By Capt. Franklin Ellis287


     The absence of water-power in the town has limited its manufactories to a single point on the Roeloff Jansen, at Pleasant Vale, and this power has not been utilized since 1869.  Here was erected, some time before 1800, a grist-mill, which was thatched with straw from which circumstance it was widely known as the "straw mill."  It was owned by the Livingston family, and was operated by various parties, who improved the mill and added a saw-mill.  While Peter Robinson controlled the property he also operated a fulling-mill and carding-machines, transacting a heavy business.  In 1848, William Elkenbergh erected a new grist-mill, having four runs of stone which in time became the property of Mrs. Clarkson.  In the fall of 1869 every improvement at this point was swept away by a freshet, which completely diverted the channel of the stream and greatly impaired the future use of the power.

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