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Charles Poole Funeral Home Records Intro Page
by Patricia Dunn

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Brownsville, Spaulding Avenue

Poole, Charles P., 39, MI - NJ - OH, Owner of a funeral home

LEBANON EXPRESS, October 15, 1920:

Wright & Poole, Sherman & Park

New Funeral Parlors have opened their new funeral parlor at 89 Sherman street, which will be under the direct charge of Chas. P. Poole, as resident manager. Our phone number is Main 15x. We are ready to answer all calls, night or day. Wright & Poole, undertakers.


G.A. Epperly: August 28, 1915
L.C. Lowe: August 28, 1915
Charles P. Poole: May 23, 1921



The firm of Wright & Poole, who have been conducting undertaking establishments at Harrisburg, Halsey, Brownsville, Lebanon and Sweet Home, has dissolved partnership, and the business has been divided up between the two members of the firm. Mr. Wright takes the business at Harrisburg and Halsey, and Mr. Poole continues the business at Lebanon, Brownsville and Sweet Home.

The firm began business twelve years ago at Harrisburg and Halsey, and a few years later opened establishments at Brownsville, Sweet Home and Lebanon. The Lebanon establishment was opened three years ago, since which time Mr. Poole has made his home in this city. The only reason for dissolving the firm was that the members have been living so far apart there has been a lack of mutual interest.

LEBANON EXPRESS, September 21, 1927

Lebanon Funeral Home, 2nd & Grant

LEBANON EXPRESS, October 19, 1927

C.P. Poole is remodeling his funeral parlors at Sweet Home and making the convenient changes in the interior. The Sweet Home postoffice is in his building. He is also improving his Lebanon house by a large glass front door, and making other minor changes.

LEBANON EXPRESS, October 26, 1927

Chas. Poole of Lebanon was busily engaged last week remodeling his undertaking rooms at Sweet Home, or rather turning the building into an undertaking parlor. Mrs. Mae Putman, Sweet Home postmistress, has been enjoying a change in the postoffice department the last week. The changes which are taking place on that side of the street reflected so strongly across the street that it turned the Farmer's Union store pale. Sweet Home looks nice now since this store is painted white.

The Howe Funeral Home conducted their first funeral at the site of the present Huston-Jost Funeral Home at 86 West Grant on December 13, 1927.

Oregon Death Index

Charles Poole, Marion County, 30 May 1933
; "; ", Wasco County, 4 Apr 1934
wife, Wilma
; "; "; ; Portland, 1 Jan 1945
; "; " Klamath, 25 Dec 1928


The Lebanon Genealogical Society has copies of the following record books:

Funeral Arrangement Records

Epperly Funeral Home
#1: 1903-1913
#2: 1913-1920

Harry Howe Funeral Home
#1: 1927-1933
#2: 1933-1938
#3: 1938-1941
#4: 1941-1944

N.C. Lowe Funeral Home
#1: 1915-1924
#2: 1924-1930
#3: 1930-1936
#4: 1936-1942

LEBANON EXPRESS, September 24, 1970

Huston's Funeral Home preserved over 100 years.

Other facts learned about this well-built structure--once the home and office of Dr. Foley-include its sale in 1919 to Charlie Poole, an undertakerů

Poole sold out to Harry Howe in December of 1927 and Howe sold to Glenn Huston in 1945. During Howe's ownership, the east wing of the chapel was added in 1940.

