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Fraternal Organizations


A.L.O.H. American Legion of Honor
A.O.F. Ancient Order of Foresters
A.O.H. Ancient Order of Hibernians (Irish), Also A. & O. O. H. Ancient Order of Hibernia, an Irish group
B.P.O.E. Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks

F. & A. M. Free and Accepted Masons (the Masonic lodge)
F.O.E. Fraternal Order of Eagles
G.A.R. Grand Army of the Republic (Civil War Veterans)

I. O. G. T. International Organization of Good Templars a temperance group

I.O.O.F. Independent Order of Odd Fellows
K.C. Knights of Columbus

K. of H. Knights of Hibernia an Irish/Celtic lodge or Knights of Honor
K.M. Knights of Malta

L.O.M Loyal Order of Moose--History of the organization and Lodge 1620.
M.W.A. Modern Woodman of America

O. D. H. S. Order of Hermann Sons a German fraternal group
O.E.S. Order of the Eastern Star

W.O.T.M Women of the Moose--History of the organization and Lodge 1620
W.O.W. Woodmen of the World

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  • The 1907 Tornado

  • September, 21, 1924 Tornados

  • 1925 Northern Clark County Cyclone

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    Clark County, WI  Cheese Factories & Dairies; Sheriffs
    Clark County, WI Genealogy Archives--Bios; Obits, 1960-61 Directory
    Clark County, WI Biographies--[A] [B] [BE] [BI] [BO] [BR] [BU] [C] [CO] [D] [E] [F] [G] [H] [HO] [J] [K] [L] [M] [ME] [N] [O] [Q] [S] [SI] [ST] [T] [U] [W] [WI]
    Cemeteries of Clark Co., WI Master Cemetery Index; Beaver-St. Luke, Township; Butler; Colby-Memorial, St. Mary, St. Paul; Dewhurst-Lone Grave; Eaton-Greenwood City, St. Mary's; Fremont-Methodist, St. Stephen's, Yolo; Grant-Amish, Township, Windfall, ALC, Mo Lutheran; Hendren-Holy Family, National; Hewett-Township; Hixon-Nazareth, Riverside; Hoard-St. Paul; Levis-Dells Dam, Indian, Township; Longwood-Lutheran, Township; Loyal-Castner, City, Lutheran, Trinity, Pine Grove, St. Anthony; Lynn-Amish, Township; Mayville-Abbotsford, Lindemann, Memorial, Norwegian, Peace, Pine Hill; Stacy Estates; Mentor; Odds 'N Ends; Pine Valley-Neillsville City, No. Pine Valley, So. Pine Valley, St. Mary's; Sylvan; Seif; Sherman-Amish, Cole, Lutheran, Mennonite, Veefkind, West Spencer; Sherwood; Thorp-Czesto, Eastside, Eidsvold, Jehovah; Unity, Riplinger; Warner-Forest Hill, UCC East, UCC West, Amish; Weston-East, Globe, West; Withee-Bernard, Co. Line, East, Old St.Hedwig, Independent, New St. Hedwig; Wood County; Worden-Brethern, Germain, Norwegian; York-Methodist, Poor Farm, Center
    Clark Co., WI History--Index; Lumbering & Farming (Dewhurst, Levis, Sherwood & Washburn)

    Clark Co., WI Facts--Index

    Clark Co., Wis. Plat Maps--York

    Clark Co., Wis. State & Federal Census Records [1855] [1860] [1860 Levis] [1860 Pine Valley-A] [1860 Pine Valley-E] [1860 Pine Valley-K] [1860 Pine Valley-S] [1860 Weston-A] [1860 Weston-J] [1870 Levis 1] [1870 Levis 2] [1870 Levis 3] [1870 Pine Valley-1] [1870 Pine Valley-2] [1870 Pine Valley-3] [1870 Pine Valley-4] [1870 Pine Valley-5] [1870 Pine Valley-16] [1880 Fremont] [1895] [1895 Eaton-Mentor] [1900 Court St.-1] [1900 W-1]

    Marriages of Clark Co., Wis.--[A] [AU] [B] [BE] [BO] [BR] [BU] [C] [CH] [CO] [CR] [D] [DE] [DR] [E] [EL] [F] [FL] [FR] [FU] [G] [H] [HE] [HI] [HO] [I] [J] [K] [KI] [KO] [L] [LE] [LO] [M] [MC] [ME] [MI] [MO] [N] [NI] [O] [P] [PE] [PO] [Q] [RI] [S] [SE] [ST] [T] [TR] [U] [V] [W] [WH] [Y] [Z]
    Obituaries of Clark Co., Wis.--Index, [A][AL] [AP] [B] [BAR] [BE] [BEN] [BI] [BO] [BON] [BR] [BRAUN] [BRO] [BU] [BUL] [C] [CE] [CL] [CO] [COM] [CR] [D] [DE] [DI] [DO] [DR] [E] [EL] [F] [FE] [FL] [FR] [G] [GE] [GI] [GR] [H] [HAR] [HE] [HEI] [HI] [HIN] [HO] [HOM] [HR] [I] [J] [JO] [JOL] [K] [KE] [KI] [KL] [KO] [KR] [KRU] [KRZ] [L] [LAP] [LE] [LES] [LO] [M] [MAR] [MAS] [MC] [ME] [MEM] [MI] [MO] [MU] [N] [NI] [O] [OL] [P] [PE] [PH] [PI] [PL] [PO] [PR] [Q] [R] [RE] [RI] [RO] [ROG] [RU] [S] [SC] [SCHO] [SCHW] [SE] [SH] [SI] [SK] [SN] [ST] [STE] [STO] [SU] [SY] [T] [TO] [TR] [U] [V] [VE] [VO] [W] [WAR] [WE] [WEN] [WH] [WILD] [WO] [Y] [Z]
    Genealogical Records of Clark Co., Wis.---[ 1] [1000] [ 2000] [3000] [4000] [5000] [6000] [7000] [8000] [9000] [10000] [11000] [12000] [13000] [14000] [15000] [16000] [17000] [18000] [19000] [20000] [21000] [22000] [23000] [24000] [25000] [26000] [27000] [28000] [29000] [30000] [31000] [32000] [33000] [34000] [35000] [36000] [37000] [38000] [39000] [40000] [41000] [42000] [43000] [44000] [45000] [46000] [47000]
    Townships of Clark County, Wisconsin plus Local History and Genealogy Records.
    Townships of Clark County, WI--Beaver Butler Colby Dewhurst Eaton Foster Fremont Grant Green Grove Hendren Hewett Hixon Hoard Levis Longwood Loyal Lynn Mayville Mead Mentor Pine Valley Reseburg Seif Sherman Sherwood Thorp Unity Warner Washburn Weston Withee Worden York.
    Memorials & Tributes for Clark Co., WI

    Neighboring Counties [Chippewa] [Clark] [Eau Claire] [Forest] [Jackson] [Langlade] [Lincoln] [Marathon] [Oneida] [Taylor] [Wood]


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