The descendants of Jan Cornellis and Stijnje Jelles.

I. Cornelis [*Unknown] married to [*Unknown] had a son with the name Jan Cornellis.

A. Son Jan Cornel(l)is/Knellis/Kornellis, coming from the town Meedhuizen (after 1811 part of the municipality Delfzijl), province Groningen, Netherlands, married on November 15, 1739 in Opwierde, since 1811 part of the municipality Appingedam, province Groningen, Stijnje or Stinje Jelles, coming from Opwierde; they lived in Meedhuizen as (little) farmers. Stijntje was baptized on September 26, 1717 in the Slochteren church, "as daughter of the married people Jelte Rolefs and Avcke Foppes".

[*Note A.G.: Her first name "Avcke" is an old Dutch word for "Afke". Another daughter Jacobje (Jelles/Jellis) of this couple was baptized in Slochteren, province Groningen, on November(?) 16, 1711 and married on December 1, 1733 in the town Farmsum, province Groningen, to Jacob Willems; Jacobje Jellis and spouse Jacob Willems baptized on August 26, 1742 in Farmsum a son Willem (Jacobs), a full cousin of the children of Jan Cornelis and Stijnje Jelles. Willem Jacobs was, with his later wife Geertje/Grietje Sijmens, a witness at the marriage on May 15, 1780 in Wagenborgen, province Groningen, of his full cousin Afke Jans and Aike Geerts and signed also their marriage contract].

In the Meedhuizen churchbooks is recorded "that Jan Cornellijs made his confession of faith on March 17, 1726 after good education", that he "was elected on January 1, 1733 as deacon in the place of the retiring book-keeper" and reelected on April 23, 1747. In those church-books is also listed that "Stijnje Jelles is accepted on November 29, 1748 after education as member [*of the church]", nine years after her marriage. Jan Cornelis must be born before 1706 and he died in October 1761; he was buried on October 16, 1761 in Meedhuizen — according the Meedhuizen church cashbook 1754-1827 — 12 days after the birth of his last daughter Trintie and 28 days before her funeral). His widow Stijnje Jelles remarried on May 13, 1764 as "widow of Jan Cornellijs" in the Meedhuizen church Sijpke Jans, "coming from Siddeburen", province Groningen. Stijnje Jelles was buried on November 7, 1768, seven years after her first spouse Jan Cornelis. As far is to be researched Stijnje's second marriage with Sijpke Jans stayed childless: according to the Meedhuizen church books "a son Jan of the parent Sijpke Jans was baptized in the church on October 14, 1764", probably a son coming from Sijpke's former marriage. [*Note A.G.: in the corresponding, baptizing church book of Meedhuizen was even spoken about "an adult little(??) son Jan of father Sijpke Jans"].

A. The children of Jan Cornellis and Stijnje/Stinje Jelles:

1. Son Knellis/Kornelis/Cornelis, baptized October 15, 1741 in Meedhuizen (as "son of the married couple Jan Knellijs and Stijnje Jeltes".

2. Son Jelle (Jans), baptized December 22, 1743 in the Meedhuizen church as son of Jan Knellis and Stijnje Jelles. He probably died before 1748.

3. Daughter Aefke, baptized December 19, 1745 in the Meedhuizen church, a child of Jan Cornelis and Stijnje Jelles; she must have died in infancy before 1750 because of the baptizing on May 17, 1750 of their second daughter Aafke.

4. Son Jelle (Jans), born between January 1 and April 14, 1748, baptized on April 14, 1748 in the Meedhuizen church as son of Jan Cornellis and Stinje Jelles. He married August 7, 1784 in the village Solwerd, province Groningen, the Netherlands, to the widow Anje Pieters. [*See the Pelmulder Family Tree for more].

5. Daughter Afke (Jans), baptized May 17, 1750 in the Meedhuizen church as daughter of Jan Knellis and Stinje Jelles.

6. Daughter Anje (Jans), baptized in the Meedhuizen church on May 1, 1752 as daughter of Jan Cornellis and Stinje Jelles.

7. Son Jan (Jans), baptized March 17, 1754 in the Meedhuizen church as son of Jan Cornellis and Stinje Jelles.

8. Daughter Trinje (Jans), baptized September 5, 1756 in the Meedhuizen church as daughter of Jan Cornellis and Stijnie Jelles. According to the cash-book of the Meedhuizen deacons "this child of Jan Knellijs was buried September 24, 1756".

9. Daughter Aaltje/Aaltin (Jans), baptized January 29, 1758 in Meedhuizen.

10. Daughter Trintie (Jans), baptized on October 4, 1761 in the Meedhuizen church as daughter of Jan Kornellis and Stijnje(?) Jelles. The cashbooks of the Meedhuizen church recorded that "a child [*Trintie] of Jan Knellis was buried on November 13, 1861 in Meedhuizen", 28 days after the funeral of her father, Jan Cornelis.

A1. Cornel(l)is/Knellis/Kornelis/Kornellis Jans married April 4,1763 in Meedhuizen Griete Freeks, both coming from Meedhuizen. [*Note A.G.: According the Meedhuizen church cashbook 1754-1827, in which was recorded that Cornelis Jans and wife Grietje Freeks buried at least seven(!) of their children — the last time a little son on March 28, 1777 — this couple must have had at the end eight children. Only their last daughter Stintie (or Stijntje) Cornelis stayed alive, till she (probably) also died on September 16, 1809 in Meedhuizen, unmarried, at age of 35 years. Those losses must have been very tragic to this married couple!].

