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    The following list of tax payers in Kinderhook was taken from the book "A History of Old Kinderhook" by Edward A. Collier on page 109.  The preceding paragraph is as follows: "Great was our joy when our State Archivist placed in our hands the now perished Kinderhook Tax List for the years 1744-5.  It is illuminating, not only in its revelation of resident landowners and the relative amount of their holdings, but also to some extent of the relative location of their homes.  At many points we can see the Assessors, Cornelius Van Schaack and Jacobus Van Alen with their attendant scribe, going from house to house in regular order.  It is to be remembered that the New York pound was about one-half the value of the English pound.    

Marten Van Deusen 4 Arent Van Dyck 2 Lambert Van Valkenburgh 4
Bata Van Deusen 12 Arent Pruyn 6 Frans Van Valkenburgh 1
Mattheus Van Deusen 2 Maria V. Alen 5 Jothem Van Valkenburgh  
Daniel Lotts 1 Corn. V. Alen 25 Peter Van Valkenburgh 10
Johan. V. Aelstyn 20 Sander V. Aelstyn 13 Ryckart Van Valkenburgh 7
Abr. V. Aelstyn 26 Jan. Borghardt 25 Frans Clauw 6
Johan. Vosburgh 10 Gerrit Borghardt Jr. 2 Bartholomous V. Aelstyn 1
Peter Van Alen 25 Isaac V. Aelstyn 22 Hendrick V. Valkenburgh 4
Lammert Huyck 16 Marten V. Aelstyn 16 Elizabeth Van Der Poel 1
Andries Huyck Jr. 1 Gerrit V. Schaak 30 Johannis Van Der Poel 14
Johannis Huyck 4 Matt. Goes Jr. 6 Melgert Van Der Poel 4
Burger Huyck 32 Johan. Staats 6 Jocobus Van Der Poel 10
Johannis Huyck 2 Samuel Staats 16 Leendert Conyn 30
Johannis Goes 22 Jochem Staats 10 John Van Beuren 6
Willem Clauw 6 Isaac Staats 7 Laurens Van Der Poel 7
Samuel Wheeler 3 P. Cornelisen 1 Jacobus Vosburgh 1
John Roberson 2 Johan Backus 2 Adam Van Alen Jr. 8
Evert Wheeler 1 Jacob Miller 2 Tunis Van Slyck Jr. 15
Johan Van Deusen 24 Volkert Witbeck 6 Peter Van Slyck 12
Luykas Goes 7 Luykas Witbeck 6 Peter Vosburgh 6
Jan. Tyssen Goes 2 Andries Witbeck 6 Dirck Van Slyck 20
Jac. Martense Vosburgh 2 Jonas Witbeck 6 Jacob Gardenier 9
James Denton 1 Gerrit V. Hoesen 1 Arie Gardenier 12
Peter Goes 2 Abr. Wyngard 1 William Clark 1
Tobias V. Beuren 11 Geysbert Clauw 3 Dirk Goes 1
Cornelius V. Schaack 14 Lourens Scherp 9 Dirk Gardenier 15
John Cooper 6 Andries Scherp Jr. 2 Jacobus Gardenier 15
Corn. V. Beuren 3 Hendrick Clauw 1 Samuel Gardenier 15
Barent Vosburgh 12 Solomon Scherp 1 Hendrick Gardenier 15
Elizabeth V. Dyck 1 Peter Clauw 1 Dirck Vosburgh 15
Margareta Goes 15 Adam Van Alen 18 Barent Van Beuren 22
Marten V. Beuren 15 Jocobus V. Alen Jr. 3 Roeleff Clerck and the lands he lives on 7
Jacobus V. Alen 31 Francis Clauw Jr. 10 John Wheeler 1
Johannis Scherp 4 Johan _____? 3 Peter G. Van Beuren 2
Lawrence Decker, the land he lives on 7 John Van Salsberg 1 John Ten Eyck 1
Andries Scherp 3 Benjamin Thomas ? Joseph Cornick 1
Peter Van Dyck 2 Bartholomew V. Valkenburgh 6 Cornelis Scherp 2
Matthew Goes 9 Peter V. Valkenburgh Jr. 2 Peter Bartholomew Vosburgh 2
Luykas V. Alen 36 Abraham V. Valkenburgh Jr. 3 John Scott 1
Sara V. Alen 6 Dirckse Vosburgh 6 Anthony Quackenbush 1
Evert V. Alen Jr. 12 Jochem B. V. Valkenburgh 3 Lowrens V. Alen 2
Abraham V. Alen 12 Thomas Doran 1 Anthony Lewis 1
Gerrit Dingman 11 Jur. Van Hoesen 2 Paterick Mc. Arthur 1
Thomas V. Aelstyn 38 William V. Aelstyn 2 Jacob Jan. Gardenier 1
    House he lives in 1 Jan Gardenier 1
        Total 110: @ $2750  

    The original loose paper perished in the lamentable Library fire.

