The Pelmulder Family in the Netherlands

Back in the early days of the Netherlands, the children where named with their father's name as a middle or ending name. So, as an example, if John was the father of Joseph, then "Joseph Johns" would have been the full name for the son. This indicated that he was "John's son". This held true for the females as well. If Katherine was the daughter of John, then "Katherine Johns" would be the full name.

Because of these naming rules, we are able to determine that Jan Cornellis' father would have been Cornelis (something). Since we don't know who his father was, we cannot add the second name for this Cornelis. Therefore, our lineage begins with Cornelis. The surnames came in during the time of Napoleon, in the early 1800's, and will be dealt with under that heading.

I. Cornelis Unknown b. Abt. 1679; married to: Unknown

  A. Jan Cornellis b. Abt. 1709 in Meedhuizen, Groningen, Netherlands; married November 15, 1739 in Opwierde, Groningen, Netherlands: Stijnje Jelles b. Abt. 1719 in Opwierde, Groningen, Netherlands

    1. Jelle Jans (also called Mulder) b. Abt 1748 d. Apr 14, 1810 in Opwierda, Appingedam, Netherlands
    m. Aug 7, 1784 in Church in Solwerd, near Appingedam, Groningen, Netherlands
    Anje Pieters baptized Oct 26, 1755 in Uitwierda, Netherlands d. Dec 17, 1821 House #83 Appingedam,        Netherlands
      (Father: Pieter Geerts; Mother: Jantje Derks)
      a. Jan Jelles b. Apr 15, 1793 in Opwierda, Appingedam, Netherlands d. Aug 12, 1820 House #82        Tjamsweer, Appingedam, Netherlands
       m. Sep 12, 1815 Appingedam, Netherlands
       Martje Alberts b. Abt. Dec 16, 1792 Tjamsweer, Netherlands d. Dec 3, 1847 Appingedam, Netherlands
           (Father: Albert Stoffers; Mother: Aaltje Hemmes)


Jelle Jans was a peel miller in Opwierda, county Groningen and church-warden, elder and deacon of the Opwierda church, born about 1748 in ______ to Jan (Unknown) and wife (Unknown), died April 14, 1810 in Opwierda, Appingedam, 62 years old. Jelle Jans had a brother Jan Jans, mentioned in Jelle's notarial marriage contract of July 30, 1784; brother Jan is believed to later have married Aaltje Derks. The official marriage of Jelle Jans took place 7 August 1784 in the church in Solwerd, which became part of the municipality of Appingedam after 1810, a province Groningen, to Anje Pieters, widow of her second husband, Roelf Jacobs. Anje is the natural and sole living daughter of Pieter (Peter) Geerts and Jantje Derks, farmers in Uitwierda, near Appingedam, later a part of the municipality of Delfzijl, province Groningen. Jantje Derks first husband was Rotgert Roelofs. This couple had a son, Roelf Rotgers, a half-brother to Anje Pieters.

Anje Pieters was baptized October 26, 1755 in the church of Uitwierda as the only living child and daughter of Pieter Geerts and widow Jantje Derks. Anje was first married on October 2, 1774 in the church of Uitwierda to Klaas Onnes, son of Onne Jacobs, and was from Solwerd. On January 31, 1777, Anje and Klaas batpized their son, Onne, in the church of Solwerd. This child probably died in infancy after August 1784. After the death of her first spouse, Anje remarried on December 31, 1780 in the church of Solwerd, Roelof/Roelf/Roelef Jacobs (later called Roelf Jacobs de Wilde). Anje Pieters died on Monday December 17, 1821 in house number 83 in Appingedam. She was 66 years old.

Children of Roelof Jacobs (de Wilde) and Anje Pieters:

Pieter Roelfs, son of Roelof Jacobs and Anje Pieters, was born December 31, 1782 in Solwerd, county Groningen and died April 25, 1854 at 19 hours (7 p.m.) in Appingedam. He was married to Harmke Meertens (Luursema) before 1811. Pieter Roelfs, later took the surname of Mulder. He remarried.