A1a. Daughter Stinje (Cornelis), baptized on December 4, 1763 in Meedhuizen. She was buried on December 16, 1763 in Meedhuizen, as it was recorded in a cashbook of the Meedhuizen deacons when they noted the income of 6 stivers and 4 doits "by Kornelis Jans when he buried that day his daughter".

A1b. Son Jan (Cornelis), baptized January 1, 1765 in Meedhuizen. Probably buried on December 19, 1766 in Meedhuizen.

A1c. An unknown child, who was buried on September 23, 1768? [*Note A.G.: Maybe the date of the burial of a child of Jan Knellis on December 19, 1766 in the cashbook of the Meedhuizen church accords the funeral of his son Jan (baptized January 1, 1765) and this unknown child was buried later, like on September 23, 1768???].

A1d. Daughter Aallie or Altin (Cornelis), baptized January 3, 1768 in Meedhuizen. Probably she was buried on October 19, 1769, according the Meedhuizen church cashbook 1754-1827.

A1d. An unknown child, baptizing date is unknown; probably buried on September 28, 1770 in Meedhuizen, as was recorded in the cashbook of the Meedhuizen church.

A1e. Daughter Stijnje (Cornelis), baptized February(?) 16, 1772 in Meedhuizen. Probably she is buried on August 10, 1774 in Meedhuizen.

A1f. Daughter Stintie (or Stijntje) (Cornelis), baptized on January 22, 1775 in the Meedhuizen church [*Note A.G.: In the Meedhuizen church book is recorded that "on September 16, 1809 Stientje Kornelis died in Meedhuizen, about 35 years old, unmarried". Probably the same woman as the before-said Stijntje Cornelis]. The Meedhuizen church cashbook noted also that "on September 19, 1809 they recieved 59 stivers while Stijntije Kornellis was buried that day".

A1g. An unknown son, baptizing date and place unknown, buried in Meedhuizen as "the Little Son of Knellis Jans and Griete Freeks" on March 28, 1777, according the income of 7 stivers as it was noted in the Meedhuizen church cash-book 1754-1827.

[*Note A.G.: Maybe Stijntje Cornelis took care of her parents and their little farm(?) — maybe even the farm of her grandparents? — while In the before-said church cashbook was also recorded that "on April 27 and May 16, 1810 Derk Remkes, Aaltien Eilders, Grietien Jans and Dyntie Poppes paid the church the so-called "boelpenningen" - what means "money from an auction" — of [*the just deceased] Stijntien Kornelys", to a total sum of 38 guilders and 22 stivers (or 39 guilders and 2 stivers.) While in the same cashbook also was recorderd that "Korneelis Jans and wife [*Griete Freeks?] paid on January 19, 1809 (the Meedhuizen deacons) also his "boelpenningen" of 85 guilders, 15 stivers and 5 doits" this public auction probably must be dated in the end of 1808, almost a year before the later death of Stijntje Cornelis, maybe while she was already too ill to continue her management of the (little) Cornelis Jans farm?? Her father was at that time 67 years old and maybe sold the farm by this age?].

A5. Afke/Aafke Jans, before her marriage living from Wagenborgen, province Groningen, Netherlands, married May 15, 1780 by a marriage contract in Wagenborgen to Aike Geerts, baptized January 24, 1740 in Wagenborgen, son of Geert Aikes and [*Unknown]. ]. [* Note A.G.: During the notification of this marriage contract Afke's full cousin Willem Jacobs and his wife Geertien Sijmens signed also this contract]. They had the next children:

A5a. Daughter Grietje Geerts, born on May 24, 1783 in Wagenborgen, baptized May 25, 1783 in the Wagenborgen church.

A5b. Daughter Stijntje/Stientje Aikes (Smid), born July 23, 1784 in Wagenborgen, baptized August 15, 1784 in the Wagenborgen church, died August 1, 1846 in Termunten, province Groningen and lived in the village Termunterzijl, municipality Termunten. She married May 19, 1812 in Termunten (certificate number 13) to Hindrik Sanders, born April 28, 1779 in ... as son of Christiaan Sanders and Anna Maria; he died before 1846; had the profession of laborer. They had the next children:

A5b1. Son Aiko or Heiko (Hindriks) Sanders, born June 25, 1815 in ...; he married November 11, 1837 (certificate number 24) in Termunterzijl Tietje Derks Molema, born September 18, 1816 in ..., as daughter of Tonnis Molema and Imke Berends.

A5d. Son Jan Sanders, born about 1817 in Termunten; he married May 25, 1850 in Termunten (certificate number 10) Frouke Steenhuis, born about 1818 in Nieuwolda, as daughter of Lamko Everts Steenhuis and Lea Jannes Toxopeus.

A5e. Daughter Anna Steenhuis, born August 2, 1820 in Termunten; she died September 16, 1892 in Termunten. She married January 17, 1852 in Termunten (certificate number 1) Harm Jurjens van der Paard, born about 1826 in Borgweer, as son of Jurrien Harms van der Paard and Elizabeth Freerks Vos.

A5. (2m*) A(a)fke Jans remarried March 28, 1785 in Wagenborgen with Tja(de) Alberts (Smit), coming from Rijzum in East-Friesland in West-Germany, near the German sea-harbor Emden, born about 1757 as son of ... and ...
They had the next children:

A5f. Daughter Hilke Alberts, born March 15, 1786 in Wagenborgen, baptized in the same town on March 19, 1786. She probably died in infancy, before 1795.