Charles Poole Home


Names in Charles Poole's funeral home records:
NOTE: Number behind name refers to Page Two or Page Three of the records.
Alexander, John H., 2
Alley, Benton W., 2
Altnow, Charles August, 3
Ames, Laurel Thomas, 3
Arbuckle, Joseph Warren, 2
Baker, Alvin Martin, 3
Barrett, Capt. Charles Henry, 3
Bartholomew, Julia L., 3
Bishop, Benjamin, 2
Blanchard, George W., 3
Bland, Elizabeth J., 3
Bland, John W., 2
Bland, Laura Belle, 2
Blankenship, William Jackson, 3
Blatchley, Norman Hart, 3
Boggs, Harvey Dean, 2
Bohle, Marie Charlotte, 2
Bray, Nellie Ethel, 3
Brown, Mary J., 2
Brown, Nicholas, 3
Buelow, Elsa Martha, 3
Carroll, Joseph Franklin, 3
Chamberlain, Charles H., 3
Chess, Harry B., 3
Chrisman, Abner C., 3
Church, Allen A., 3
Clark, Julia Louise, 3
Compton, George Washington, 3
Connet, Luther Lee, 2
Cooper, William Harney, 3
Cornutt, Stephen, 2
Coulter, Philip Warner, 2
Cox, Cornelius, 3
Coyle, Thomas Jefferson, 3
Craft, Nancy Ellen, 3
Crays, Alice, 3
Cunningham, Richard Ross, 3
Dannals, Nancy, 3
Dart, Samuel Lewis, 3
Daugherty, William Henry, 2
Davis, Ida R., 2
Davis, Lena, 2
DeVaney, Frank P., 3
Dodge, George H., 2
Douglass, Baby, 3
Downing, Thomas Marion, 3
Drake, David C., 3
Edson, R., 3
Ehlert, Inez Helen, 2
Eichler, Charles E., 3
Eichler, Louise B., 2
Elliott, Martha Edna, 2
Elliott, Squire H., 2
Ellis, Blanche Lucile, 2
Erickson, Ane E., 2
Faulkner, Solon William, 3
Fitzwater, Asberry, 3
Frost, Emma C., 2
Gaines, John Wesley, 2
Gallagher, Cletus, 2
Gatchell, Flora Ethel, 3
Gedney, Rowena, 2
Glaser, Christiana L., 3
Godwin, Arlene Altive, 3
Gonstad, Martin, 3
Grisham, Maude A., 3
Grover, Albert Wallace, 2
Gwathney, Joe Wade, 3
Haek, Greta Ann, 3
Hannah, Mary Ann Holman, 3
Hannah, Nora B., 2
Hansen, Marie Bertha, 3
Harden, Elizabeth Ann, 2
Hardman, Eleanor Catherine, 3
Harris, Infant Son, 2
Hauxwell, Christopher, 2
Haynes, Cora Alice, 3
Hazen, Francis Marion, 3
Hazen, Nancy Jane, 3
Hickcox, Mary Grace, 2
Hogan, Adam H., 2
Horner, Elder Amos, 2
Horner, Nancy D., 3
Howard, Guy L., 3
Hubbs, Elta D., 2
Hyder, Lucy Joanna, 3
Hyder, Samuel Carter, 3
Ingram, Loren James, 2
Irvine, B.H., 2
Jones, Mary, 3
Jones, Mary Evelyn, 2
Jones, Thomas, 3
Juhnke, Baby, 3
          Juhnke, Cecil Clara, 3
Keefhaver, Alfred Martin, 3
Keefhaver, Baby, 3
Kellenberger, Emma Preever, 3
Kreig, Ruth C., 2
Landstrom, Mathilda, 2
Larkins, Rose Ann, 3
Lawrence, Ira L., 3
Leichty, Malissia, 2
Lent, Winifred Lois, 3
Lewis, Bessie O., 3
Long, Maria Christina, 3
Long, Marjory Elinor, 2
Madden, Mary Jane, 2
Malone, Thomas J., 2
Manweiler, Joseph, 3
Mathews, Lucinda J., 3
McMillian, Baby, 2
Merchant, William Eaton, 3
Miller, Emily Adeal, 2
Mitchell, William Jesse, 2
Morehead, Gene W., 2
Morey, George Harrison, 3
Morris, Lester A., 2
Morten, Alice Margarette, 3
Murphy, Clara Evaline, 3
Musgrave, Martha W., 3
Nichols, Clarence Elbert, 3
Nye, Henryett, 3
Nye, John William, 3
Olmstead, Emmaline Alice, 2
Patterson, Colbert George, 2
Peoples, Bertha M., 2
Pepperling, Edward John, 3
Pickens, Burissa Favilla, 3
Plaat, Baby, 3
Plaat, Johanna Marie, 3
Powell, George H., 3
Powell, Otto M., 2
Powell, Steven E., 2
Powell, Verl Henry, 3
Preever, Ella J., 3
Pruitt, Infant, 3
Reeves, Menerva Evaline, 3
Rickles, Cleda Laverda, 3
Robertson, Charles, 3
Robinett, James Martin, 2
Rogga, Fred W., 3
Rose, Elizabeth S. Watkins, 3
Royce, John P., 3
Ruedi, Rudolph, 3
Scanland, Evalyne Owen, 3
Schneider, Adolf, 3
Scott, Irvin James, 2
Scott, Mary Valeria, 2
Shafer, Helen, 3
Shanks, Benjamin F., 3
Shelton, Ora M., 2
Sheridan, Deborah P., 2
Simons, ?, 3
Simpson, Edwin, 2
Smith, Cordelia W., 2
Smith, Thomas Benton, 3
Spring, John Jacob, 2
Stevens, Mary Stella, 3
Stiers, George P., 3
Storey, Mounts, 2
Sturtevant, Jane, 3
Sylvester, Addie Valdora, 3
Sylvester, Beulah, 3
Sylvester, Roberta Ruth, 2
Thom, Reuben, 3
Thomas, Samuel, 2
Thompson, William B., 3
Titus, George Remer, 3
Troubaugh, Joseph Edwin, 3
Tucker, Filena H., 3
Tyler, Baby, 2
Tyler, Robert Glenn, 3
Waddle, Glen Alton, 2
Wallace, Nancy F., 3
Waterhouse, Cecil B., 2
Watkinds, Richard C., 3
Watkins, Lucile, 2
Weaver, Harriet A., 3
Wetherall, Mattie, 3
Williams, Fanny Cilley (Dodge), 2
Wood, Roy E., 2
Woolsey, Cassie Ann, 3
Woolsey, William M., 2
Yost, William, 3
Ziggler, Samuel, 3
Zurcher, James Bruce, 2

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