Children of Jelle Jans and Anje Pieters:

Jantje Jelles Pelmulder, was baptized 13 November 1785, in the church of Solwerd, and died Thursday 8 July 1824 in the house (number 83) that her mother, Anje Pieters had died in 2 ½ years before. She was married 3 June 1805, in Appingedam, to Derk Fokkes Fokkens, who was a gold- and silversmith and keeper of a loan bank. About 1830, Mr. Fokkens was the elderman in the city of Appingedam. He was born 10 or 13 Nov. 1782 in Appingedam, and died in Appingedam, 21 Jan. 1859. He was the son of Fokke Hindriks Fokkens and Eltje Willems. Derk remarried 22 Feb. 1832 in Appingedam, Katharina Knijpenga, (registration number 2). Katharina was born 11 Dec. 1796 in Solwerd, and died 7 March 1878 in Appingedam (?). She was the daughter of Hajo Knijpenga and Antje Levij Smit.

Children of Jantje Jelles Pelmulder and Derk Fokkes Fokkens:

Fokke (Derks) Fokkens was born 16 Oct. 1806 in Appingedam, and remained unmarried. He died 4 Oct. 1831 in the county town Groningen, county Groningen. He apparently served in the military.

Antje (Derks) Fokkens was born 23 Sept. 1809 in Appingedam and remained unmarried. She died 23 Nov 1859 in the same town.

Debora (Derks) Fokkens was born 1 Jan. 1812 in Appingedam and married, 28 April 1836 in Appingedam (certificate number 8), Aielt Hendriks Wumkes, who was born 1 March 1808 in Midlum, Germany. Aielt was the son of Hindrik Wirtjes Wumkes and Janna Aielts. This couple had a son named Dirk Aeilt Wumkes who died May 12, 1910 at age 70. He was a thread-manufacturer in Joure, province Friesland. Aug. 14, 1868 he was married in Appingedam to Jantje Smith (certificate number 20).

Jelte or Jelle (Derks) Fokkens was a baker and shopkeeper. He was born 13 Aug. 1814 in Appingedam, and married, 31 May 1838 (certificate number 16) in Appingedam, Maria Margaretha Scherphuis, who was born 25 May 1817 in Opwierde, and died 14 April 1858 in Appingedam. Maria was the daughter of Thies Klaassen Scherphuis and Grietje Berends Wold. Jelte and Maria were the parents of four boys. After Maria's death, Jelte (or Jelle) remarried on 10 April 1863 in Appingedam (registration number 8), Johanna Sterenberg, the widow of Izabrand Meinderst Bos, who was born about 1813 in Appingedam. Johanna was the daughter of Hindrik Sterenberg and Alberdina Drijfhamer.

Jan Jelles Pelmulder, was a peel miller in Opwierda, municipality Appingedam, and baptized April 15, 1793 in the church of Opwierde. He died Saturday, Aug. 12, 1820 in house number 82 in Tjamsweer at age 26 years. On 12 Sept, 1815, at age 22 in Appingedam, he married Martje Alberts van Dijk. She was 22 years old, baptized Dec. 16, 1792 in Tjamsweer. She was the daughter of Albert Stoffers (van Dijk) from Tjamsweer, and Aaltje Hemmes, from Uitwierda. They were farmers in Tjamsweer. Albert Stoffers and Aaltje Hemmes were married May 1, 1776 in the church of Uitwierda. Martje had one brother, Stoffer Berends van Dijk, who was baptized Sept. 13, 1778 in the church of Tjamsweer. He married at age 53 on Dec. 14, 1831 in Appingedam, Lizebeth Alderts Noordhuis, who was 43 years old. Lizebeth was born Sept. 21, 1788 in Uithuizen, county Groningen, and was the widow of Jan Hendriks Bolman. She was the daughter of Aldert Jans Noordhuis and Trijntje Jans. Albert Stoffers was a farmer in Kinsweer, and born about 1746 in (unknown). He died May 11, 1810 in Kimsweer, ten days after the death of his almost 9 year younger wife, Aaltje, who was born about 1755 in (unknown). The father of Albert Stoffers was Stoffer Beerents, who remarried(?) June 29, 1782 in Appingedam, to Aaltjen Derks.[Note from Albert: Stoffer Beerents' wife Aaltje Derks was probably related, possibly even a sister?, to the mother of Anje Pieters, Jantje Derks.] After the death of Jan Jelles Pelmulder, in 1820, his widow, Martje Alberts van Dijk remarried on May 23, 1832 in Appingedam (certificate number 5) Pieter Luitjes Tietema. Pieter was 44, being born Oct. 21, 1787 in Loppersum, province Groningen. He was the son of Luitje Jans and Maria Sjobbema. Martje Alberts died Dec. 3, 1847 at 23 (11:00 p.m.) hours in Tjamsweer. She was 53 years old.