A5g. Son Albert Tjade(s) Smit, born November 16, 1787 in Wagenborgen, baptized there on November 25, 1787, died on November 10, 1823 in Stadskanaal, province Groningen; he had the profession of black smith's servant and lived in Wagenborgen. He married August 24, 1816 (certificate number 2s3) in Nieuwe Pekela, province Groningen, Immigje Gerrits Bos, born on November 6, 1793 in Emden, East-Friesland, West-Germany, as daughter of Gerrit Jacobs Bos and Grietje Harmsen; she had the profession of female laborer and lived in Stadskanaal.

A5h. Daughter Hilke Albers, born July 30, 1795 in Wagenborgen; baptized there on August 25, 1795.

A5. Afke Jans died before December 1797 while Tjade Alberts (Smit) remarried on December 12, 1797 in Wagenborgen Sijke Heeres (Rozenbeek), born about 1768 in Hannover, Germany as daughter of Heero Rozenbeek and [*Unknown] and died January 17, 1841 in Wagenborgen. They had the next children:

(2m1.) Son Cornelis/Cornelius Tjades Smit, born July 6, 1798 in Wagenborgen, baptized there July 15, 1798, died in Termunterzijl on March 31, 1849; he had the professions of farm laborer, day-laborer and laborer; lived in Wagenborgen, Woldendorp, Termunten and Termunterzijl. Married May 11, 1825 in Termunten (certificate number 10) to Tielke Luitjens Mensinga, born on March 10, 1801 in Termunterzijl, municipality Termunten, as daughter of Luitjen Jans Wijndels and Elske Hindriks; she died before February 14, 1839. Cornelius Tjades remarried February 14, 1839 in Termunten (certificate number 1) Jantje Harms Tilman, born about 1797 in the city Groningen, province Groningen as daughter of Harm Tjallings Tilman and Vrouwke Geerts. On this day they legalized also a former born child.

(2m2.) Son Heerko Tjades, born January 2, 1800 in Wagenborgen, baptized there 17 days later and buried January 12, 1802 in the same town.

(2m3.) Son Heero Tjades, born September 21, 1802 in Wagenborgen and baptized there on September 26, 1802.

(2m4.) Daughter Hillichien Tjaads Smit, born March 16, 1804 in Wagenborgen, baptized there on April 8, 1804 and died in Nieuw Scheemda, municipality Scheemda, province Groningen on April 19, 1869. Profession female laborer. She married December 22, 1830 in Termunten (certificate number ..) Douwe Ebbes Buurma, born February 21, 1805 in Woldendorp as son of Ebbo Hilks Buurman and Martje Derks. His profession was farmer's servant.

(2m5.) Daughter Korneliske Tjades Smit, born May 12, 1807 in Wagenborgen, baptized there on May 17, 1807 and died in Wagenborgen August 26, 1844.

A6. Anje Jans, coming from Meedhuizen married on May 2, 1774 in Meedhuizen Jan Jans (Buur), coming from the "Hooge Sand", [maybe the recent city Hoogezand in the province Groningen or just the municipality 't Zandt?] In the name lists of the members of the Meedhuizern church about 1798 is listed "Shoemaker Jan Jans and wife Anje Jans". In the marriage contract of her sister Afke Jans with her bridegroom Eike Geerts in 1780 is written that "the right of representations (if both marrying people will die without children) will go to the children of the married couple Anje Jans and Jan Jans". About 1810 Jan Jans chose the surname Buur.

A6. Anje Jans died after 1816. Jan Jans Buur died Monday, November 13, 1826 "in the house number 3 in Meedhuizen, 83 years old, shoemaker of profession, living in Meedhuizen, born in Windeweer and Lula[*?], son of Jan Jans Buur and an unknown mother, has lived in Kalkwijk (province Groningen), widower of Anje "Hindriks and leaving no children"]." [*Note A.G.: That surname Hindriks must be a mistake of the Registrar's Office, his wife was named Anje Jans]. Father Jan Jans Buur survived by his age of 83 years all his four children and wife Anje Jans. [*Note A.G.: The Dutch source "NGV computergenealogy" gives as birthdate of Jan Jans Buur May 6, 1746, but that doesn't fit with his age of 83 at his death year 1826]. Jan Jans Buur is also listed in the marriage certificate of his niece Stijntje Hindriks Bult on December 21, 1815 (see A9). Anje Jans and spouse Jan Jans had the next four children:

A6a. Daughter Boukje, baptized on March 19, 1775 in Meedhuizen, according the Meedhuizen church cashbook, in which it was recorded that "they recieved 2 stivers when the Little Daughter of the married couple Jan Jans and Anje Jans was baptized, named Boukje". Died before November 1826.

A6b. Daughter Stijntje (Jans), baptized March 23, 1777 in Meedhuizen. Died before November 1826.

A6c. Son Jan Ennes (Jans), baptized January 30, 1780 in Meedhuizen. Died before November 1826.

