimed residence New London; died of disease Feb. 5, 1862 near Alexandria, VA.

Source #5, Source #4

Thomas HILL, born England; age, 18; enlisted Aug. 23, 1864, deserted Oct. 10, 1864, near Petersburg, VA; gained from desertion Jan. 11, 1865; discharged Mar. 24, 1865, by sentence of general court martial. (SUBSTITUTE)

Source #6

James JOHNSON, Private; enlisted Aug 17 1864, age 18, deserted to C.S.A. Petersburg, VA on 10 October 1864. (SUBSTITUTE)

Source #4

Warren D. JOHNSON, credited Danbury, enlisted Oct. 5, 1861; re-enlisted Jan. 1 1864 and was promoted to Sergeant; wounded several times; mustered out Jan 12, 1865; died Mont Vernon, NH 1903.

Source #2, Source #4

John L. KENDALL, Private, enlisted Sept 14 1861, age 37; credited Amherst, Hillsborough; drowned Fort Monroe, VA Feb 24 1864.

Source #1, Source #4

Charles KIMBALL, Private, claimed residence Wilmot; enlisted September 16 1861, age 32; killed Gettysburg, PA July 2 1863.            

Source #4

George W. KIMBALL, Private, claimed residence Canaan; enlisted September 16 1861, age 26; killed Gettysburg, PA July 2 1863.          

Source #4

Leroy S. LADD, enlisted from Orange, Sept. 6, 1861; was wounded at Peach Orchard, VA., June 29, 1862; died of wounds, July 1, 1862.

Source #6

George A. MESSER, Private, enlisted Sept. 23, 1861, age 23, served for three years; mustered out Washington, DC Oct 25 1864; Lived near Potter Place, NH after the war.

Source #5, Source #4

George NICHOLS, credited Manchester, Hillsborough

Source #1

George B. TEBBITS, credited New Ipswich, Hillsborough, born New Ipswich, NH; enlisted Sept. 20, 1861 age 20; discharged disabled Sept. 13, 1862.

Source #3

Nathan MORSE, son of Silas, born Sullivan, was in Co. F, 2d Reg. U. S. Vol. Sharpshooters, known as "Berdan's Sharpshooters"; transferred, in 1865, to Co. I, 5th Reg.; serving, in all, nearly four years. Resided Mich. after the war.

Source #4

Edward STINSON, enlisted Sept. 21, 1861 (15 years old), wounded in battles at Fair Oaks, Antietam and Gettysburg. He died August 1, 1863 from wounds received at Gettysburg.

Source #5

Edward VOSE, Private, enlisted Sept 16 1861, age 24; resided and credited Amherst, Hillsborough; died of wounds Falmouth, VA Dec 25 1862.

Source #1, Source #4

Patrick WELCH, born Ireland; age, 40; enlisted Aug. 10, 1864; deserted to the enemy near Petersburg, VA., Oct. 10, 1864.   (SUBSTITUTE)

Source #6

Frederick A. WILSON, Private, enlisted Aug 30 1862, age 20; resided and credited Amherst, Hillsborough; discharged Washington, DC July 3 1865; last reported residence Jamaica Plain, MA.

Source #1, Source #4


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