The Stijnje Jelles Tree in Slochteren and Meedhuizen.

1. Jelte Eewkes/Euwkes/Ewkes, on June 14, 1657 recorded as "church warden" in churchbooks of Slochteren, province Groningen, the Netherlands, married on October 8, 1648 in Slochteren Gebbe (or Gepke) Roelofs, probably baptized on June 15, 1625 in the Slochteren church as was recorded as "Gebbe, daughter of [...] [*Unreadable script, must be the first name "Roelof"] Jans".

[*Note A.G.: Roelof Jans has more children: I found in the churchbooks a daughter Zancken (Roelofs), baptized on January 25, 1622 in Slochteren, a daughter Triene (Roelofs), baptized on July 16, 1628 in the same town and a daughter Trine (Jans), baptized on April 21, 1630 in dito] On June 14, 1657 Jelte Eewkes received his membership of the "Nederlands Hervormde" [* means "Dutch Reformed"] parish of the Slochteren church.

This couple had at least four children.

  1. Son Eewke (Jeltes), baptized on June 10, 1649 in Slochteren. (Possibly this son later married Grietje [*unknown] according a 1671 baptizing record from the Slochteren churchbook that "June 25, 1671 a child Ian/(Jan) (Euwes) was baptized, son of Euwe ... and Grietje").
  2. Daughter Petercke [*Old Dutch for Peterke] (Jeltes), baptized on September 29, 1652 in the Slochteren church. (In her 1652 baptizing transcription she was recorded as "daughter of Ielle Euwkes and wife Gebbe").
  3. Son Rolef/Roelf (Jeltes), baptized on December 27, 1656 in Slochteren; he was buried on November 22, 1718 in Slochteren, almost 62 years old. He married on May 14, 1682 in Slochteren Aeltjen Sicces, coming from Siddeburen, province Groningen, daughter of Sicce [*Unknown] and [*Unknown]. In March 1688(?) this married couple confessed their faith in the Slochteren (Dutch) Reformed church. On December 20, 1701 the book keeper of the Slochteren church wrote in his 1690-1735 cash book that he "recieved from Roelef Jeldes a sum of 19 stivers according 'een peulke'(??) from the auction money of Styvke(?) Jacobs". Rolef Jeltes must have died before 1720, because in the 1720 cashbook of the Poors of the Slochteren church was recorded: "[*the poor?] Roelfke Jans was hosted for a year [*in the home] of the widow of Roelf Jeltes [*must be Aeltjen Sicces], where [this person] will own a pair of shoes and a pair of 'veelse'(?) trousers". In 1726 this widow [*Aeltjen Sicces] hosted also a [*poor?] man Arent Garms, for 5 stivers "sleeping and hosting money a week", as it was recorded in the cashbook of the Slochteren church on December 23, 1726 and February 15, 1727. That year she also received 1 guilder and ... stivers for "3 weeks sleeping money and the making of 6 new shirts for [*her boarder] Arent (Garms)". In October 1731 Aeltjen Sicces was still alive by a record of the Slochteren cashbook: "In October 1731 [*we] paid 2 stivers to the widow of Roelef Jeltes, according two "spint of kalik(?) [*means "kalk" or lime?]". They have at least 11 children.
  4. An [*unknown] child (Jeltes), baptized on November 5, 1658 in Slochteren. (Maybe this child was named as Martje (Jeltes), who married later in Slochteren to her spouse Siert Jans? According to the Slochteren church books this couple had a son Jelte (Sierts), baptized on September 12, 1680 "as son of Siert Jans and Martjen Jeltes"; this name Jelte indicates that he could be related to the before-said ancestor Jelte Ewkes? But to confuse us, I found also a "on February 10, 1678 baptized child Jelte (Abels), son of Abel Berents and wife Jantien Jeltes").

[*Note A.G.: In the baptizing books of the Dutch Reformed church of Slochteren is also recorded that "on March 13, 1622 a child Jan was baptized, son of Jelde Ewckes [*Old Dutch for Jelte Ewkes]", "on July 21, 1627 a child Mette, daughter of [*the same] Jelde Ewckens" and "on October 20, 1633 a child Hinrich, son of [*the same] Jelde Ewckes". Alas, the mother wasn't recorded here; maybe the daughter Mette was named to her? Therefore we don't know if "our" Jelte Ewkes was widower when he (re?)married in 1848 Gepke Roelofs.