A6d. Daughter Bouwchien/Bauchien/Bouchien Jans Buur, born November 28, 1785 in Meedhuizen (according her death record) and baptized there December 5, 1784, according the Meedhuizen churchbooks [*Note A.G.: That year 1784 must be 1785?]. She married later to Albert Wierts(z) (after 1811 Albert Wierts chose the extra surname Scherts and Bou(w)chien Jans had the surname Buur). Albert Wierts was born January 4, 1764 in the village Farmsum(?) (Genlias recorded his birth "about 1770"); his profession was farmer's laborer, living in Farmsum. He died before April 1817 while his widow Bou(w)chien Jans Buur remarried on April 11, 1817 in Delfzijl (certificate number 5) Geert Addes van der Veen, born about 1790 in Hoogezand, as son of Adde Geerts and Wibbigje Klaasen. Bouchien Jans Buur died Tuesday December 1, 1818 in the house, number 3, in Meedhuizen, 33 years old, female laborer of profession, "spouse of Geert Addes van der Veen, leaving four children [*from her first marriage]". December 2, 1818 the notice of her death was given in Delfzijl by her 75 years old father Jan Jans Buur, "schoemaker of profession, living in Meedhuizen". Bou(w)chien Jans Buur was buried 7 days later, on December 7, 1818, according to the Meedhuizen church cashbook 1754-1827 in which was recorded that they recieved some money "when Bouchien, house wife of Geert Addes van der Veen, was buried (there). Her widower Geert Addes van der Veen remarried on April 28, 1820 in Delfzijl Geeske Gerrits Visscher, born November 25, 1784 in Beerta, province Groningen, as daughter of Gerrit Klasen Visscher and Talke Staats. Bou(w)chien Jans Buur and Albert Wierts Scherts had the next children:

A6d1. Daughter Stijntje (Alberts), born January 27, 1805 in Meedhuizen as "daughter of Albert Wiertsz and Bouchien Jans, married people". She was baptized in the Meedhuizen church on February 2, 1805, according the Meedhuizen church cashbook 1754-1827. She must have died before April 1815 by the birth of a second daughter Stijntje in that month.

A6d2. Son Jan Alberts Scherts, born May 9, 1807 in Meedhuizen, municipality Delfzijl, as son of Albert Wierts Scherts and Bouchien Jans Buur; he was baptized in the Meedhuizen church on May 24, 1807. Jan Alberts (Scherts) married on July 24, 1830 in Hoogezand (certificate number 21) Aaltje Sterenberg, 44 years old, born about 1786 as daughter of Gabbe Albartus Sterenberg and Jaapkje Jans Boer.

A6d3. Daughter Anje Scherts, born December 11, 1811 in Farmsum; she married December 2, 1843 in Hoogezand (certificate number 50) Willem Kamphuis, born March 23, 1816 in Muntendam, province Groningen, son of Hindrik Harms Kamphuis and Geertruid Hindriks Sluis.

A6d4. Daughter Stijntje (Alberts Scherts), baptized on April 2, 1815 in the Meedhuizen church, according the Meedhuizen church cashbook. (the same way it was mentioned at the death of mother Bou(w)chien Jans Buur in 1818). She was buried on July 19, 1835, almost 20 years old, like as registered in the Meedhuizen church cashbook 1754-1827 as "Daughter of A.W. [*Albert Wierts] Scherts and Bouchien J. [*Jans] Buur".

The married couple Bou(w)chien Jans Buur and Geert Addes van der Veen had no children.

A6e. Daughter Aaltje (Jans), baptized May 2, 1790 in Meedhuizen (by the visiting minister of Opwierde). Died before November 1826.

A7. Jan Jans (Mulder), coming from Meedhuizen married on June 7, 1795 (he was then 41 years old) in Opwierde Trijntje Hu(i)ges, coming from Opwierde, born on May 26, 1771 in Opwierde as daughter of Hugo Cornelis ( also called Smid, his profession?) and Grietie/Grietje Derks; this couple lost five of their six children in infancy. . [*Note A.G.: according a marriage contract, dated on March 19, 1743 in Delfzijl between the bridegroom Tamme Cornellis and his bride Sieke Pieters his full brothers Hugo and Berend Cornelis acting there also as witnesses, just like their full mother and widow Jantje Huges. The last one must be the grandmother of the before said Trijntje Huges!]. The only surviving daughter Trijntje Hu(i)ges died on July 16, 1817 in Marsum, province Groningen. Her spouse Jan Jans died nine years earlier, on June 13, 1808 in Opwierde. They were farmers in Opwierde, on the "Hooge Warf" — South-East of and rather near the peeling mill of his brother Jelle Jans — and had the next children:

A7a. Daughter Grietje Jans (Mulder), baptized October 16, 1796 in Opwierde. She must have died in infancy.

A7b. Son Hugo Jans (Mulder), baptized May 29, 1799 in Opwierde. Hugo Jans was watchmaker of profession in Appingedam. On July 23, 1825 he married in Appingedam (certificate number 16) Elizabet Boeles Hefting, born August 7, 1797 in Appingedam as daughter of Boeie (or Boele) Matthies Hefting and Geertruid Houwerzijl. [*Note A.G.: the grandparents of the bridegroom were also listed in this marriage certificate as Jan Knellis [means Cornelis] and Stientje Jeltes (from father's side) and Hugo Kornelis and Grietje Derks (from mother's side). One of the witnesses from the bridegroom's side was Derk Fokke Fokkens, 47 years old, silversmith of profession, cousin of the bridegroom by his marriage with Hugo's full niece Jantje Jelles Pelmulder].

A7c. Daughter Stientje Jans (Mulder), baptized December 31(?), 1802 in Opwierde. She died November 30, 1807 in Opwierde, 5 years old.

