The Butterfield Family



  Albert & Fern
  Albert Lee
  Alvin & Edith
  Carl & Edna
  Delbert & Lillie
  Ernest & Thelma
  Henry A.
  Vernon D.

  Archie "Wren"
  Arthur & Hattie
  Cecil Wayne
  Edwin & Sarah J.
  Frank & Harriet
  Fred S. Bell L.
  Forrest Z.
  Guy & Rebecca
  James & Anna
  Justus C.
  Justus C. & Jane E.
  Justus F. & Quinnie E.
  Mary Estella
  Thomas & Katie
  Walter Wallace
  Zimary & Josephine


Mabel Butterfield

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Mabel Butterfield

This is a concrete marker with a metal name plate attached. The concrete is badly cracked and starting to come apart.

This is probably one of four children lost by Justus F. & Quinnie (Canning) Butterfield. See Justus F. Butterfield.

Hope-Enterprise Cemetery, Knox County, Nebraska

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