The daughter Mette Jeltes married Siabbe/Sjabbe Alber(t)s and had the next children:

  • Daughter Gebbe (Sjabbes), baptized on March 28, 1647 in the Slochteren church.
  • Son Albert (Sjabbes), baptized on September 24, 1648 in the Slochteren church.
  • Daughter Fenne (Sjabbes), baptized on October 20, 1650 in the Slochteren church.
  • Daughter Peterken (Sjabbes), baptized on February 5, 1654 in the Slochteren church.
  • Son Derck (Sjabbes), baptized on April 5, 1657 in the Slochteren church.
  • Daughter Anne (Sjabbes), baptized on May 29, 1659 in the Slochteren church.
  • Daughter Aefje (Sjabbes), baptized on February 2, 1662 in dito.
  • Son Berent (Sjabbes), batized on March 28, 1666 in dito.
  • Son Euwke (Sjabbes), baptized on September 29, 1667 in dito].

C. Children of the married couple Roelof/Roelf Jeltes and Aeltjen Sicces:

  1. Son Jelte/Jelle (Rolefs), baptized(?) on April 9, 1683 in Slochteren; he confessed his faith on February 27, 1705 in the Slochteren Reformed Church, 22 years old. At least between the years 1729 and 1731 Jelte Rolefs/Roelfs was elder in the Slochteren church, together with Jan Hooving and the deacons Gerrit ..oenen and Christoffer Radijs (also book-keeper for some years and school teacher), as it was recorded in the church cashbook 1690-1735. The Slochteren church cashbooks recorded also that "on December 16, 1728 Jelle Roelefs paid 3 guilders and 5 stivers for the black rent of a hay field [*owned by the church?]" and recieved on December 16, 1728 from him "three 'back' of rye, for 24 breads (for the poors) at 2 guilders and 5 stivers" and in 1729 again "two 'ba(c)k' of rye". [*A Dutch "ba(c)k" must be about a 1/3th part of a sack (rye)]. And on September 2, 1731 the same church cashbook recorded that "Jelle Roelfs and Derk Jans baptized their children with 8 stivers in the (church) plates". [*It concerns here the birth of Jelte's son Eewke (Jeltes); below.] Plus two cash book records on May 14, 1721 and March 7, 1720 that Jelle/Jelte Rolefs paid the deacons "6 guilders and 18 stivers as the income [*of a public auction?] of the goods of Derctien and Arens Derns/Derks" and in the last case "2 stivers as the income of [*the public auction?] of the properties of [*the poor?] Drent Wessels".He must have died before May 1735 (in Slochteren?).

    On April 22, 1707 Jelte Rolefs married in Slochteren Aveke Foppes, coming from Slochteren; she was baptized October 5, 1684 in the Slochteren church, as the youngest daughter of Foppo Alberts and Stijne Jacobs, and confessed her (Dutch) Reformed faith there on December 7, 1703. [*Note A.G.: Here we see the source of the (female) first name Stijne! Foppe Alberts and wife Stijne Jacobs also had the next children: a daughter Anje (Foppes) — baptized on October 25, 1676 in Slochteren— a son Jacob (Foppes)— baptized on September 1, 1671 — a daughter Trijntjen (Foppes) — baptized on June 8, 1764 — a daughter Anje (Foppes),— baptized on October 25, 1676 a son Albert (Foppes) — baptized on August 18, 1678 — and a son Derck (Foppes), — baptized on December 14, 1681]. Aveke Foppes was buried on March 18, 1718 in Slochteren, 33 years old, as was recorded in a 1718 cashbook of the Slochteren church with an income on the plates of 2 guilders, 11 stivers and 2 doits. Jelte Roelefs and Aveke Foppes had (at least) four children.

    In those church books a marriage is also recorded "on May 18, 1731, between Jelle Roelfs, elderman, and Hindrikje Egberts, both coming from Slochteren". As to this account it could be the remarriage of the before-said widower Jelte Rolefs? (Probably his wife Hindrikje Egberts was a daughter of "Egbert [*unknown], living near the new (Slochteren) 'til' [*old Groningen dialect for a "bridge"], who baptized on June 26, 1667 in Slochteren his son Hindrick (Egberts)"). Hindrikje Egberts remarried — "as widow of Jelle Roelfs" — on May 8, 1735 in Slochteren to Leug Alberts, "both coming from Slochteren", as it was recorded in the Slochteren church books. That means that Jelte Rolefs/Roelfs died before May 1735. Before his death Jelte Roelfs and Hindrikje Egberts had (at least) a son Eewke (Jeltes), who was baptized in Slochteren on September 2, 1731.