A7d. Daughter Jantje Jans (Mulder), born March 19, 1806, baptized April 20, 1806 in Opwierde. She married on July 6, 1831 in Appingedam (certificate number 12) Menso Scherphuis Mulder, born June 5, 1806 in Appingedam as son of Jacob Edes Mulder and Frederica Menses Scherphuis, 25 years old, carpenter of profession, like his father was. [*Note A.G.: The grandparents of the bride are also listed in this marriage certificate as Jan Knellis and Stientje Jelles (from father's side) and Hugo Kornelis and Grietje Derks (from mother's side). Menso had a sister, named Lupke Jacobs Mulder, born July 20, 1801 in Appingedam; Lupke married on July 7, 1830 in Appingedam to Tammo Tjaarts Bakker, born April 8, 1801 in Appingedam as son of Wijbe Jannes Bakker and Aeilke Pieters)]. Jantje and Menso had the next children:

A7d1 Son Jacob Edes Mulder, born about 1834 in Appingedam; he died before September 6, 1877. He married on May 14, 1863 in Appingedam (certificate number 15) Pieterke Snitger, born about 1833 in Farmsum, province Groningen, daughter of Heinrich Christoph Snitger and Jantje Fruitier. On September 6, 1877 Pieterke Snitger remarried in Appingedam (certificate number 30) Hindrik Vos, born about 1836 in Appingedam as son of Willem Hindriks Vos and Simondina Jans Vink; Hindrik Vos was widower of Grietje Bruggema.

A7d2 ??

[2m.] Trijntje Huges remarried March 5, 1809 in Opwierde to Hermannus (Elzes) Lot(h), born on December 26, 1781 in Ditzum, East-Friesland in West-Germany as son of Elze Hindriks Bartels and Roelfke Harmannus Lot, laborer of profession and living in Farmsum. The had at least:

[2m1.] Daughter Margaretha Harmannus Loth, born September 12, 1813 in the village Marsum; she married April 13, 1831 in Appingedam (certificate number 7) Pieter Hindriks Smit(h), born March 27, 1802 in Termunten as son of Hindrik Derks Smith and Jantje Hijbes Tammes. This couple had the next children:

[2m1a.] Son Hindrik Smith, born about 1835 in Solwerd, municipality Appingedam; he married October 6, 1860 in Loppersum, province Groningen (certificate number 13) Frederika Oosterheert (also called Helmert), daughter of N.N. and Jantje Jans Oosterheert (or Helmert). Hindrik divorced from her on September 30, 1869 in Appingedam and remarried October 14, 1870 in Delfzijl (certificate number 35) Grietje Groenewold, born about 1841 in Sappemeer, province Groningen, as daughter of Geert Michiels Groenewold and Hillechien Harms Ligger.

[2m1b.] Daughter Harmanna Smith, born April 26, 1843 in Solwerd; she married June 14, 1874 in the city Groningen (certificate number 203) Doede Algera, born September 5, 1842 in Huizum, municipality Leewarderadeel, as son of Anne Jisses Algera and Gelbrig Folkerts Algera.

{2m.}Hermannus (Elzes) Lot(h) remarried on March 24, 1818 in Appingedam (certificate number 5) Derkijn (or Derkje) Wilkes Hesse, born December 1, 1793 in Termunten as daughter of Wilko Hesse and Rensijn Jans. [*Note A.G.: Her father Wilko Hesse was born on January 4, 1761, farmer of profession, living in Leermens, province Groningen]. She must have deceased before June 1835 while ({3m}Harmannus (Elzes) Lot(h) remarried for the third time on June 13, 1835 in Loppersum Arentje Christiaans Ruitenga, born about 1812 in Loppersum, as daughter of Christiaan Harms Ruitenga and Antje Thomas Pothof.

{2m}Hermannus Elzes Loth and Derkijn/Derkje Wilkes Hesse had the next children:

{2m1.} Daughter Antje Loth, born about 1838 in Appingedam; she died before April 15, 1875 in ... She married July 2, 1864 (certificate number 12) in the municipality 't Zandt, province Groningen, Lauwe Doornbos, born about 1841 in Godlinze as son of Albert Pieters Berends Doornbos and Anje Lauwes Fokkens. The had at least a son ({2m1a.}Albert Doornbos, born about 1867 in Oosterwijtwerd; he married November 11,1893 in Kantens, province Groningen (certificate number 9) Antje Steenhuis, born about 1870 in Toornwerd, municipality Middelstum, province Groningen, as daughter of Jan Steenhuis and Anje Mulder. Father (<2m> Lauwe Doornbos remarried April 15, 1875 in 't Zandt (certificate number 4) Jakoba Nieboer, widow of Herman Doornbos, born in 1845 in the city Groningen, as daughter of Albert Nieboer and Megchelina Jakobs Holthuis. [*Note A.G.: in the Genlias marriage record is written that Lauwe Doornbos was the widower of Antje "Pot", but that must be, in my opinion, a typo!]. Lauwe Doornbos died before April 22, 1882, the date of Jakoba's third marriage in Kantens with Kornelis Medendorp.

{2m2} ??

A9. Aaltje/Aaltie Jans married on November 13, 1785 in the town Weiwerd, province Groningen Hindrik Berends (Bult), living in the "Weiwerder Meeden", born October 4, 1751 (according the source "NGV computergegealogy"), was baptized on April 9, 1752 in Meeden as son of Berend Jans and Geeske Hendriks (the parents were married by a marriage contract on December 29, 1747 in Midwolda, province Groningen). [*Note A.G.: Another source gave as birth year 1743]. At this marriage Hindrik Berends (Bult) was the widower of Grietje or Grietie Reintjes or Reinties (coming from Weiwerd, widow of Hindrik Roelfs) with who Hindrik Berends was married since October 16, 1774 in Weiwerd; [1m]Grietje/Grietie Reintjes/Reinties died on May 23, 1784 and was buried in Weiwerd, 5 days later. [After her death the inventory of their (im)movables was registered on October 22, 1785 according "a farmstead with 13½ "deimpt, beklemd" land [*= about 6¾ hectare], 2 old horses, 4 cows, 4 young cows, 10 sheeps, 2 pigs, 2 sold foals and all the other goods"]. Hindrik and [1m]Grietje had at least the next children:

