Old Walton Cemetery
Muncy Boro, Lycoming Co., PA

Read By: Rodger Crandall
Location: On RT405 in Muncy.
Lat: N041° 12.362' Lon: W076° 47.650'

Comments: Sign at Cemetery:
Old Walton Cemetery founded 1791 by James Walton
In Memory of those buried here, amoung whom are the pioneer
McCarty brothers; Benjamin 1763-1828 and William 1766-1813
founders of Muncy in the year 1797.

Date Read: June 2007

Last Name First name Date of birth Date of death Age Inscription/Comments
Baird Ella   Feb. 13, 1892 33 died at Milton, Kansas; daughter of Charles & Charlotte McCarty
There is no marker for her in this cemetery. Research on Ella shows age at death as 33y, husband as William P. Baird. Birth listed in some sources as Nov. 30, 1821 is not correct. Ella died in Osage County, KS on Feb. 13, 1892 and is buried at Prairie Center cemetery in that county. Reseach by Wayne Pettijohn.
Brindle Susannah   Jan. 11, 1818 72y wife of Harry
Brindle William   May 15, 1833 51y  
Edwards Everard Mar. 07, 1785 Jan. 09, 1862    
Fahnestock Lavina   Mar. 01, 1834 33y wife of A.H.; daughter of Wm. & Mary McCarty
Garnhart David W.   Oct. 08, 1842 25y 1m 8d  
Garnhart Mary E. Jul. 02, 1817 Oct. 08, 1842   daughter of David & Charlotte
Garnhart Mary E.   Oct. 16, 1842 2y 2m 25d daughter of David W. & Charlotte L.
Jenner Elizabeth   Dec. 16, 1848 56y wife of Wm.
Kemplin Thomas       Capt. Northumberland County Militia, Kemplin's Rangers, Rev War 1781; Rev. War marker; new marker
McCarty Benjamin 1763 1828    
McCarty Charlotte L.   Dec. 17, 1868 47y 18d wife of Charles McCarty
McCarty Fannie L.   Jan. 09, 1862 2y 2m 15d daughter of C. & C.L. McCarty
McCarty Frank H.   Oct. 09, 1856   son of Charles & C.L. McCarty
McCarty Mary Lloyd   Aug. 12, 1838 65y 11m 14d wife of William
McCarty Mary       no dates; wife of Benjamin
McCarty Sarah Jane   Aug. 23, 1855   duaghter of Charles & Charlotte L. McCarty
McCarty Thomas Feb. 12, 1741 Oct. 09, 1804   Pvt Northampton Co Militia Rev. War; new marker, Rev. War marker
McCarty William       no date; Mexican War marker
McCarty William   Jan, 21m 1813 47y 10m 10d  
McFall Francis Nov. 20, 1785 Sep. 10, 1840 60y 9m  
McFall H.   Nov. 19, 1816    
McFall J.M.   Nov. 10, 1828    
Quinn Arthur W.   Sep. 01, 1825 1y 6m 10d son of W. & J. Quinn
Quinn Jane   Apr. 12, 1837 18y 3m 9d daughter of W. & J.
Quinn John        
Roberts Phebe   Jun. 02, 1853 50y 3m 7d  
Stone Eli   Oct. 20, 1854 74y  
Walton Catherine   Mar. 11, 1853 61y 2m wife of James Walton
Walton James   Nov. 12, 1833 57y 3m 20d  

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