  2. A daughter Gese (Rolefs), baptized on November 30, 1684 in the Slochteren church. She probably died in infancy, before the birth of the second child Geesen/Geese Jeltes in November 1692.
  3. Son Sicce/Sicco (Rolefs), baptized on October 17, 1686 in Slochteren.
  4. Daughter Peterke (Rolefs), baptized on September 16, 1688 in Slochteren. She must have died in infancy, before the birth of the second daughter Peterke Jeltes in 1695.
  5. Daughter Welmoet (Rolefs), baptized on November 23, 1690 in Slochteren. Probably she married on December 26, 1713 Cornelis Hindriks, coming from the village Woltersum in the province Groningen.
  6. Daughter Geesen/Geese (Rolefs), baptized on November 6, 1692 in Slochteren. [*Note A.G.: A small chance that she married later the "Mennonite" Jacob Kleis, as their confessions of faith were recorded in the Slochteren church books on March 18, 1735 by the next transcription: "Jakob Kleis, Geeske Roelfs, his wife, and Trijntje (Jakobs), Daughter of before-said, which persons are taught by me for some years in the doctrine of the Reformed Religion, so that they left the doctrine of the Mennonites, in which they were born and raised, and have accepted to their confessions of faith and being baptized by me, with their child, a girl of six years, ... etc.,". Widow Geese Roelfs remarried on December 12, 1743 to Wilm Jans, coming from Slochteren, according another Slochteren church record].
  7. Daugher Gepke (Roelfs/Roelefs), her baptizing date was not listed in the books of the Slochteren church, but probably she was born in 1694. In the marriage contract of her niece Jacobjen Jelles with Jacob Willems on October 8, 1733 in Farmsum she was listed as a witness of the bride as "full aunt of the bride, together with her spouse Jacob Alders, as the family guardian of the bride and her uncle by marriage". Gepke Roelfs must have died just before the date January 29, 1765, about 70 years old, probably in her residence, the Groningen village Lasquert, where this couple rented a farm of 56 "grazen" land and 22 "grazen" own land, according to an inventory document, made on January 29, 1765 in Lasquert, after the death of Gepke Roelfs. According to this inventory document, her spouse must have been married twice before: Fiebe Hitjes and Etje Toomes (or Thomas??) while the widower Jacob Alders was obliged, in this 1765 inventory document, "to donate to the under aged children of (his former wives?) Fiebe Hitjes and Etjen Toomes a sum of four hundred fifty guilders. [*Note A.G.: next time I will research the Farmsum church books, if these are available in the Groningen Archives, for more accounts about the children of this married couple Gepke Roelfs and Jacob Alders].
  8. Daughter Peterke (Rolefs), baptized on March 15, 1695 in Slochteren; she married on May 24, 1719 Claes Jans, coming from Opwierde, son of Jan Harmens, coming from Marsum, and Grietje Jans, born in 1660 in Opwierde. They had (at least) one child [*Note A.G.: According the source J.W. Dijken in the province Groningen].
  9. Son Euwcke/Ewke (Rolefs), baptized on May 29, 1697 in Slochteren; he married on ... in ... Geeske Jans; they had a son, Jelle (Ewkes or Ewekes), baptized in Slochteren on September 24, 1719. Euwke Rolefs must be buried on January 24, 1721, according a record in the church cashbook that "on September 24, 1721 the deacons recieved from the church plates 1 guilder and 4 doits when Eeuke Roelfs was buried". About a month before, on December 12, 1720, the deacons recieved from Euwke Roelfs 4 doits according "the 'stuivergelt' [*means "auction money"?] of the goods of [*the deceased and poor?] Aeltien Pipers(?)".
  10. Son Geert (Rolefs/Roelfs) was baptized on April 11, 1699 in Slochteren and confessed his faith on March 19, 1717 in the local Dutch Reformed church. He married on February 8, 1722 in Slochteren Elligjen/Elligien/Ellegijn Zwiers/ Zweir(t)s, baptized on ... in ... as daughter of Zweirt/Zwier ... and ... He must have died before May 1734 because his widow Ellegjen/Elle-gien Zweirts/Zwiers remarried on May 2, 1734 in Slochteren to Hindrik Deddes, coming from Noordbroek, province Groningen. Geert Roelfs and Ellegien Zwiers had (at least) the six children.
  11. Daughter Aeltjen (Rolefs), baptized on November 17, 1700 in Slochteren; she must have died in infancy, before 1703, by the birth of a second child Aeltjen.
  12. Daughter Aeltjen (Rolefs), baptized on February 25, 1703 in Slochteren. On May 30, 1723 Aaltje Roelfs married in Slochteren Hindrik Zwierts/Zweirts, both coming from Slochteren. The had (at least) the four children:

C1. The children of Jelte/Jelle Rolefs/Roelfs and Aveke Foppes:

