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Edward H. CROSS, Colonel, enlisted Aug 27 1861, age 31; died of wounds Gettysburg, PA. July 3 1863.

Source #2

Samuel G. LANGLEY, Lieutenant-Colonel, enlisted Oct 26 1861, age 36; resided and credited to Manchester, Hillsborough; resigned Dec 1 1862; died Washington, DC, Jan 13 1911.

Source #1, Source #2

Charles DODD, 1st Lieut. & Adjutant, enlisted April 20 1861, age 26; claimed residence Boston; promoted 1st Lieut. Oct 26 1861;  discharged disabled June 13 1863; died  Boston, MA. Dec 24 1908.

Source #2


  1. The History of Hillsborough, New Hampshire (1885); transcribed by Fred Kunchick

  2. Register of Soldiers and Sailors of New Hampshire 1861-65 (1895): transcribed by Fred Kunchick

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