Antes Fort Cemetery
Nipponese Township, Lycoming Co., PA

Read By: Rodger Crandall
Directions: On Antes Fort Front Street, just west of RT44
Lat: N041° 11.423' Lon: W077° 14.209'

Comments: Date Read: June 2007

Last Name First name Date of birth Date of death Age Inscription/Comments
? Elizabeth 1817 1833   stone worn
? John M.   11, 1855 1y 6m ?d son of
? Margaret   22, 1855 52y 7m wife of
? Peter 1787      
Antes Christina   Jun. 24, 1855   wife of John Antes; age can't be read, stone broken & repaired
Antes Dorcas.   May 11, 1859 65y 9m 18d wife of Joseph Antes
Antes Frances A.   May 21, 1819 5m 5d daughter of H. & S. Antes
Antes Jno. Henry Apr. 17, 1757 Mar. 27, 1831 76y  
Antes John   ? 2, 1837    
Antes John Henry Oct. 5, 1736 Jul. 13, 1820   Lt. Col. PA Mil Rev. War; Revolutionary Marker; built and defended Antes Fort 1777-8
Antes Joseph   Oct. 01, 1866 81y 6m 19d  
Antes Micah   Oct. 27, 1848   field stone
Armstrong James       PA Mil Rev. War; Revolutionary Marker
Bouser Isaac       PA Mil Rev. War; Revolutionary Marker
Brown Nancy M.   Apr. 12, 1860 20y 8m 12d wife of George R. Brown
Cady Abel       PA Mil Rev. War; Revolutionary Marker
Clifford Harry Feb. 12, 1870 Jun. 16, 1891    
Cook Catherine     37y  
Fleming Robt.       PA Mil Rev. War; Revolutionary Marker
Henry Philip       Co. D 8th USCT; Civil War marker
Irwin Elizabeth   May 22, 1825 36y 7d wife of John U. Irwin
Irwin Elizabeth   1825 3m daughter fo Elizabeth & John Irwin
Martin Harry G.   Nov. 26, 1878 9y 11m 2d son of J. & ? Martin
McMichael Jas.       PA Mil Rev. War; Revolutionary Marker
McMicken David   Aug. 10, 1842 8y 10m 14d son of J.B. & P.B. McMicken
McMicken Priscilla B.   Apr. 04, 1847 32y wife of J.B. McMicken
Miller Mothy F.   Oct. 08, 1855 45y  
Miller Zephaniah       PA Mil Rev. War; Revolutionary Marker
Sypner John   Apr. 01, 1848 67y 6m  
Sypner Mary   Nov. 1828 44y wife of John Sypner
Wilson Elizabeth   1870   wife of James S. Wilson
Wilson Rev. James S.   Apr. 08 1862 50y 9m ?d  
Youngman Elias P. 1795 Aug. 1864    

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