C1a. A twin, son Rolef and daughter Anje (Jeltes/Jelles), baptized on January 8, 1708 in Slochteren, "children of Jelle Rolefs and Avecke Foppes". In the Slochteren churchbook is recorded an (on May 3, 1733 in Slochteren) married couple Roelf Jeltes and wife Grietje Fokkes from Zuidbroek in the province of Groningen [*where she worked?] — she was probably baptized on March 20, 1704 in Slochteren as daughter of Focko Meinderts and Gese Timens — with (at least) six children:

C1b. Daughter Jacobjen (Jeltes), baptized on September 16, 1711 in Slochteren, according the Slochteren baptizing churchbook; but in the cashbook of the same church is recorded that "on November 18, 1711 a child [*Jacobjen] of Jelte Rolefs was baptized in the Slochteren church"; what's correct?] Jacobjen Jeltes confessed her faith on December 28, 1740 in the village Farmsum, 7 years after her marriage in the Farmsum church on November 1, 1733 with Jacob Willems, coming from Opwierde. On October 8, 1733 a marriage contract was made in Farmsum between the bridegroom Jacob Willems and his bride Jacobjen Jelles, in company of the next witnesses: "His father Willem Ockes, church warden, his brother Ocke Willems and his wife Eenrick Jans, his sister Diewer Willems and her spouse Berent Remkes, his uncle Derk Ockes, and at the bride's side, her "principal" guardian Gerrijt Fockes, her family guardian and also uncle Jacob Allers [*or Alders] and his wife Gepke Roelfs, an full aunt of hers, Mr. Eppe Eppes as "distant" guardian and her [*still unmarried] sisters Aaltjen Jelles and Stijnje Jelles". This couple had (at least) a son Willem (Jacobs), baptized on August 26, 1742 in the Farmsum church. Willem Jacobs married on December 14, 1766 in Farmsum Geertje Sijmens/Simens, baptized on April 9, 1741 in Farmsum as daughter of Symen Tiddes and Diewen Jacobus. [*Note A.G.: this couple were present (and signed) as witnesses during the marriage of Willem's cousin Aafke Jans , the oldest daughter of Jan Cornelis and Stijnje Jelles, and her first spouse Aike Geerts on May 15, 1780 in the town Wagenborgen, province Groningen].

C1c. A Aaltje daughter, baptized on August 5, 1714 in Slochteren. [*Note A.G.: In the Slochteren church books that part of the page in the marginal line at the left side, where her baptizing name was given, has disappeared (by hungry mice? But in the marriage contract, made in Farmsum on October 8, 1733, of her sister Jacobjen Jelles and Jacob Willems, Aaltje Jelles was listed as an "[*unmarried] sister of the bride [*Jacobjen Jelles], just like her other sister Stijnje Jelles"]. On April 7, 1738 Aaltje Jelles married in Opwierde Meindert Tiddes, coming from the "Hoge Werf", part of the village Opwierde, born on February 12, 1711 in Opwierde as son of Tidde Meinderts and Metje Wabbes. [*Note A.G.: The source "Familysearch" says that father Tidde Meinderts was born about 1683 in Farmsum and his wife Metje Wabbes about 1687 in the Groningen village Oosterwierum as daughter of Wabbo Hommes and Cornelisjen ten Veenhuis; according to this source Tidde and Metje married on March 18, 1708 in Heveskes, municipality Delfzijl. In the Groningen land taxbooks "Schatregister Verpondingen 1721" of Opwierde father Tidde Meinderts rented in 1721 54½ "grazen" land in Opwierde, probably also on the small hill in Opwierde, called the "Hoge Werf": 45 "grazen" as "Damster Pastorie land" [*land from the "Appingedam Rectory"] and 9½ "grazen" land from the "Anncke(?) Gasthuis" [*probably old Dutch for a "Hospital"]; his brother Jacob Meindert rented as farmer in 1721 in Opwierde 34½ "grazen" land: 19½ "grazen" from the owner Michiel Mennes, 3 from Mrs. Gruus, 7½ from the Appingedam Church and 4½ from the Opwierde Deacons]. Meindert Tiddes was buried on July 16, 1781 in Opwierde, nearly a month later than his just deceased wife Aaltje Jelles, who was buried June 27, 1781 in Opwierde. Aaltje Jelles and Meindert Tiddes had the next 13(!) children:

