By Capt. Franklin Ellis285


1789 Peter Livingston   1841 John K. Stall
  Samuel ten Broeck     Wesley R. Gallup
  James Elting     John I. Traver
  William Wilson   1842 Henry Coon
1792-95 Samuel Ten Broeck     Jeremiah Proper
  James Elting     John I. Traver
  William Wilson   1843 Philip A. Stall
1798-1801 William Wilson   1844 Solomon D. Terwilliger
  Thomas Broadhead     Alex. Potts
1805-8 Jacob Ten Broeck   1845 Wesley R. Gallup
1808 David Nichols     Jacob H. Cuck
  Ira Gale   1846 Jeremiah Proper
1810 Edward P. Livingston     Lewis Near
  Peter I. Cooper   1847 Lewis Near
  Wm. Wilson   1848 Austin Washburn
  Joseph Fletcher     Seymour Smith
1813 Thomas Broadhead   1849 Wesley R. Gallup
  Henry Fulton     Wm. L. Fraleigh
  Garret Cuck   1850 Alex. Potts
1815 John Ellsworth     Edward Feller
  Ira Gale   1851 Thomas Gardner
  Jacob Feller     Lewis Near
  John V. R. Ten Broeck   1852 Joseph Shirts
1818 Henry Fulton     Edward Feller
  John Ellsworth   1853 Wesley R. Gallup
  Jacob Cooper     Peter Fingar
  Jacob Feller   1854 Lewis Near
  Jacob Ten Broeck     Wm. L. Fraleigh
1821 John Ellsworth   1855 Amos Miller
  Samuel Ogden   1856 Joseph Shirts
  Adam Ten Broeck   1857 Wm. L. Fraleigh
  Jacob Cooper   1858 Henry L. Rockefeller
1827 Jacob Cooper     Ephraim Denegar
  Jeremiah Proper   1859 Henry L. Feller
  David C. Near   1860 Adam Donerly
  Horace Stevens   1861 Wm. L. Fraleigh
1830 Wm. Mead     David F. Littell
1831 Jeremiah Proper     Joseph Shirts
  David C. Near   1862 Philip H. Potts
1832 Horace Stevens   1863 David F. Littell
1833 David C. Near   1864 Joseph Shirts
  Jacob Lynk   1865 Wm. L. Fraleigh
1834 John Moore   1866 Philip H. Potts
1835 Jeremiah Proper   1867 Albert Potts
Joseph King 1868 Joseph Shirts
1836 David C. Near     David F. Littell
  Samuel Cross   1869 Wm. L. Fraleigh
1837 Jeremiah Proper     Philip H. Potts
  John I. Traver   1870 Peter P. Fraleigh
1838 Wm. B. Finch   1871 George W. Blaco
  Henry N. Bonesteel   1872 Joseph Shirts
1839 Henry H. Feller   1873 Wm. L. Fraleigh
  John Mosher   1874 Peter P. Fraleigh
1840 David C. Near   1875 Reuben Van De Bogart
  John Washburne   1876 Joseph Shirts
  Jeremiah Proper   1877 Wm. L. Fraleigh
      1878 Peter P. Fraleigh

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