[1m1]. Son Jan (Hindriks Bult), born January(?) 11, 1778, baptized on January 25, 1778 in the Weiwerd church; "as son of Hindrik Beerends Bult and wife Grietje Reintjes"; he married October 25, 1816 in Delfzijl (certificate number s2) as laborer (and later also farmer) the maid-servant Tietje Kornelis Stol(te), born August 21, 1791 in ... as daughter of [*the deceased?] Cornelis Roelfs and the female farmer Geertruid Hindriks. [*Note A.G.: To confuse us, be aware that the father Hindrik Berends Bult had two different sons, both of which were named Jan Hindriks Bult! In my opinion the first son Jan Hindriks Bult, born in 1778 in Weiwerd, was called to the first spouse of Grietje Reintjes, named Hindrik Roelfs; the second son Jan Hindriks Bult, born 12 years later in 1790 in Weiwerd, must be called to the second spouse of Grietje Reintjes, named with the same first name Hindrik (Be(e)ends Bult) as her first spouse! Besides that there was also a marriage on March 1, 1893 in Termunten (certificate number 3) of Kornelis Bult, son of farmer Hindrik Jans Bult and wife Trijntje Hindriks Bons and grandson of Jan Hindriks Bult and wife Tietje Kornelis Stol(te) with his bride Geertruida Meedema, daughter of the farmer Jan Klaassens Medema and his wife Grietje Jans Bult and also granddaughter of Jan Hindriks Bult and wife Tietje Kornelis Stol(te)]. Jan Hindriks Bult and Tietje Kornelis Stol had at least the next two children:

[1m1a]. Hindrik Jans Bult, born about 1817 in Wagenborgen; later part of the municipality Termunten; married April 6, 1844 as a farmer in Termunten (certificate number 3) Trijntje Hindriks Bons, born about 1819 in Oterdum, municipality Termunten(?), province Groningen, as daughter of Hindrik Jans Bons and Hilke Jans Hijbels. This couple had at least four children. [*Note A.G.: like before said, his grandson Kornelis Bult married in 1893 in Termunten granddaughter Geertruida Meedema of his sister Grietje Jans (Bult) Medema].

[1m1b] Grietje Jans Bult, born October 4, 1825 in Wagenborgen "as daughter of farmer Jan Hindriks Bult and Tietje Kornelis Stol(te)"; she married on June 2, 1843 in Delfzijl (certificate number 24) the farmers help (and later farmer) Jan Klaassens Me(e)dema, born on March 11, 1810 in Meedhuizen as son of the farmers Klaas Migchiels Medema and Anje Luurts. This couple had at least five sons and three daughters.[*Note A.G.: see also the before said note!].

Aaltje Jans died March 26, 1810 in Weiwerd, "leaving a son and three daughters", according the Weiwerd church-books. The death of her spouse Hindrik Berends in Weiwerd was noted on Thursday April 2, 1829 in the town hall of Delfzijl: "On April 2, 1829 Hindrik Berends Bult was deceased in the house number 55 in Weiwerd, 77 years old, farmer of profession, living in Weiwerd, son of the deceased Berend Jans, by life laborer, and of Geeske Hindriks, have lived on the Meeden, born in Stedum(?) [*province Groningen], widower of Aaltje Jans, leaving five children". [*Note A.G.: Talking about those five children: Hindrik Berends Bult had one son Jan Hindriks Bult from his first wife Grietje Reintjes and four from his second wife Aaltje Jans, with for the second time(!) also a son named Jan Hindriks Bult see my notes before!]. By the French law in 1811 Hindrik Be(e)rends must have chosen the surname Bult. They had four children:

A9a. Jan Hindriks Bult, born March 14, 1790 in Weiwerd "as son of Hindrik Berends Bult and Aaltje Jans"; he married December 15, 1814 in Delfzijl (certificate number 23) Lisabeth Frederiks Korf(f),, born February 12, 1792 in ... as daughter of the farmer Frederik Arends Korf and Marieke Stoffers. Lisabeth Frederiks Korf(f) must have died before August 1831. Her widow Jan Hindriks remarried August 11, 1831 in Delfzijl (certificate number 13) "as land user" Albertjen Meinderts Spanjer, born January 9, 1803 in Nieuwolda, as daughter of the laborer Meinder(t) Beerends Spanjer and Epke Tiddes, legalizing also one former born child (*their daughter Epke Bult). [*Note A.G.: In the marriage certificate of his daughter Maria in August 1842 is noted that "her father Jan Hindriks Bult was a farmer". However, just a month later, during the marriage of his son Fredrik Jans Bult in September 1842, the profession of father Jan Hindriks Bult was noted "as laborer". It seemed that in this month father Jan Hindriks Bult lost his (little?) farmstead?? The loss of his farmstead in those agricultural disasterous years 1842-1846 could be caused by the very bad situation of the Groningen farmers by human deseases like cholera, a severe cow desease and the upcoming and heavily destructive "potato decease"]. From the both marriages were born the following children (*Hindrik Berends Bult's first five children came from his first marriage):

A9a1. Son Fredrik Jans Bult, born May 12, 1815 in Weiwerd; he married September 9, 1842 in Delfzijl (certificate number 25) as farm laborer the needlewoman Maria Fredriks Heinemann, born June 11, 1823 in Meedhuizen, municipality Delfzijl, as daughter of (the tailor) Fredrik Heinemann and Grietje Jans Medema.