  1. Son Tidde Meinderts, baptized on January 1, 1739 in the Opwierde Church.
  2. Daughter Aafke Meinderts, baptized on May 1, 1740 in the Opwierde Church.
  3. Son Jan Meinderts, baptized on June 24, 1741 in the Opwierde Church.
  4. Son Jelle Meinderts, baptized on October 28, 1742 in the Opwierde Church.
  5. Son Jacob Meinderts, baptized on January 10, 1745 in the Opwierde Church.
  6. Daughter Metje Meinderts, baptized on December 25, 1747 in the Opwierde Church. [*This daughter must have died in infancy, before the birth of a second daughter Metje Meinderts in April 1756].
  7. Son Willem Meinderts, baptized on May 18, 1749 in the Opwierde Church. [*This son must have died in infancy, before the birth of a second son Willem Meinderts in 1751]
  8. Son Willem Meinderts, baptized on January 1, 1751 in the Opwierde Church. [*Also this son must have died in infancy, before 1753].
  9. Son Willem Meinderts, baptized on February 6, 1753 in the Opwierde Church.
  10. Son Roelf Meinderts, baptized on August 19, 1753 in the Opwierde Church.
  11. Daughter Metje Meinderts, baptized on April 11, 1756.
  12. Daughter Jantjen Meinderts, baptized on April 23, 1758 in the Opwierde Church
  13. Daughter Aaltje Meinderts, baptized on January 20, 1760 in the Opwierde Church.

C1d. Daughter Stijntje (Jeltes/Jelles), baptized on February 28 (or 25?), 1717 in Slochteren. She married on November 15, 1739 in Opwierde Jan Cornelis, coming from the town Meedhuizen, province Groningen. They lived in Meedhuizen as (little) farmers. [See the Jan Cornelis and Stijnje Jelles Family Tree].

C1e. Son Eeuke/Eewke (Jeltes), baptized on September 2, 1731 in Slochteren (from the second(?) marriage of Jelte Rolefs with Hindrikje Egberts).

C7. The children of Peterke (Rolefs) and Claes Jans:

    C7a. Son Harm (Klaassen), baptized on February 23, 1725 in Opwierde; buried on July 11, 1768 in Appingedam, province Groningen. He married on November 12, 1755 in Appingedam Geertruydt Berents, baptized on December 17, 1730 in Tjamsweer, province Groningen as daughter of Berent Lammers and Anje Alefs (or Aalst).

C9. The children of Geert Roelfs and Ellegien Zwiers:

   C9a. Daughter Aaltje (Geerts), baptized on December 27, 1722 in Slochteren.

   C9b. Daughter(?) Eetje (Geerts), baptized on April 5, 1724 in dito; she must have died in infancy??

   C9c. Daughter/son(?) Ete (Geerts), baptized on February 3, 1726 in Slochteren.

   C9d. Son Roelf (Geerts), baptized on December 21, 1727 in Slochteren.

   C9e. Son Zwier (Geerts), baptized on January 8, 1730 in Slochteren.

   C9f. Daughter Aafke (Geerts), baptized on August 12, 1731 in Slochteren. [*Note A.G.: one of the children of Geert Roelefs died in infancy arccording a book keeping note in the Slochteren cashbook that they "recieved 1 guilder, 12 stivers and [*an unknown number of] doits on the church plates when a child of Geert Roelefs was buried".]

C11. The children of Aeltjen (Rolefs) and Hindrik Zwierts/Zweirts:

C11a.    Son Zwier (Hindriks), baptized on April 1, 1725 in Slochteren.

C11b.    Daughter Geeske (Hindriks), baptized on December 1, 1726 in Slochteren.

C11c.    Daughter(?) Eetje (Hindriks), baptized on March 24, 1730 in Slochteren.

C11d.    Daughter Aafke (Hindriks), baptized on May 3, 1733 in Slochteren.

C1a1.    Daughter Pieterke (Roelfs), baptized on July 11, 1734 in Slochteren.
C1a2.    Daughter Aafke (Roelfs), baptized on September 4, 1735 in Slochteren.
C1a3.    The twin brothers Fokke Hindriks (Roelfs) and Jelle Roelofs (Roelfs?), baptized on February 27, 1739 in Slochteren. The first one must have died in infancy by the birth of a second son Fokke in 1741?
C1a4.    Son Fokke (Roelfs), baptized on August 13, 1741 in Slochteren; he must have died in infancy, before October 1744. He must have been buried on August 12, 1744 in Slochteren, according the cash book record that on that date the deacons recieved "14 stivers and 3 doits in the church plates when the child of Roelef Jeltes was buried".
C1a5.    Son Fokke (Roelfs), baptized on October 18, 1744 in Slochteren. According to the cash book record: "October 18, 1744, in the afternoon, [*we] recieved 7 stivers and 4 doits on the church plates from Roelef Jeltes and Hindriks Willems when their children were baptized".

Transcription: Albert Geurink.
Date corrections: January 19 and 20, 2005.

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