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USS Elk 1864-1865

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Civil War (Union forces only), 15 Apr. 1861 - 26 May 1865 Casualties: U. S. Navy and Marine Corps Personnel Killed and Wounded

2,112 1,710 148 131



George E. ASHTON, of Manchester, Hillsborough.

Source #1

Charles ANDERSON, Private, mustered Dec. 28, 1863. transferred from Co. I, 13th NH Reg. March 13, 1864.
David AUSTEN. In US Navy May, 861, and served on schooner "Wanderer." Discharged June, 1862. Re-enlisted Aug. 30, 1864. served on board "Colorado" in South Carolina, afterwards on board schooner "Hope" at Fort Sumter, raising sunken vessels. Discharged September, 1865.

Source #2

Daniel Plumer AVERY, In US Navy, was on board the "Cumberland," witnessed the battle of the "Merrimack" and "Monitor." Re-enlisted private, Co. H., 9th Reg’t. Mustered Aug. 21, 1862. Deserted at Antietam Sept. 17, 1862, when ordered to assist in conveying Col. Titus from the field. Re-enlisted for two years in Gibbs (Mass.) Battery. After a year came home on a furlough, and was advertised to lecture in a school-house in Rochester, where he was arrested as a deserter. Was allowed to return to his Regiment. Served in the "Red River Expedition" where he is supposed to have died, as he has not since been heard from.

Source #2

Hugh R. BARNARD, of Bedford, Hillsborough; clerk, monitor "Catskill."

Source #1

George H. BERRY, served in the Navy; was stationed at Paris during the exposition, where he sustained a partial paralysis during the grip epidemic in that city. He died at the U. S. Naval Hospital, Philadelphia, PA., June 5, 1898. 

Source #6

Gershom H. HORNE, Private, Mustered Aug. 14, 1863. Transferred from 5th NH Company E April 21, 1864.

Source #2

George E. BELKNAP, Lieutenant Commander, b. Newport NH 1832; d. Key West, FL 1903

Joseph BAMFORD, Private, Co. I, 15th Reg’t. Mustered Oct. 14, 1862. Mustered out Aug. 13, 1863.  on ship "Albatross." Substitute for Geo. H. Rogers. Mustered Aug. 30, 1864.

Source #2

Robert BENNETT,. Substitute for S.F. McDuffee. Mustered Jan. 5, 1865, for three years in Navy.

Source #2

Samuel L. BEVELY, of Hudson, Hillsborough.

Source #1

Elijah BROWN, Place of Birth - Portsmouth New Hampshire,  Age - 25,  Complexion - Negro, Occupation - None,  Height - 5'5"; Place of Enlistment - Portsmouth NH,  Date of Enlistment - November 20, 1862, Term of Enlistment - 1, Rating - Landsman; Ship Ossipee March 31 1863 - September 30 1864

National Parks Service

Henry M. CHASE, Surgeon; while a student, enlisted for three months in Co. D, First Regt. VT. Vols., and was mustered into service May 8, 1861; detailed as hospital steward at Newport News, VA., in June 1861; mustered out, Aug. 15, 1861. He was appointed assistant surgeon in Navy, Dec. 12, 1863, and assigned to temporary service at Navy Yard, Washington, D. C.; in Jan., 1864, was ordered to Key West, Fla., and there assigned to U. S. Steamship "Honduras," of the gulf blockading squadron; early in 1865, transferred to the U. S. Steamer "Nevens," a heavy man of war, doing transport duty West India Squadron; discharged, Aug. 1865. 

Source #6
Charles CHANPNEY, of Amherst, Hillsborough. Source #1

John H. CLARK, of Amherst, Hillsborough.

Source #1

John M. CONTALOW, of Manchester, Hillsborough.