A9a2. Daughter Aaltje Jans Bult, twin with her brother Fredrik Jans Bult, born May 12, 1815 in Weiwerd; she married June 18, 1836 in Delfzijl (certificate number 18) Jacob Derks van der Bult, born June 19, 1803 in Meedhuizen, as son of Derk Jans van der Bult and Grietje Jacobs Venema; he died before April 5, 1862. Aaltje Jans remarried April 5, 1862 in the municipality Slochteren, province Groningen (certificate number 11) the laborer Jakob Wieringa, born about 1821 in Siddeburen, municipality Slochteren, as son of Jan Hindriks Wieringa and Grietje Jakobs Veldman; he was widower of Sijke Siwerts Bosman.

A9a3. Daughter Maria Jans Bult, born April 25, 1817 in Weiwerd; she married August 12, 1842 in Delfzijl (certificate number 21) Geert Berend Braamhorst, born March 29, 1821 in Termunterzijl, as son of Berent Geerts Braamhorst and Martje Jans Haikens.

A9a4. Son Hindrik Jans Bult, born April 30, 1819 in Weiwerd, municipality Delfzijl; as farmers help, he married September 7, 1844 in Termunten (certificate number 13) Kundina Menses van Dijk, born April 9, 1820 in Wagenborgen, municipality Termunten, as daughter of Menso Harms van Dijk and Beertje Hinderikus Hamhuis. (They had nine children).

A9a5. Daughter Trijntje Bult, born about 1821 in Weiwerd; she married May 15, 1856 in Termunten (certificate number 10) as maid-servant the farmers servant Johannes Lode, born about 1829 in Meedhuizen, as son of Geert Jans Lode and Anna Freeks.

A9a6. Daughter Epke Bult, born about 1831 (before August) in Meedhuizen; [*Note A.G.: she was the first child of Jan Hindriks Bult's second wife Albertjen Meinderts Spanjer]; she married February 26, 1868 in Termunten (certificate number 2) the shoemaker Haijo Krul, born about 1838 in Hellum, municipality Delfzijl (probably?), as son of the shoemaker Geert Karels Krul and Jantje Haijes van der Vlag.

A9a7. Daughter Antje Bult, born about 1833 in Farmsum; married November 18, 1863 in Termunten (certificate number 20) Okko Looijer, born about 1836 in Woldendorp, province Groningen, as son of Tjabring Berends Looijer and Wea Okkes Bosker.

A9a8. Daughter Stientje Bult, born about 1836 in Farmsum; she married October 29, 1862 in Termunten (certificate number 27) Hindrik Swarberg, born about 1832 in Siddeburen, as son of of shoemaker Herman Henrich Swarberg and Trientje Harms Primee.

A9a9. Son Tiddo Bult, born about 1840 in Wagenborgen; he married August 31, 1864 in Termunten (certificate number 18) as farmers servant the maid Elizabet Wieringa, born about 1840 in Siddeburen, as daughter of the laborer Jan Hindriks Wieringa and Tallechien Alberts Hakkeling.

A9a10. Son Meindert Bult, born about 1843 in Wagenborgen, married November 1, 1871 in the municipality Termunten (certificate number 22) as farmers servant the maid-servant Menna Bultje, born about 1847 in Termunten as daughter of the laborer Pieter Martens Bultje and Ellechien Menkes Ennen.

A9b. Stijntje Hindriks Bult, born March 16, 1794 in Weiwerd. Stijntje married on December 21, 1815 (certificate number 32) in Delfzijl, the sea harbor of the province Groningen, Hittje Hindriks Wolthuis, born December 25, 1785 in Siddeburen, province Groningen, as son of Hindrik Abels (Wolthuis) and Jantje Hittjes (Mos). He lived in Heveskes, province Groningen with the profession of laborer. [*Note A.G.: In Stijntje's marriage attachments in 1815 was recorded that "(her uncle) Jan Jans Buur and two other witnesses declared that the name of Stijntje's mother wasn't Aaltje Roelfs, as recorded in the baptizing church books of Weiwerd, but Aaltje Jans, the second wife of Hendrik Berends Bult; she was deceased on March 27, 1810, 52 years old]. Stijntje and Hittje had at least one daughter:

A9b1. Daughter Jantje Hittjes Wolthuis, born December 4, 1816 in Wagenborgen; she married May 20, 1842 in Delfzijl (certificate number ..) Hendrik Hendriks Dik, widower of Jaaptje Hindriks Bootsman; he was born on August 27, 1808 in Meedhuizen, as son of Hendrik Freerks Dik and Tijtjen Hindriks Dik.

A9c. Geeske or Geessien Hindriks Bult, born July 10, 1791 in Weiwerd. Geeske married May 3, 1813 in Nieuwolda, province Groningen Christiaan Derks Edeler, born October 21, 1777 in the town Rehme, Germany and died May 24, 1833 in Nieuwolda, province Groningen. Geeske remarried on August 27, 1834 in Nieuwolda Johann Christoph Edeler, her brother-in-law, born June 20, 1792 in Rehme, Germany; he died on December 13, 1837 in Nieuwolda. Geeske remarried for the third time on October 17, 1839 in Nieuwolda Geert Jans Schepel, born December 28, 1790 in Noordbroeksterhamrik, province Groningen, son of Jan Gerrits and Aaltje Geerts Schepel. Geert Jans Schepel was widower of his first wife Grietje Meertens Bouwman and also of Zwaantje Gerrits Timmer. Geeske Hindriks Bult had from her marriages the next children, all born in Niewolda:

A9c1. Daughter Aaltje (Christiaans) Edeler, born April 17, 1814; died in infancy June 16, 1814.