    With the map (1756) of the Division of the great Kinderhook Patent (1686) before us we can make many additions to foregoing lists of freeholders and early settlers: and, assuming the accuracy of the survey and the correctness of the scale, can locate the homes of many with considerable precision. 

    The whole territory, known in later years as the Kinderhook District of Albany County, had a river-front of about eleven miles, from Stockport creek on the south to Rensselaerswyck.  Thence the line ran east ten miles,--that is, two miles or more beyond Knickerbocker lake.  Striking a little west of south it reached a point eight miles east of the starting-point, to which it returned.  An accurate map of the County will show that Kinderhook thus included, as before stated, North Chatham and Chatham Centre in the east, land south of Ghent village, the northern part of Stockport, the whole of Stuyvesant, and three islands in the river.

    Starting from Stockport creek and following the river near its bank, we find about two miles from the creek the home of Isaac Staats.  About a mile beyond lived Andries Witbeck.  Houses without name were on both Great and Little Nutten Hook.  At intervals of about one-half mile were the homes of Jacob Valkenburgh, Gerrit Van Hoesen, and Abraham Wyngart.  Yet nearer together were the houses of Gysbert Claw, --Sharpe, Peter Van Buren, Peter Vosburgh and Lawrence Goes.  Two and one-half miles from the last-named (Poelsburg) and with intervals of about a half-mile between, were the dwellings of Jacobus Vanderpoel, Barent Vanderpoel, John Vanderpoel, and Leonard Conyn, the last-named about one mile south of Rensselaerswyck.  This Conyn had a private dock.

    Returning to Stockport and following the course of Kinderhook creek, we find near Rossmans the home of a free negro: one-half mile north of this the house of Tom Dun; at Stuyvesant Falls the mill of Gerrit Van Schaack with his dwelling nearly a mile north.  The homes of Marte and Isaac Van Alstyne were near the present dwellings of Edward Van Alstyne and J. S. Hosford, and about a half-mile beyond was that of Jan Burgart.  Thence to and including the village the map shows sixteen houses without name and the first church.  Broad Street and Albany Avenue were not yet laid out.  The old road, clinging closely to the creek in its whole course, swept from near W. B. Van Alstyne's present residence quite to the east of Broad Street, to the old village, thence through William Street, and thence about as now to Paghaquak (Valatie).  This side of the present bridge at Valatie we find the residence of Lucas Goes, Hans Goes, and Robert Van Dusen.  Beyond the bridge, and along the course of the creek, we note the home of Samuel Wheeler, near Mr. Chas. Wild's late residence, and then in succession the dwelling of William Claw, and the mill and residence of D. [Derick] Goes.  Next came the homes of Andries Huyck, Richard Huyck, and Stephen Van Alen, near the hill Penekoes.  Beyond and toward Chatham Centre were the homes of Peter Vosburgh, Abraham Van Alstyne, and Jan. Van Alstyne.  A little to the south and west of the junction of the Kinderhook creek and the Kleine Kill we note the name Tobias Van Slyck, and then along the Kill, at varying intervals of from one-half mile a mile to two miles, we observe the homes of Jacob Gardenier, Arie Gardenier, Peter Van Slyck, Dirk Gardenier, Dirk Vosburgh, Barent Van Buren, and, near the Claverack boundary, the dwelling of Widow Livingston.  Returning and fording the Kinderhook creek a little below the present bridges and following substantially the existing road toward Stuyvesant Falls, we find the homes of Isaac Goes, John Goes, Lawrence Van Alen, Evert Van Alen, Gerrit Dingman, and Thomas Van Alstine; the last-named about one-half mile southeast of the home of Marte Van Alstyne on the other side of the creek.  The map strikingly illustrates how closely the Hollanders clung to the water-courses.

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