Source #1
Charles CURRIER, born Wilton; resided Brookline; enlisted May 17, 1864, as ordinary seaman, for one year age 23; served on U. S. S. Ohio and Massachusetts; discharged Aug. 17, 1865; died Brookline. Source #5
Israel O. DEWEY, Hanover, U. S. N. paymaster Source #8
Jefferson C. DUNBAR, First Sergeant, enlisted May 13, 1861, age 27; claimed residence Hampton; credited Bradford, MA; enlisted US Navy Reg.: discharged July 13 1867; died Hampton, NH, Dec 4 1900.  Source #3
Peter DOWD, of Manchester, Hillsborough. Source #1
Nelson D. GOULD, of Amherst, Hillsborough. Source #1
Michael HARNEY, of Hudson, Hillsborough. Source #1
James HAYES, of Manchester, Hillsborough. Source #1
Henry A. FLETCHER, of Amherst, Hillsborough. Source #1
Mason FOSTER, of Sullivan; son of Ephraim, born in the old Muzzy house, that stood where the parsonage stands, was in the U. S. Navy; served as a landsman on the U. S. Ships, Ohio, Princeton, and Mohican; re-enlisted and served as paymaster's steward on the U. S. S. Newbern. Resided. Pittsfield, Ill. after the war. Source #4
Morton INGALLS, of Mason, Hillsborough. Source #1
Walter LEE, of Manchester, Hillsborough. Source #1
George S. LITTLE, born Salisbury;  resided Brookline; enlisted Oct., 1863; as coal heaver age 19; served on U. S. S. Nipsic; discharged Dec. 20, 1864, from U. S. S. Savannah, New York City. Source #5
Charles MELVILLE, born in England, enlisted Apr. 15, 1862, as an ordinary seaman. He served as James RAMSBOTTOM, on U. S. Gunboats "North Carolina," "Sabine," and "Hartford"; wounded, Aug. 5, 1864, in battle of Mobile Bay; discharged from receiving ship "New York City," Jan. 17,1865, by reason of expiration of service; died, Jan. 5, 1867, at Rochester. Source #6
John MERRILL, enlisted July 22, 1862, in New York city, for two years as seaman; served on U. S. Steamship "North Carolina"; no further records in the Navy Dept.  Source #6
William MILLER, Private, enlisted Aug 19, 1863 age 23 unit unknown at this time; transferred Navy Reg. UN; discharged Philadelphia, PA. Aug 21 1865; last reported residence Brooklyn, NY. Source #3
Patrick MORAN, of Amherst, Hillsborough. Source #1
Rufus Osgood MASON, Surgeon; of Sullivan; a graduate of Dartmouth College, class of 1854; A. M. from same institution; M. D., College of Physicians and Surgeons of New York, N. Y., 1859; appointed acting assistant surgeon in the Navy of the U. S., Oct. 21, 1861; served on the U. S. ship, "Santiago de Cuba"; resigned, Feb. 2, 1864. He became a prominent physician in the city of New York and died there, May 11, 1903. Source #4
Edward E. PARKER, born Brookline;  resided and credited Brookline; enlisted Aug. 20, 1863, for one year as landsman age 21; served on U. S. S. Ohio and Perry; appointed yeoman; discharged Oct. 10, 1864, from receiving ship Princeton at Philadelphia, Pa. Source #5
George Hamilton PERKINS, Captain Additions Links Thanks to Peter Bissell 

  That Damned Black Hulk: The U.S.S. Chickasaw


Stephen RAND Jr., Hanover; enlisted 1st U. S. Vol. Sharpshooters Aug. 15, 1861; discharged disabled April 13, 1863; vol. officer U. S. N.; appointed acting 3rd Asst. Eng. Dec. 17, 1864; served on Merrimac and Tioga; discharged Aug. 8, 1869; appointed asst. paymaster reg. service Aug. 12, 1869; passed asst. paymaster April 30, 1874; paymaster July 31, 1884-1909; retired rank Rear Admiral 1911; d. July 12, 1915. Source #8

Silas A. RIDDLE, of Bedford, Hillsborough; clerk, US Steamers "Calhoun" and "Carrabossett."

Source #1
T. J. ROLLINS, Captain, of Bedford, Hillsborough; acting master steamer "Saco." Source #1
Joel L. SANBORN    Epsom, NH Civil War Soldiers
Frank C. SAWYER, Hanover, enlisted March 17, 1863; 2nd class fireman; discharged May 25, 1864; re-enlisted June 12, 1864; 1st class fireman; discharged June 21, 1865. Source #8
Thomas M. SENTER, of Hudson, Hillsborough; enlisted for two years June 1862, re-enlisted for two years February 27, 1865. Source #1
James H. SHAW, of  Hudson, Hillsborough; enlisted April 19, 1863, and was honorably discharged April 19, 1865. Source #1
Henry SMITH, Hanover; enlisted Sept. 16, 1861, at New York City for 3 yrs. as seaman; served on U. S. S. "North Carolina," "Augusta" and "Bohio"; discharged June 9, 1862. Source #8
James SMITH, of Manchester, Hillsborough Source #1
Patrick SULLIVAN, of Mont Vernon, Hillsborough Source #1
John SWEENEY, Private; of Pembroke;  enlisted and mustered in Co. K 2nd NH, Nov. 16, 1863; transferred to Navy April 30, 1864; served on U. S. ships Calypso and Ft. Jackson; discharged Aug. 7, 1865. Source #7
James K. THORNTON,  Executive Officer
Bryant W. WALLACE, born Brookline; resided and credited Brookline; enlisted Aug. 12, 1862, for one year as a landsman, age 21; served on U. S. S. Ohio, North Carolina, Daylight and Morse; discharged Aug. 14, 1863, from the Morse, last resided Nashua. Source #5
Edward WILLIAMS of Mont Vernon, Hillsborough Source #1
George N. WHEELER, of Amherst, Hillsborough Source #1

Josiah G WOODBURY, of Bedford, Hillsborough; A.A. paymaster, killed on board monitor "Catskill" August 19, 1864, by a shot from Fort Wagner, while bombarding Charleston, SC, his remains were brought to Bedford and interred with Masonic honors.

Source #1


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