A9c2. Son Hindrik Edeler, born July 9, 1815; died in infancy November 11, 1816.

A9c3. Son Hindrik Christiaans Edeler, born September 24, 1817; died on January 30, 1899 in Siddeburen. He married on January 8, 1842 in Slochteren Gielje Hendriks Kiel, born June 23, 1817 in Nieuw-Scheemda as daughter of Hindrik Aries Kiel and Martje Simons Breede(r). The married couple had in Siddeburen the next children:

A9c3a. Daughter Martje Edeler, born October 23, 1842; died in Siddeburen on June 16, 1870

A9c3b. Daughter Geessien Edeler, born October 16, 1844; she married June 2, 1869 in Termunten Jan Timmer, born about 1840/41 in Wagenborgen as son of Fokko Jan Timmer and Annechien Meinardus Schenkel.

A9c3c. Son Hendrik Aries Edeler, born October 1, 1847; died on January 26, 1944 in Slochteren. He married March 17, 1873 in Slochteren Klaassien Blokzijl, born March 11, 1856 in Scharmer and died December 18, 1898 in Slochteren. Hendrik Aries Edeler remarried on October 20, 1900 in Hellum, province Groningen Martje de Haan, born June 23, 1845 in Hellum as daughter of Hendrik Everts (de) Haan and Jantje Klaassen; she died on December 26, 1920 in Slochteren and was also buried there. Martje was the widow of Jannes Kamminga, son of Jurjen Folmers Kamminga and Jantje Jans Zomerdijk, with who she was married on December 18, 1865 in Appingedam. The first marriage gave eleven children, the second none. Five children died in infancy.

A9c3d. Son Christiaan Edeler, born October 8, 1850.

A9c3e. Son Simon Edeler, born February 18, 1852; died June 13, 1897 in Siddeburen.

A9c3f. Son Johannes Edeler, born May 5, 1856, died August 23, 1860.

A9c4. Daughter Aaltje Edeler, born August 3, 1820; died on May 8, 1907 in Siddeburen; she married May 18, 1844 in Slochteren, province Groningen Antoni Derks Romeling, born about 1820/21 in Noordbroek, province Groningen, as son of Derk Antonius Romeling and Geertje Fokkes van der Schilt; he died before 1907.

A9c5. Daughter Magdalena Edeler, born May 13, 1823; she married on June 4, 1857 in Termunten Hindrik Ekamp, born about 1819/1820 in Finsterwolde, province Groningen as son of Eltjo Jans Ekamp and Aaltjen Jakobs.

A9c6. Son Johannes Edeler, born November 9, 1826; died February 23, 1827.

A9c7. Son Johannes Edeler, born March 29, 1828; died March 16, 1829.

A9c8. Daughter Johanna Edeler, born March 10, 1830; died June 4, 1831.

A9d. Daughter Aafke (Hindriks Bult), baptized April 5, 1801 in Weiwerd (after 1810 part of the municipality Delfzijl); she married March 11, 1826 in Termunten (certificate number 3) Jan Wolters Musch, born about 1803 in Wagenborgen (after 1810 muncipality Termunten), son of Jan Derks Musch and Anje Jans. They had at least the next four children:

A9d1. Daughter Aaltje Jans Musch, born about 1827 in Wagenborgen; she married May 13, 1852 in Termunten (certificate number 9) Bartelt van der Scheer, born about 1825 in Heveskes, province Groningen, as son of Jan Bartelds van der Scheer and Jantje Jans Kabof.

A9d2. Daughter Anje Jans Musch, born about 1831 in Wagenborgen; she married February 24, 1855 in Termunten (certificate number 4) Dato Steenhuis, born about 1829 in Nieuwolda, as son of Hindrik Jans Steenhuis and Lientjen Dates Perdok. (The marrying couple legalized at their marriage one child).

A9d3. Son Jan Musch, born about 1836 in Wagenborgen; he married June 8, 1861 in Scheemda, province Groningen (certificate number 19) Hillechien Muntinga, born about 1842 in Westerlee, province Groningen, as daughter of Luppo Hindriks Muntinga and Elisabeth Tonnis.

A9d4. Daughter Geeske Musch, born about 1842 in Wagenborgen; she married December 13, 1865 in Termunten (certificate number 23) Berend Schuitema, born about 1829 in Wagenborgen, as son of Jurrien Alberts Schuitema and Jantje Berends Winter. The had at least the next three children:

A9d4a. Son Jurrien Schuitema, born about 1866 in Wagenborgen; he married first to Frouwke Wisman and after her death he remarried on April 28, 1898 in Termunten (certificate number 6) Antje Tul, born about 1864 in Borgsweer, municipality Termunten, as daughter of Fillipus Tul and Albertje Ploeger. (She was the widow of Cornelius Steenhuis).

A9d4b. Daughter Jantje Schuitema, born about 1870 in Wagenborgen; she married August 13, 1890 in Delfzijl (certificate number 38) Koert Jager, born about 1870 in Woldendorp, province Groningen, as son of Hindrik Jager and Trijntje Mulder.

A9d4c. Daughter Aafke Schuitema, born about 1871 in Oterdum, municipality Delfzijl; she married May 23, 1890 in Finsterwolde, province Groningen Evert Boog, born about 1862 in Finsterwolde, as son of Wilko Boog and Janna van der Veen.

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Transcribed and translated: Albert Geurink.
Date: December 3 till 29, 2004.
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*(2m)=Second Marriage

**N.N.=No Name

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