Children of Jan Jelles Pelmulder and Martje Alberts van Dijk:

Jelle Jans Pelmulder born Saturday 1 Mar 1817 at 23 hours (11:00 pm) in house number 5 in Opwierde, Appingedam. He married May 1, 1841 in westdongeradeel, county Friesland, The Netherlands, (certificate number 9) Trijntje Klazes Herringa/Heringa, daughter of Klaas Tjepkes Heeringa/Heringa/Heerenga and Trijntje Douwes. He was a teacher in Bonwird, county Friesland, till he emigrated with his wife and 5 children in 1855 to Pella, Iowa, USA.

Aaltje Jans Pelmulder born on Sunday 19 Dec 1819 between 0 and 1 hour (midnight and 1:00 am) in house number 94, second suburb, in Appingedam; she married at age 20 years on Friday 12 June 1840 in Appingedam (certificate number 18) the 35 year old Hindrik Jacobs Bos, born 9 Mar 1805 in Heveskes, county Groningen(?), son of Jacob Folkerts Bos, farmer in Scheemda, and Geertjen Heijes Ritzes.

Children of Aaltje Jans Pelmulder and Hindrik Jacobs Bos:

Geertje Bos, born about 1841 in 't Zandt, county Groningen, married 19 Dec 1867 in Appingedam (certificate number 28) to Harm Hofkamp, born about 1839 in Beerta, county Groningen, son of Tonnis Harms Hofkamp and Pieterdina van der Tuuk.

Martje Bos, born about 1844 in Zijldijk, county Groningen, married 27 Apr 1876 in Appingedam (certificate number 10)Egge Tjaarts Wiersum, born about 1853 in Appingedam, son of Tjaart Egges Wiersum and Anje Pieters Mulder.

Jan Bos, born about 1845 in the town 't Zandt, county Groningen, married 29 Mar 1873 in Uithuizen (certificate number 6) Grietje Siekman, born about 1847 in Uithuizen, county Groningen, daughter of Hindrik Adolfs Siekman and Johanna Pieters Snijders.

Bouwina Bos, born about 1848 in 't Zandt, married 26 May 1876 in appingedam Marten Crol, born about 1846 in Appingedam, son of Jacobus Klaassens Crol and Geertruida Willemina Burema.

Nijnke Bos, born about 1851 in 't Zandt, married 21 May 1880 Pieter (Tjaarts) Wiersum, born about 1854 in Appingedam, son of Tjaart Egges Wiersum and Anje Pieters Mulder (who was a daughter of Pieter Roelfs Mulder). (NOTE: Pieter must be a brother to Egge Tjaarts Wiersum above).

Children of Pieter Luitjes Tietema and Martje Alberts van Dijk:

Marie Tietema born ____ in _____, died ____ in _____

Albert Luitje Tietema born ____ in _____, died ____ in _____

Kornelis Jelles Pelmulder, miller's servand and later day-laborer, born 28 Jan 1798 in Opwierde, married at age 24 years 13 June 1822 in Ezenge, municipality Winsum, county Groningen, the Netherlands, the 21 year old Martje Johannes Hekkema, born 18 January, 1801 (the marriage recornd said Martje was born January 18, 1801, her death record states April 15, 1800) in Zuidhorn, county Groningen, daughter of Johannes Gerrits Hekkema and Hiltje Tjebbes, day laborers in Zuidhorn. Martje Johannes Hekkema died on Wednesday November 29, 1826 in house number 36 in Ezinge at 18 hours (6:00 pm). She died at 26 years of age, and only 11 months after the death of her third infant child. When and where Kornelis Jelles Pelmulder died is still unknown.

Children of Kornelis Jelles Pelmulder and Martje Johannes Hekkema:

Jelle Kornelis Pelmulder, born July 11, 1823 in Ezinge, now a municipality of Winsum, county Groningen, and died Monday March 7, 1826 in house number 95 in Ezinge. He was just past 2 years of age.

Johannes Kornelis Pelmulder, born October 14, 1824 in Ezinge, died October 21, 1824 in Ezinge. He was just one week old.

Hiltje Kornelis Pelmulder, born August 17, 1825 in Ezinge, and died Sunday September 18, 1825 at 3 hours (3:00 am) in house number 95 in Ezinge. She was just one month old.

Transcribed from the original records by Albert Geurink.

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